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Sigillites of Omnissiah are Codex Compliant Crusading Chapter and successors of Iron Hands of unknown founding. They use the symbol of Cult Mechanicus as their coat of arms.

Organization and Codex Deviations

Sigillites of Omnissiah follow the teachings of Codex Astartes for the most part. With the only real exception being a higher number of scouts - as a result of much more harsh training methods and punishments, which result in higher death rate amongst the scouts.


As many other space marines, Sigillites of Omnissiah see the Emperor as a perfect being. But unlike their brothers Sigillites believe that this perfection comes from the fact that the Emperor is an avatar of the Omnissiah. And thus humans can come closer to His perfection, only through union with the machines.

Sigillites of Omnissiah are infamous for their extensive use of cybernetics. They bring it to such a point that their veterans have nothing more then brain and couple of other essential organs left. Majority of Chapters vehicles are operated by Techmarines who decided to give away their mortal bodies and fully unite with machines. They have also a habit of "perfecting" the guard regiments and PDF troops serving alongside them. They do so through turing low ranking soldiers into battle servitors and enchanting their command staff with cybernetics.

Battle Honor

  • M36
    • 2nd ​Gniezno Crusade - It took place at the dawn of M36. Sigillites of Omnissiah, alongside the Gamma Legion , driven the White Eagles out of their original home system. Which resulted in bitter hatred between those two Chapters.