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"It is by terror and by fear that we spread the will of Malice, it is by anarchy and by chaos that the enemies of the Fearful One that we exist, and it is by sword and fire that all that oppose him shall fall! "
—Altair Hanarchus

The Shadow Chalice are an active Chaos Marine Warband that have recently pledged their allegiance to the Daemon Prince Sa'vael the Fate-Bound, as part of a future Crusade against the Imperium and Eldar. The Chalice are a Malice-aligned Warband that serve Altair Hanarchus. Formerly a successor Ultramarines Chapter. The Chapter served faithfully until the massacre on the planet of Ferrosal took place when the Chapter was deployed to aid the Knight House Vonyx. What ensued was increasing cruelty among the Chapter as a result of having near-complete power over the planet as a result of Lilana Vonyx's martial law in the face of recent riots on the planet. When a peaceful protest against the Martial Law on the planet occurred, the Chapter and Lilana's PDF forces massacred thousands as a direct result. They delighted in the anarchy and terror, and Malice soon had them all in his grasp.


The Chapter strictly adhere to the Codex Astartes, resulting of them being descended from the Ultramarines and Roboute Guilliman and fiercely loyal prior to their fall.

The name "Shadow Chalice" comes from the culture surrounding their original Chapter Master Kayle Trython - Being a native warrior of the Forattaki people from the planet of Makara, he was subject to the ritual of their warriors to drink from a black Chalice filled with crippling poison, yet it would not kill those who drank - It was said this poison would weed out the weak. Those who fought against the agony would be deemed worthy, and those who gave into the pain would be exiled or executed. The chapter would later adopt this as part of their recruitment process, minus the execution and exile - But rather be a determining factor in who would be granted the opportunity to train.

The Chapter originally consisted of 10 standard companies. Keeping consistent with the Ultramarines heraldry, the Chapter would often ensure the worlds that they brought into the Imperium would be set up with a self-sufficient economy and Military Defence Force, as well as make a number of these worlds recruitment worlds for the Chapter, keeping their numbers above five hundred. After their fall however, the now-Chaos Warband of Malice would infiltrate the same worlds they helped build and spread terror - Often favouring being loud and imposing as opposed to more surgical methods, bar the occasional destruction of Imperial icons and symbols to strike fear into the populace.


Pre-Heresy 'Shadow Marine'

The Chapter was originally headed by Kayle Trython, who was High Chaplain and Chapter Master. This combination of rolls was combined due to Kayle's charisma and ability to inspire even the most disheartened Marines to acts of great valour. Unfortunately, Kayle Trython was killed by a Banshee Exarch of the same Craftworld of Kalastan the Thrice-Fated. The Chapter mourned for two weeks after his death. A number of candidates were considered for leadership, including the newly promoted High Chaplain Athenus. Yet the decision was made to promote Altair Licentius - A decision which put many Marines at unease due to his known instability.

The Chapter prefer to make use of their highly trained infantry as opposed to their mechanised forces, believing them to be "superior" to typical marines of other Chapters - An arrogant act that did not bode well with the other Astartes chapters.


Death of Kayle Trython

The Shadow Chalice were founded in the 10th Founding, the 35th Millennium during the Nova Terra Interregnum. The Shadow Chalice did not participate in the minor Civil War with the Ur-Council of Nova Terra, but were positioned to keep watch over various warp space routes that were vital to keep communication with the bordering systems possible. After the Civil War, Kayle Trython encountered a dilemma with his homeworld, which had been brought into the Imperium. The Imperial Guard were deployed to supress what they claimed to be a dissident world. The people of the planet pleaded to the Astartes Chapter for aid. The truth behind the supposed dissident of the planet came when a Chaos Cult had shut down all communication centres without warning when infiltrating the population, prompting the Imperial authority of the system to assume his people had begun rebelling.

The Astartes forces returned to their Homeworld to find that the Imperial Guard and Inquisitor Tavelsin of the Ordo Hereticus had imposed Martial Law on the planet. Trython and a number of 1st Company Veterans landed on the planet's surface to confront the Inquisitor.

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