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The Seven Kings are a Non-Codex-compliant Successor Chapter of the zealous Black Templars. Created during the 3rd Founding in 001.M32, the Seven Kings followed the example of their genetic forebears, opting to take to the stars in a great warfleet so that they could bring the fight to the realms of the xeno and the traitor. As a Crusading Chapter, these holy warriors bring the light of the Emperor to the darkest corners of the galaxy. With bolter and blade, the Seven Kings bring the benighted the wrath of the Master of Mankind and destroy those who refuse to welcome his glory.


The Seven Kings are a Codex-compliant Chapter dating back to the 3rd Founding. As a Successor Chapter to the Black Templars they do not have a home world, instead being a fleet-based Chapter centered around their flagship, the Battle-Barge War Trumpet. Their original mission given to them by the High Lords of Terra was to hunt down Heretic Astartes remnants following the ending of the Great Scouring.

For a millennia, they hunted traitors to the Emperor with zeal. These Vengeance Crusades lasted until the Reign of Blood in M36, when the Seven Kings were called upon to bring swift justice to the maniacal Apostate-High Lord Goge Vandire. Following the end of the Wars of Apostasy, the Seven Kings helped cull a rampant Ecclesiarchy, participating in several conflicts until the Crusade of Revelation changed the course of the Chapter forever. While aiding the Black Templars in M37 against their hated foes the Word Bearers, the Astartes suddenly had a vision of the ending of the Great Crusade, which occurred as a result of the tragedy that was the Horus Heresy. Convinced that the Emperor Himself had spoken to them, this vision filled the Chapter with a fiery rage, and so the Seven Kings slaughtered every Word Bearer present. In the aftermath of the battle, with the blessing of their parent Chapter, they declared a new Crusade of Glory intended to emulate the majesty of the Great Crusade. Sending their fleets to the Centarus Arm in the Ultima Segmentum they worked to protect, liberate, and found new planets while destroying all who opposed the Imperium.

For 4,000 years they crusaded, however, following the utter destruction of the 4th Company in the First Tyrannic War the Seven Kings swore revenge. Fighting against the alien menace whenever possible, the 4th Company, along with many other Imperial forces, formed the Leviathan Crusade at the start of the Third Tyrannic War. With the bulk of the Chapter at Cadia when it fell during the 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41, the Leviathan Crusade found itself trapped and outnumbered. As the Chapter rushed to rescue their lost brothers, the 4th Company fought for its very survival against their bitter nemesis.

Notable Campaigns

Vengeance Crusades (001.M32-M36) -As the chapter was founded at the dawn of M32  it was born with a purpose. Created by the High Lords to continue hunting down traitor elements after the Great Scouring, they took to their job with the zeal characteristic of their genetic forbears. For millennia they hunted down traitorous astartes and guard regiments that dared to leave the eye of terror. During this long crusade they perfected their art of war and cemented a reputation for being determined and relentless shock troops with a keen eye for siege work and urban warfare.

Reign of Blood (Unknown Date.M36) -After four thousand years of crusading the Reign of Blood drew the attention of the chapter. As the crazed Apostate-High Lord Goge Vandire took control of the imperium and cut a bloody swathe through imperial space, several chapters including the Seven Kings aimed their fleets towards Terra itself. Sieging the eccelsiarchial palace Vandire was ultimately brought down with help from the Adepts Custodes and Vandire’s own body guards who would become the Sisters of Battle.

Plague of Unbelief (310.M36) -

The Great Cull (020.M37) -

Children's Crusade (754.M37)

Crusade of Revelation (855.M37) -

Crusade of Glory (502.M38-745.M41) -

Angevin Crusade (322-353.M39) -

Cleansing of Hellmaw (600.M40) -

Machurian Crusade (392-399.M41) -

Manchurian Heresy (399-469.M41)

Siege of Bardan Kull (740.M41)

Damocles Gulf Crusade (742-745.M41)

First Tyrannic War (745.M41) -

Sabbat Worlds Crusade (775-778.M41)-

Achilus Crusade- (777-993.M41) -

Crusade of Wrath (888.M41) -

Badab War (901.M41) -

Battle of Halifax II (935.M41) -

Second Tyrannic War (993.M41) -

Cleansing of Saint's Sorrow (995.M41)

