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Shas'O Una'Tai Elan'V'Doran'D'Nan is one of the highest ranking commanders of the Una'Tai Sept.

The name roughly translates to: Fire Caste Commander from Una'Tai Strong Yet Calm Twin Swords, and was granted to him by his mentor, Aun'Ka'Di.

Elan/Strong was the name given to him upon starting his military training, mainly for his imposing muscles of the time. Upon reaching the rank of Shas'Ui he was granted the name of V'Doran by his commander, making his name 'Strong Yet Calm'. He had earned the name for his extreme patience as a Stealth Team member.

D'Nan, his favourite name, was granted after he became a commander, though the reason remains a topic of debate.

Whilst D'Nan states it is because of his favoured tactic of attacking a foe head-on before splitting his force in two groups and striking from two sides at the last possible moment, much like the Fire Warriors of the time before the Ethereals would do with ancient blades known as 'twin swords'.

Others specualte it is because he has two ways of dealing with problems: force and politics, which is rather uncommon for a commander his age.


Shas'O D'Nan prefers lighter, more compact battlesuits over the XV-8 Crisis suits or the XV-85 Enforcer/XV-86 Coldstar suits.

Currently he uses the rarely seen XV-29-04 Stryder Battlesuit, equiped with twin linked fusion blasters and a shield generator alongside a command uplink to coördinate his Cadre.

Whilst the XV-29 and the XV-29-04 command variant do not offer the same protection as the XV-08, D'Nan has stated several times that the high mobility outweighs protection in his opinion.


D'Nan's mother was the legendary Shas’O Una’Tai Anuk T’ J’Kaara Ka, the first great commander of the Una'Tai Sept who died during an Ork skirmish shortly after D'Nan finished his military training. She was known to be an exceptional XV-8 pilot and commander of great skill. Her name still carries weight today despite her death decades ago.

D'Nan has two sisters, one elder and one younger:

Shas’O Una’Tai Ol’Ro'Ko’Cha'Savon (Fire Caste Commander from Una'Tai Bright Minded Worthy Cause and Keen Eyed), the oldest of three siblings was expected to become a great commander that would follow in her mother's footsteps. Upon achieving the rank of Shas'O the young commander shocked the Sept to its very foundations by publically siding with the seperatist Farsight Enclaves before making a daring escape from Una'Tai space in a stolen Crusier alongside her Cadre. She has not been heard from ever since.

Shas’Vre Una’Tai M’yen N’Cha (Hero of the Fire Caste from Una’Tai Unforeseen Second Purpose) is the youngest of the three siblings. Bitter and cold comared to D'Nan, M'Yen was too young at the time her mother died to remember the teachings bestowed upon her and fights with an anger that relates directly to the abandonment she feels from the death of her mother, betrayal from her older sister and lack of sympathy from her brother. Despite this she is a capable XV-104 Riptide pilot with a reputation for extreme violence on the field.

Shas'El T'au Ma'ko (Sub-Commander of the Fire Caste from T'au -translation pending- possibly: [NIGHTLOCK]) was a Fire Caste Hero performing special operations for T'au Ethereal Caste members until she was reasigned to Una'Tai under suspicious conditions. Whilst her past is secretive she now serves as D'Nan's second in command and is considered his spouse.

D'Nan also spends most of his time off the battlefield maintaining political connections within the Sept and bonding with fellow Commanders as well as his subordinates.

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