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"The Greenskins on Skytor couldn't kill me...the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan couldn't kill me...The Eldar, the Traitor Marines and even my own fucking House couldn't kill me...YOU will not kill ME!"
—Sir Jacob to Tau Commander Ironhawk

Sir Jacob of Raline is an imperial Knight pilot hailing from the knight world of Raisa, and a member of Noble House of Cadmus. Sir Jacob is especially notable as he is not of noble birth, but was adopted by a Lord of Cadmus and raised as his son.


"Where prey walks, I hunt."
—Sir Jacobs personal maxim

Little is known exactly about Jacobs humble origins, though it is known that he was adopted by Sir Aldritch the Old at the Battle of Skytor, where an Ork Warband overran a mining settlement. The Old lord found the terrified orphan and took pity on him, and took him in as his son and heir.

Naturally, a High Born adopting a Low Born was unheard of and drew much condemnation. Aldritch thought nothing of it and simply called on a favor from The current King of Raisa. Baron Roland reluctantly permitted Aldritch to raise the child but denied Jacob permission to train for Knight piloting. The council of Cadmus would convene on Jacobs 18th birthday and evaluate if he was worthy of such an honor.

In the Forests of Raisa, Jacob learned the Way of the Warrior and the Path of the Hunter. Though a hard teacher, Jacob grew to love his adopted father and the sprawling forests of Raisa. Furthermore, Jacob also constructed a shrine in the hall of his adoptive father to his true parents, and regularly prayed for their intercession.

On Jacob's 18th birthday, the council of Cadmus convened and called on Aldritch and Jacob to state their case. Aldritch shocked everyone in the room by stating that nobility is not something given, but earned, and that Jacob had earned his place in Nobility. Unconvinced, the council agreed to a trial by arms, and pitted Jacob against three knights in hand to hand combat. In a spectacular display of martial prowess, Jacob beat the three knights bloody, one of which was none other than Sir William. This would spark the beginning of their bitter rivalry. Thoroughly impressed the council capitulated and permitted Jacob to train for Walker combat.


"You're the scum who slaughtered the village? In the name of the Emperor and by my rank as an Imperial Knight of Cadmus, I sentence you to immediate death. Your request for a trial is denied."
—Sir Jacob to Vritra the Howler

Jacob excelled in Walker training and grew to be one of the best pilots Cadmus had to offer.  So talented, in fact, that the High Nobles of Raisa feared this outsider.  They began placing sanctions and ridiculous rules that prevented Jacob from seeing combat, denying him glory on the battlefield.  Many times the Knights would leave Jacob behind to stew in his frustration over "Boots two weeks past regulation."  On Jacob's 21st birthday, an increasingly ill Sir Aldritch bestowed on his son his beloved Knight Warden, Thunder Walker, as well as his title and holdings. Jacob would never have a chance to express his profound gratitude and pride, for Sir Aldritch the Old passed away two days later.  Sir Jacob was now Lord of Raline.

When House Cadmus was called on to fight for the emperor on Tornax, an important Forge World, Sir Jacob stormed Swinford Hall, the Keep of Baron Roland himself, in his Knight Warden and presented himself to the King of Raisa. He point blank demanded permission to join the assault for the Glory of the Empire and the Honor of House Cadmus. Under usual circumstances, Baron Roland would have had the impudent upstart executed. But Roland valued initiative, and Jacob's case was forceful just enough for the Baron to give his permission. Sir William objected vehemently, but the decision had been made.

on 992.M41, Sir Jacob deployed onto Tornax along side Baron Orlando and Sir Malcolm, fighting an invading Ork army. Sir Jacob won fame at this battle, saving the life of Baron Orlando by destroying an Ork Stompa single-handed. He also earned the title Ork Crusher, due to his enjoyment of stepping on Orks as if they were roaches. There was a tense moment though. During the course of the battle, Sir William and Sir Jacob were tasked with rooting out the remaining orks from the bunkers. Jacob formed the plan; Using his heavy flamer, he would drive the Orks out of the turret nests and into the open where Sir William would eliminate them with his Rapid fire Cannon. However when the Orks fled to escape Jacob's Flamer, Sir William opened fire without giving Sir Jacob time to escape. He was unharmed, but the incident only deepened their mutual resentment.

Sir Jacob also went on to fight at the battle of Gryphonne IV in 997.M41. Though his task was largely underscored by the heroism of Sir Malcom and Baron Roland, it is worthy of note that his efforts bought valuable time for evacuation ships.