Omolon Crusade-Third Tyrannic War (997-999.M41) -

13th Black Crusade-Siege of Cadia (999.M41) -

Chapter Organisation

As a crusading chapter the Seven Kings are fleet-based, with battle-brothers living on the various warships utilised by the chapter. The fleet is split into various crusades, and can vary between just one to several. From these crusade fleets demi-companies are sent to deal with individual threats and objectives. Only rarely is an entire crusade engaged at once, and even rarer still the whole chapter. The fleet is centered around the battle-barge War Trumpet. This prized warship is the personal vessel of the current High King (Chapter Master) and serves as his seat of power. New recruits are gathered and crusades are launched from fortresses called Bastions. These Bastions are created on planets that are conquered by the chapter. These citadels form a measure of protection and infrastructure for the planet as well as replenishing the Seven Kings from any losses occurred during campaigns.

Instead of the typical ten company structure dictated by the Codex Astartes they instead use a seven company structure similar to the Salamanders. The chapter includes an elite 1st Company, a Scout Company, three Battle Companies, and two Reserve Companies. Each company includes around 140 battle-brothers. Also included are the Reclusiam which houses the Chapter's Chaplains, the armoury which includes the Chapter's Techmarines, and the Apothecarion which includes the chapter's medical staff. Each company is lead by a King, which serves the role of a Captain. The leader of the 1st Company is referred to as a Lord King (First Captain), and the chapter is ruled by the High King which is equivalent to the title Chapter Master. Aboard the War Trumpet the High King holds court. During court the other Kings of the chapter are gathered where Chapter affairs are discussed, matters settled, and crusades planned.

Unique Units

  • Crusade Squads - Adapted from their parent chapter, Crusade Squads are the most important squad formation to the Seven Kings. Instead of the traditional and more regimented Tactical Squads, squads are instead formed on an ad hoc basis from a pool of Tactical Marines, Devastators, and Sergeants. Crusade Squads are usually 5 or 10 man squads, each containing a Sergeant, a marine with a special weapon, and a Devastator Marine. These squads give the chapter a degree of flexibility in how it responds to threats, and the chapter uses this flexibility to it's full benefit in combat. In the reserve companies the structure is simplified. Without access to the more powerful and ancient weapons of the chapter they are usually composed of a sergeant and tactical marines, with a devastator being attached if required.
  • Warcraft Veterans - Analogues to Vanguard Veterans, these specialists serve as rapid response shock infantry. Using rare and powerful melee weapons they descend from the skies with jump packs, or stay on the ground and emerge from transports. Experienced and hardened they are seasoned masters of the blade and few can match them in hand to hand combat.
  • Siegecraft Veterans - Equivalent of normal Sternguard Veterans, these senior warriors are the highly flexible elite of the chapter. Equipped with specialised bolters and combi-weapons they eschew close-quarters warfare in order to unleash a punishing fusillade of fire onto enemy forces. As the most skilled marksmen in the chapter they are often deployed in the first wave of an assault to provide a flexible anchor until the main force can arrive.
  • Sapper Squads - Unique to the Seven Kings, Sapper Squads are a cross between Devastators and Assault Squads. Sent in with the first wave to destroy fortifications, high value targets and vehicles in order to make way for the main force. They are typically armed with either grav, melta, or flamer weaponry. Soaring across the sky in jump packs they go from hotspot to hotspot destroying strong points and leaving the enemy in tatters for the main force to clear.
  • Chaplains - With the chapter containing no Librarians, Chaplains are vital. Performing the traditional roles in keeping the spirit of the marines intact and administering the rites and oaths of the chapter, while also recording it's history and legends. Chaplains are also keepers of the ancient relics of the chapter in the Reclusiam, a role that somewhat overlaps with the armoury. On the battlefield they often serve as a kind of recruiter inspiring the locals to rise up and aid the chapter in battle, and overseeing that the planet is properly integrated into the Imperium. That said, they are also fearsome warriors and are more than capable of leading a fiery charge amongst their battle-brothers into the very heart of the enemy.
  • Kingsguard - The Honor Guard of the chapter, the role of a Kingsguard is to join a chapter King in battle. They are armed with relic blades and are always composed of the 34 best swordsman in the Chapter. When not on the field of battle they are given the honoured duty of protecting the chapter Kings. With seven always at the side of the High King and four tithed to each company, they never sway in their duty and their watch is eternal.
  • Thane - elite even among the kingsguard, the Thanes are the seven best swordsmen in the chapter. Serving as the chapter's champions they answer any challenge issued to the High King and with their complete mastery of the blade they cut down any foe foolish enough to face them. The most skilled among them is given the title Lord Thane. He is the single most gifted swordsman in the chapter and is the High Kings personal champion.

