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The siege of Isolum was a battle between the Imperium of Mankind and the local Orks. Captain Drent Knight led the forces of the Imperium, the fourth company of the Knights of Redemption chapter.


Following the recent discovery of the Ork presence on the planet, the Imperium of Mankind dispatched the Knights of Redemption to pacify the planet, which sent it's fourth company to engage the Orks.


Space marines of the fourth company were quickly inserted using drop pods, allowing them to quickly find and track the Orks. Captain Drent Knight was launched along with his troops, preparing to fight the Orks on the ground with his brothers.

Drent arrived at the surface, and gathered the men nearby, for most squads were scattered around the Ork bases to quickly eliminate their threat using divide and conquer tactics. Drent Knight led a personal squad to one of the Ork bases, running into numerous Ork patrols on their way, which had seemingly not seen the space marine arrival, and were taken be surprise when they were ambushed by them.

Drent and his squad of marines moved onto the base that was located nearby. In the base they found a prototype walker for the Ork Deff Dread. The marines soon killed the Orks in the base and ordered his men to secure the Ork vehicle, after which they advanced.

Sons of Redemption

Knights of Redemption fourth company preparing to engage on Isolum.

Drent Knight and his men quickly moved onto the main base, meeting up with multiple other squads in the process, and so eventually the fourth company was reunited by the time they were going to attack the main base.

Drent and his men soon arrived at the main base, which had been informed by one of the other bases about the impending space marine assault, and had set up defenses. They were met my Ork 'Ardboyz and Slugga and Shoota boyz as well. However, neither the 'Ardboyz or the Sluggas and Shootas could halt the space marine advance, merely delaying it.

The marines soon arrived at the main portion of the base, which was heavily protected. Using unorthodox tactics, they managed to bypass the protection, to a heavy cost nonetheless. The space marines soon moved to eliminate the Ork in command, a Mekboy. The marines managed to defeat the Mekboy, and the remaining Orks fled from the bases, running right into the wild nature of the planet.


While a brief battle, it did definitely have result, for the Knights of Redemption were officially established on the planet soon after, Isolum serving as their stronghold following the battle. Scans indicated that the Orks that fled had died the same day they fled from the bases, following a scan of life forms.