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"Possibly the greatest lack of judgment Oresh'uan has seen since the founding - I should have known to never trust humans so naivley. This was a true test for my morals, for it questioned even my deep faith in Tau'va"
El'Kovash on The Fall of Oresh'uan

Shas'O Oresh'uan Ko'vash Y'he'yon (also translated as "Kovash") was a charismatic commander of the Oresh'uan Sept. Well known to be the protégée of the great Shas'O Aures, taking the reigns of mentor and leader of the sept after his death.


O'Ko'vash was born on Oresh'uan itself, spending his childhood growing up in the planet's urbanised deserts. At birth he was given the name Shas'saal Oresh'uan B'uyo, a metaphorical name for "Bright Star", with the literal meaning of "Intelligent student/fighter".

After the death of his parents at the hands of Hive Fleet Erebus, he was given the name "Ko'vash", meaning "To strive for a worthy cause", which he has then taken as his given name. It is unknown why he abandoned his birth name, but it may be as a method of moving on from the pain.