Special Formations

Wrath of Ancients-The Seven Kings in times of dire need unleash the Wrath of the Ancients. This formation is comprised entirely of dreadnoughts and in sent in to use ancient knowledge and extreme firepower to completely annihilate the enemy. The formation consist of a relic Leviathan dreadnought, at least two contemptor dreadnoughts, and at least three ironclad dreadnoughts. Additional dreadnoughts may be added to the formation.

Siegebreaker-The Siege Breaker is an armored formation is used to crack open the toughest of enemy fortifications and citadels. Consisting of at least two vindicators, a land raider, three whirlwinds, drop pods containing sapper squads and siege dreadnoughts, and a Typhon Siege Tank. Additional vehicles may be added

Dragon's Tooth-the Dragon's Tooth is deployed to high intensity close-quarters cleansing and harrowing action such as space hulk clearing. Consisting of first-company terminators it always includes at least one squad of cataphractii pattern terminators, two squads of assault indomitus pattern terminators, and three squads of standard indomitus pattern terminators. Additional terminators may be added along with dreadnoughts, and first company veterans if environmental conditions allow.


  • 1st Company "Barons"-
  • 2nd Company "Punishers"-
  • 3rd Company "Linebreakers"-
  • 4th Company "Firebirds"-
  • 5th Company "Bulwarks"-
  • 6th Company "Hopefuls"-
  • 7th Company "Watchers-

Order of Battle

The current Chapter order of battle for the Seven Kings prior to the Third Tyrannic War 997.M41, is as follows:

Chapter Command

Chapter Command

Seven Kings Icon 3
'Gregor Bane, High King and Master of the Fleet to the Seven Kings Chapter'Lord Thane Samus

Chief Apothecary Victus

High Chaplain Ramsai

Chapter Standard Bearer

6 Thanes

34 Kingsguard

Armourium Reclusium Apothecarion Logisticiam Fleet Command
Zariah, Master of the Forge



4 Typhon-Siege Tanks


Land Raiders


3 Land Raider Achilles

2 Fellblades

1 Falchion


6 Whirlwind Scorpius

Land Speeder Storms

Thunderfire Cannons

High Chaplain Ramsai, Master of Sanctity
16 Chaplains
8 Novices
Chapter Serfs
Chief Apothecary Victus
44 Apothecaries


Lieutenant Cadmus, Chief Architect

15 Bastion Architects


Chapter Serfs

'High King Gregor Bane, Master of the Fleet
3 Battle Barges1 Forge Ship

10 Strike Cruisers

14 Rapid Strike Vessels

Thunderhawk Gunships

Thunderhawk Transports

Stormraven Gunships

Stormtalon Gunships

Stormhawk Interceptors


Veteran Company Battle Companies
1st Company


2nd Company


3rd Company


4th Company


'Lord King Markus, 'Thane

Company Standard Bearer



75 Siegecraft Veterans

75 Warcraft Veterans

60 Indomitus Terminator Suits

40 Cataphractii Terminator Suits

2 Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnoughts

4 Relic Contemptor Dreadnoughts

1 Relic Leviathan Dreadnought

'King Thrawn, 'Thane

Company Standard Bearer



3 Lieutenants

8 Crusade Squads

5 Sapper squads

4 Centurion Devastator Squads

2 Centurion Assault Squads

1 Dreadnought

2 Ironclad Dreadnoughts

1 Siege Dreadnought

'King Garrick, 'Thane

Company Standard Bearer



3 Lieutenants

8 Crusade Squads

5 Sapper squads

2 Centurion Devastator Squads

4 Centurion Assault Squads

2 Dreadnought

3 Ironclad Dreadnoughts

2 Siege Dreadnought

King Johan,
'Thane'Company Standard Bearer



3 Lieutenants

8 Crusade Squads

7 Sapper squads

3 Centurion Devastator Squads

2 Dreadnought

1 Ironclad Dreadnoughts

Reserve Companies Scout Company
'5th Company'"Bulwarks" '6th Company'"Hopefuls" '7th Company'"Watchers"
'King Balin'Thane