In his combat career, Sir Jacob also became highly respected and loved by the Imperial Guards. Sir Jacob empathized greatly with the common soldiers, given his origins, and defended them ferociously. In one battle against an Ork seized stronghold, Sir Jacob cleverly interpreted his orders to involve defending Imperial Guardsmen battalions that were taking the city. His actions not only ensured victory for the Imperium, but also doing so with far less loss of life than anticipated. Legend says that after the battle, a furious Commissar demanded to know why he had disobeyed orders and threatened to execute the young knight for insubordination. Sir Jacob merely held eye contact (with a bolter pressed against his forehead) and stated that his orders were to take the city and asked if he was to be executed for doing his job better than expected. He then turned on his heel and left the Commissar speechless.

Currently, Sir Jacob has come to blows with Lucifero the Unmarked, a dangerous foe of Chaos. Lucifero has declared war on the House of Cadmus, and specifically, Sir Jacob.


"He has the heart of a knight; loyal, courageous, noble, but the mind of a thief, cunning, quick...cruel..." "My lord thinks it was wrong to knight him?" "Nay, we need more of his kind."
—Baron Roland and Sir Roderick on Sir Jacob

Jacob is a man of few words but is not afraid to speak his mind. Indeed, many in the House of Cadmus and even in higher Imperium Orders, such as the Inquisition, hold that his humble birth gave him a "rebellious streak." Jacob has no qualms making objections to orders he knows will cost the Imperium dearly. Jacob has reasoned, "It makes no difference if we take the field and still die." He has been labeled a coward and traitor, though mostly this is due to detractors trying to hold him down. The Inquisition itself has dispatched the infamous Inquisitor Greyon Autaris to launch an investigation into the accusations no less than three times and found him guiltless on all accounts.

Because of his Low Birth, Sir Jacob has had to put up with much discrimination and ridicule. While this irks him, he instead channels his frustration into more positive venues, such as training, writing and music.

Recently he has also taken an interest in Captain Celestina Neverone, a medical officer stationed on Raisa. As Jacob has no experience in romantic matters, he consults his Sacristan friend Weasel for advice. This in turn often leading the two on amusing misadventures in an attempt for Jacob to win her affection. Currently, Sir Jacob has succeeded and is courting her.

He is a selfless and loyal man, fighting ferociously for the defence of the Imperial Guard. Jacob detests the notion of how disposable soldiers of the Imperium are and has frequently sought to bring his Knight Warden to their aid. To Jacob it doesn't matter if it is a Brigade of Ultramarines or a single guardsman. If he knows he saved someone from their fate, he can sleep peacefully at night. His actions have earned him a special place of respect in armies throughout the Imperium, as well as the title, Defender of the Guards. Soldiers cheer when they see Thunder Walker striding into the thick of battle, for they know its pilot values victories not only in ground gained, but also in lives saved.

Sir Jacob has a burning hatred for the Orks. Holding them personally responsible for the deaths of his true parents, he relishes bringing his Avenger Cannon to bear against them.

Equipment and Skills

"And you thought I was only useful in the cockpit. "
—Sir Jacob to Douchard Bagge

Sir Jacob has a variety of equipment that he uses both in and out of his Knight walker.

  • Adjudicator Pattern Slug Gun This .45 caliber pistol is Sir Jacob's side arm. He carries it with into the thickest of battle. Sir Jacob's pistol has been heavily modified thanks to Weasel, and shoots a wide variety of ammo types.
  • Farsight Telescope This handy tool is used by Sir Jacob to read stars and see far off objectives.
  • Lighter of Zippo This incredibly ancient lighter is a good luck charm for Sir Jacob. He has had it ever since he could remember. It is also used for a practical use, lighting up cigars so he and Weasel can celebrate another victory for the Imperium
  • Fire Extinguisher Occasionally, things get hot in Thunder Walker's cockpit. This small unit, able to be worn on his belt, takes care of that.

Sir Jacob is also skilled, capable of numerous feats.

