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Sharash is a Frontier World located on the fringes of the Sephadollion Sector. A harsh unforgiving world founded on bloodshed, Sharash has been engaged in continuous conflict with both the indigenous fauna and opportunistic xenos raiders.

Climate and Geography

Sharash is a lush verdant world with a climate almost ideal for human habitation. Tropical rainforests permeate the equator while the polar regions sport ice caps. Mountain ranges dot the planet across geological fault lines and vast oceans separate the three continents of Sharashan, Ocarashan and Norashan.



The world was first identified by Imperial Chartists in M40.421 but the star had been long known to the denizens of the Sephadollion Sector as the tip of the Sharash constellation, a series of stars that resembled the shape of a blade. An expedition was sent to scout the system with the intent of settling it in M40.476 after an opportunistic Rogue Trader brought back a detailed report. Yet, tragedy befell the expedition and a journey that was estimated to only take four years took over five hundred with the ships translating out of the Warp in M40.989. Switching to sub-light engines, the ships would not make Sharash orbit until the dawn of the 41st millenium after which time they would finally make planetfall.

While the initial surveys had indicated it was a lush habitable world more than capable of supporting human life, the first colonists soon discovered that it was also more than capable of supporting alien life. Gargantuan lizards and ferocious insects were but the first species they discovered to pose a threat to colonial interests. After decades of warfare and campaigns of extermination that saw the use of orbital bombardments the continent of Sharashan was deemed to have been brought under Imperial compliance with numerous outposts set up. The first drop site was gradually built up into a capital for the frontier world and eventually trade found its way to the world. Yet, while the first continent was largely tamed the other two larger continents to the north and south remained largely untouched due to a lack of resources. The initial conflict had drained the exploration fleet and limited ammunition coupled with a reluctance to employ weapons of mass destruction across fault lines had hindered further orbital support. Once the fleet had been recalled and the planet placed under the jurisdiction of another, the colonists soon discovered that the world was also a frequent target of Eldar raids.


Sharash society is centred around a fierce meritocracy that was borne from the hostile nature of the planet. The people of the planet are perceived to be proficient hunters by outsiders.

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