Company Standard Bearer



2 Lieutenants

10 Crusade Squads

8 Sapper squads

'King Sarif'Thane

Company Standard Bearer



2 Lieutenants

10 Crusade Squads

8 Sapper squads

Brother-Ancient Saul, Master of Recruits
'2 Chaplains'16 Scout Sniper Squads

12 Scout CQC Squads



The Seven Kings revere the Great Crusade and view it as a time that demands emulation. This is heavily reflected in the wargear of the chapter. With ancient relics long kept, machines of war entrusted by the Mechanicus, and replications forged by the chapter itself, the Seven Kings possess a somewhat large amount of relic Great Crusade-pattern weapons and armour. This array of ancient wargear ranges from Mark IV 'Maximus' pattern power armor used by the Chapter's battle-companies to ancient tanks capable of splitting the very battlefield in two. To witness the Seven Kings in battle is to catch a glimpse of the might of the Great Crusade itself.

As with all chapters the bolter is the most common armament in the chapter. With swordsmanship being a prized skill, all battle-brothers carry a long bladed combat knife, and many a marine carries a chainsword in addition to his standard armaments. While many elements of the the Imperial arsenal are represented in the chapter's armouries, flamer and melta weapons hold a high place in the Chapter, serving to burn xenos and traitors alike from the face of the Imperium.

Being a chapter that favours armoured warfare to break lines and deliver troops to the center of the fighting, they have an abnormally large amount of tanks, artillery, and armoured transports. Citing a lack of firepower they eschew the commonly used Rhino-armoured personnel carrier and instead prefer Razorbacks and Land Raiders as line transports. Controlling the sky with Stormravens, Stormtalons, and Stormhawks while being supported by the thunderous guns of Vindicators and Whirlwinds, they form an unstoppable assault as marines burst forth and engage in furious close-quarters warfare.

Chapter Recruitment

From the Bastions created by the Seven Kings, new recruits are drawn into the Chapter. Testing the citizens of the Imperium for those that show immense resilience, courage, and will, the Seven Kings select those that have genetic compatibility with the chapter's gene-seed. Those who meet the Chapter's stringent standards and fastidious scrutiny are welcomed, and thus their journey to become an Astartes will begin.

Once chosen they become Aspirants and travel to join the Chapter's fleets. During the journey they are given a special diet, exercise, and training to prepare their bodies for the next stages of their transformation into transhuman warriors. If they achieve certain physical criteria they will begin more formal training and augmentation. Those that survive augmentation will be transferred to the Scout Company. There they will join the chapter in battle until they have proven worthy of the black carapace. This final augmentation will mark one as a full battle-brother of the chapter and they will be allowed to wear power armour. Once gifted with a set of battle plate they will be assigned to one of the Reserve Companies where they will serve in support and auxilia roles. As they take part in numerous campaigns, members may be selected to undergo training as an Apothecary or Techmarine, otherwise they will continue to serve the chapter until an opening in a Battle Company arises. Once this happens, they will be re-assigned to a frontline unit and given a suit of relic Mark IV battle-plate. These Battle Companies form the backbone of the chapter's fighting strength, and honour the chapter with their deeds.

From here promotion is based not on length of service but merit, and even then, it is not guaranteed. Battle-Brothers with an exceptionally keen sense of devotion and will may become Chaplains. Others with a high grasp of tactics and showcasing a gift for leadership may be promoted to officer positions. The most skilled and courageous of the chapter are elevated to the honored 1st Company. These Veteran Marines are the paragons of the chapter that all others look up to.