  • Hand to Hand Combat Sir Jacob is a master of close quarters brawling. Sir Aldritch the Old taught him the graceful and deadly moves of an Imperial Knight and Weasel filled in the simple and effective basics of Street Fighting.
  • Expert Marksman whether it is with his Adjudicator or his Avenger Cannon, Sir Jacob is renowned for landing the shot where it counts on Raisa.
  • Expert Hunter and Tracker On Raisa, you survive by hunting. Sir Aldritch the Old instilled great patience and efficiency in Sir Jacob, reminding him that if you strike at the wrong time, your chance is forever lost.
  • Piloting Skills A Knight Warden is a Pattern of Knight that excells in Bunker Busting, City Fighting and Close Engagements. Sir Jacob, along with fellow Knight Warden pilot Baron Orlando, are the premier examples of Knight Warden usage on Raisa, possibly the Galaxy.
  • Survivalist If for any reason, Sir Jacob must abandon his armor, he is skilled enough to survive on his own. One of Sir Aldritch's old training techniques would be to drop him in the middle of the night in the Forests of Raisa, which brimmed with beasts and abhumans. Failure to find his way back to Raline Castle easily meant death.

Thunder Walker

"My feet are your feet, my weapons, your weapons. My rage is your rage. My Glory is your Glory"
—Sir Jacob invoking a prayer to the machine spirit in his Knight Warden

Sir Jacob pilots Thunder Walker an old Knight Warden that used to belong to his adoptive father, Sir Aldritch the Old.  When Jacob first made contact with the Machine Spirit within while sitting upon the Throne Mechanicum, Sir Jacob was filled with a desire to serve others and prove his worth to the Imperium.  Thunder Walker responded in kind and not only bonded strongly with Sir Jacob, but left a mental copy of its imprint in Jacob's mind, connecting him to his machine at all times passively.

Thunder Walker is armed with a Avenger Gatling Cannon and heavy Flamer on its right shoulder and a Reaper Chainsword slung under the left. On top of the carapace are twin linked Icarus Autocannons. The Heavy Stubber sits on the left side chest of the machine.

Notable of Thunder Walker is the paint scheme. Both forward spaldrons are painted yellow with green stripes, making the machine instantly recognizable to Imperial units. Also different is the face plate of the knight; it is the face of a Knight Errant.

The Machine Spirit in Thunder Walker is a unique kind, even among older suits. It seems to be protective of Sir Jacob, and he has often claimed that it has taken over control of the suit to save him from seemingly certain doom.

The Kaderak Incident

Though certainly a good man with many virtues, Sir Jacob is nonetheless a man, and has his flaws, notably his temper. Never was this more evident than the disastrous mission on the planet Kaderak.

House Cadmus was deployed to assist the Inquisition to apprehend a group of mutant terrorists. To Sir Jacobs great misfortune, he was assigned to Inquisitor Mord Boswicht von Totenkinder's detail. Neither men especially liked one another, and tensions were high before they even stepped off.

Ultimately, Sir Jacob resolved to suck it up, but Totenkinder, relishing his power over the knight, worked Jacob mercilessly, making him pull patrol after patrol after pointless patrol, refusing to allow him sleep or food. Sir Jacob requested to be transferred to another team, but Baron Orlando was powerless; the Lord Inquisitor Glamhem and Baron Roland were calling the shots right now, and they were off planet.

After the third week of hell it seemed, Sir Jacob had enough. He deliberately disobeyed an order from Totenkinder to do better things (namely, assisting a local village build a new dam.) When he returned to the firebase, Totenkinder went off on Sir Jacob for insubordination. When Jacob angrily pointed out how he was a failure of an Inquisitor, Totenkinder cited how he had experienced the worst of the galaxy, and was thus immune from his judgment. The self righteous rant did it, and Sir Jacob angrily gave Totenkinder a piece of his mind, consequences be damned. The two of them ended up in a rather childish shouting match that alerted the mutant terrorists to their presence. Panicking, one set off a mutagen bomb in the village Jacob just assisted, turning the inhabitants into monsters.

Enraged at their failure, Baron Roland gave both men a severe dressing down, and ordered as penance that they where to resolve the mess themselves (via flamers). After several days of burning monsters and wanting very much to burn one another, the two bid good riddance and went their separate ways.


"I've been called many things...but nothing cuts deeper than a brother knight calling me 'Gangborn'..."
—Sir Jacob

The title Gangborn is an extremely derogatory statement usually used by nobility, high lords and few certain Rogue Traders.  Gangborn refers to a person of low birth who has no knowledge of his lineage.  It is considered an even worse term than Bastard, since bastards could be on a scale anywhere in the socioeconomic ladder.  Gangborn refers to the lowest of the low, and implies many things at once, first and most obviously, that the person's mother was a whore in a gang.  

It is considered a most disparaging insult to call some one a Gangborn. Calling a high noble Gangborn is considered unforgivable and typically leads to duels or assassinations. High Nobles, however, can call Lower Nobles Gangborn and be relatively free from retribution, since in most noble courts, challenging up is usually frowned upon.

Sir Jacob is regularly referred to as Gangborn or The Gangborn Knight. He despises the title, but has accepted his unknown heritage.


"What are the rules of a fight? First, gather all your allies..."
—Sir Jacob at the Campaign of Gryphonne IV

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The impetuous and sardonic Sacristan of House Cadmus accompanies Sir Jacob on almost every campaign. In many ways, he is Jacob's anchor, loyal and helpful and ever concerned for his friend. Weasel does not take battle lightly, and knows that being strapped inside a 35 foot tall equivalent of a walking battleship does not exempt one from death. As such he often (illegally) uses contraband parts and forbidden programming to overclock Thunder Walkers capabilities, determined to give Sir Jacob every advantage on the field.

Celestina Neverone

If Weasel is Sir Jacob's anchor, Celestina is his guiding beacon home. His wife as of recently, Captain-Sister Celestina Neverone is a former Sister of Battle who was released from her vows. Years of warfare since her early childhood years began to take too much of a toll on Celestina, wanting to save lives instead of end them. Her Abbess knew that her heart was in the right place, and released her only on the condition that she still remained in the field, or at least "Close by to it." Turning to medicine, Celestina became a combat medic and eventually a field doctor. She is currently stationed on Raisa as the Planet's foremost doctor and surgeon.

Greyon Autaris

The infamous leader of the Ordo Sicarius has had his fair share of run-ins with Sir Jacob. Three times a prejudiced high Lord or some sniveling equivalent has accused Sir Jacob of heresy or treason. Three times Greyon had to drop what he was doing (something that irks the Warp out of him) to investigate. And Three times Greyon has found nothing. Sir Jacob respects and fears Greyon, as his reputation has left little to the imagination. Greyon to this day is convinced that Sir Jacob is merely the victim of prejudice and in turn feels his own brand of respect to the low born knight; if he is hiding something, he has concluded, he is a master at it.

Jacob Flux

Aside from sharing the same first name, this mysterious Inquisitor also shares Sir Jacob's ideals of defending the innocent and putting others before themselves. Inquisitor Flux has called upon Thunder Walker's guns numerous times, but Sir Jacob is sworn to secrecy about many of these events. Despite their friendship, whenever Sir Jacob has been under investigation from the wider Inquisition, Inquisitor Jacob has never defended him. He claims it is not necessary.

Cruel Glee

One of the few xenos to pay the Lowborn Knight any attention, Cruel Glee appear to see Jacob as a friend an accomplice whenever his murderous pranks of House Devine Reborn come to fruition. While never seeing eye-to-eye, Cruel Glee has assisted Sir Jacob on many missions, and is always eager to see the Lowborn Knight's reaction to one of his newest, most extravagant bits of Art.


Douchard Bagge

Bagge is not a physical threat by any reasonable means, but he is annoying. Douchard has had a field day with Sir Jacob's humble origins and will not ever let the matter drop. More than once, he has also tried to woo Celestina away from him, also more than once, while he was present.

Lucifero the Unmarked

The Questor Traitoris Pilot of House Devine has established himself thoroughly as Sir Jacobs equal and opposite number. The differences are stark; where Sir Jacob is selfless, Lucifero is prideful. The two have had constant contact on the battle field for the past five years, and there seems to be no letting up. Lucifero despises Sir Jacob not only because Sir Jacob is his opposite, but because he pilots Thunder Walker, the Knight Warden that defeated him when it was still being piloted by Sir Aldritch the Old.

Sir William

Sir William is an honorable Knight of House Cadmus who rejects the notion of Low born Knighthood. He is Sir Jacob's constant rival and the two often hold less-than-friendly competitions to achieve more glory, much to the amusement of the other Knights of House Cadmus.

Vritra the Howler

Veteran of the Horus Heresy and ally of the monstrous Chaos champion Lucifero the Unmarked, Vritra finds the loves and lives of the House of Cadmus an amusing spectacle, one he wishes to abuse. Along with the knight of Chaos, Vritra has aided in House Devine Reborn's war against House Cadmus. Noise Marine hedonists to the core, the Screaming Rapture take a special enjoyment in attacking defenseless worlds, taking prisoners and corrupting survivors.

Inquisitor Mord Boswicht von Totenkinder

Though Sir Jacob has powerful connections, or at least, friendly relationships, with the Inquisition, there are many with whom Jacob is at loggerheads with. Specifically, one Mord Boswicht von Totenkinder. Totenkinder, a mentally exhausted Inquisitor, sees Sir Jacob as an impudent, self righteous peasant. Sir Jacob meanwhile, sees nothing but a hypocritical failure, as Totenkinder is willing to turn a blind eye to evil for his own advancement and pleasure. The two fortunately have had little contact outside of the Kaderak Incident and Weasel's Investigation. The two are known to be extremely passive-aggressive to one another.

Avaric the Unworthy

Chaos champion, knight pilot and utterly deranged psychopath, Avaric has developed a strange obsession with Sir Jacob. Despite working tenuously for his archrival, Lucifero the Unmarked, Avaric sees Jacob as a dark mirror to his own past. A failed noble matched against a lowborn knight is an irony no Slaaneshi can resist, and every battle that sees them on the seem field will result in an inevitable, bloody clash.


"I don't care you're a Space Marine! They're dying out there and we can help them. Stay here and cower if you must, but I will not abandon them!"
—To a Space Marine Captain who ordered him to stop protecting the Guards
"Where ever you run, where ever you hide, I will find you...I will burn this planet to the ground with my flamer and cut down with the Reaper whatever survives."
—Sir Jacob to Lucifero
"Hmm? What's that, Sir William? Couldn't hear you over the sound of my Reaper stealing your glory!"
—Sir Jacob to Sir William, during an undisclosed campaign
"We are ALL the Emperor's children."
—Sir Jacob, when a guardsman asked why he saved him
"I doesn't matter. I mean, if your born to that life then, well, more power to you. I just don't think we should lose our touch. Being rich or poor, High Born or gang born, everyone is accountable for their own actions and to hide behind their misfortunes is nothing short of pathetic. Look at me! Do you think I would have gotten where I am if I just watched time go by, feeling sorry for myself?"
—Sir Jacob
"Ever seen a xenos get hit by Avenger Shells?  Well it depends on the ordnance that the Adeptus Mechanicus gives us.  If its standard slug rounds, they just explode.  Boom.  Pieces everywhere.  If they're incendiary rounds they still explode, just with fire, I guess.  If it's explosive rounds...use your imagination..."
—Sir Jacob trying to be romantic with Celestina
"Sir Malcolm, I see your problem, Lord Sir. I see oil, smoke coming out of the port side Regulator. Your Ion Shields look compromised."
—Battle Chatter, Sir Jacob warning Sir Malcolm that The Beast Killer had been damaged.
"Slava Imperio!"
—Sir Jacobs battle cry. Eventually became adopted by the House of Cadmus.

By Others

"Sir Jacob is of more importance than he knows...He has the opprotunity to change what it means to be a knight, and rewrite our perception of the Knighthood itself. It could be for the better. I for one look forward to his future accomplishments..."
—Greyon Autaris
"He's stupidly intelligent, simple in a very complex degree and disgustingly honorable. That's why he's the greatest Knight alive."
"Another Jacob, hmmm? There are too many in this galaxy. At least I have no qualms about sharing a name with you; none at all."
—Inquisitor Jacob Flux, meeting Sir Jacob for the first time on the battlefield
"Such slander, I have never accused you of being useful."
Douchard Bagge
"I remember him, he burst in while I was doing surveillance to shriek about how his life is worse than mine or something. Ended up alerting the principle to our presence, they slipped the dragnet and ended up hitting a neighborhood with a mutagen bomb to cover their tracks. We were burning out mutants for days. I would have sanctioned him on the spot, but a higher power asked me to stay my hand."
Mord Bösewicht von Totenkinder seethes over the Kaderak Incident
"Gangborn or noble, be clear, you are nothing special, mortal. You and your eyeblink of a life are just one more parasite, suckling on the rotting corpse of the Imperium my brothers and I built. You live at our suffrage, and you will die when we command you to."
Vritra the Howler
"Don't mind the gauche servants of Chaos Mon'Keigh. I dig your style. Now watch this!"
Cruel Glee, before obliterating a squad of Chaos Marines with his Shrieker.


  • The color purple gives him a headache
  • Sir Jacob has won The Cull once, just barely beating Baron Roland in 998.M41.
  • Jacob is a musician, and enjoys music in whatever spare time he has.
  • He has also written a book, Annals of the Low Knight, a devotional for warriors in hardship. It is popular with Commissars, who issue the book to soldiers in the field.
  • Sir Jacob's theme song is Vice Grip. Deal with it, Douchard.

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