Chapter Beliefs

A proud and ancient chapter, the Seven Kings have long held beliefs and traditions. Most deep-rooted of all is their absolute hatred of traitors to the Imperium. Absolutely loyal to the original vision of the Emperor, they lament the current state of the Imperium -- seeing the corruption of the Administratum, the Ecclesiarchy perverting the Imperial Truth, and bearing witness to xenos preying on the citizens of the Imperium. Yet for all of this, the Chapter has not lost hope, and they will never cease in their quest to restore the former glory of the Imperium. Holding the time of the Great Crusade as the brightest point of humanity's history, they seek to emulate it in any way they can. They believe that the galaxy belongs to humanity, and that mankind's destiny lies in a united Imperium free from Chaos and xenos invaders. It is in this ideal that the Seven Kings unleash their furious crusades.

Relentless and determined in battle, the Seven Kings are implacable defenders and zealous shock troops. Celebrated for their fearlessness and mastery of pain, they never cease until their enemies are dead at their feet. As sons of Dorn they are stubborn and dedicated, but unlike their stoic brethren they are gifted with a sharp and quick wit combined with a renowned humour. Often, these Astartes are seen laughing in the face of death, and reflect upon their circumstances with sardonic levity. This manner often takes their allies off-guard, and causes some to take into question their sense of duty. This suspicion could not be more false, as beneath their smirks and bluster lies a cold rage and unshakable conviction to the Imperium.


  • The Hall of Heroes - Aboard the War Trumpet the central corridor is reserved to honor the fallen of the chapter. When a battle-brother falls his names, deeds, and honors are engraved into the very walls of the ship. It is in this way that his sacrifices are never forgotten, and no member of the Seven Kings ever truly dies.

Chapter Gene-Seed

As descendants of Dorn they share many of the same gene-seed qualities of all Imperial Fist Successors. Like all descendants of Rogal Dorn they do not have a Betcher's Gland, nor can they enter Sus'an animation. They inherited the Imperial Fists' love for siege warfare, as well as the Black Templars' zeal and affinity for close-quarters combat. Thoughtful and practical, they are passionate and convicted and are not often swayed from a course of action once they embark upon it. It is not easy to escape their ire once it has been earned.

Unique to the Seven Kings is a mutation in their Black Carapace. Critical to interfacing with suits of power armor, this deficiency causes the battle-brothers of the chapter to be in a state of constant pain. Due to this affliction, they have developed a resistance to injury and pain beyond that of an average Astartes. They have even taken to using this pain to keep their minds clear and to give them a mental anchor to resist against mind-altering powers of psykers and the corruption of daemons. Many time has a Seven Kings Astartes taken a wound thought mortal, only to rise once more to continue the crusade.

When a Seven Kings Astartes undergoes augmentation they retain much of their original features, but as they age their hair turns a snowy white and their features more closely resemble Dorn's.  This stoic and serious look hides the passion and humour underneath, which in turn hides the bonds of loyalty which chain them to their duty.

Deathwatch Service

The Seven kings are some of the staunchest supporters of the Deathwatch. With experience fighting the Tyranids on par with, or exceeding, that of the Ultramarines, they are some of the most highly-skilled and experienced slayers of that dire menace. Many consider service to the Deathwatch to be one of the highest honours that can be bestowed, and are lauded by the chapter when they are selected to serve in the Chamber Militant of the Ordos Xenos. It is tradition for those that complete their service in the Deathwatch to retain the trademark silver pauldron and left arm armour of the Deathwatch. This is worn as a badge of pride and it marks a warrior as one of the most honoured and respected members of the Chapter.

Combat Doctrine

The Seven Kings are masters of planetary assault and urban warfare. At the beginning of the battle, drop pods crash to the ground carrying Scouts, Sappers, and Siegecraft Veteran Squads. These units clear a landing zone and reduce enemy defences until Stormravens arrive with Dreadnoughts and Crusade Squads. Pushing forwards, a third wave of Thunderhawk gunships deliver the armoured fist of the Chapter, and with their Land Raiders, Razorback and Whirlwinds they demolish the enemy, bringing a world into compliance.

Each unit has its own role during battle. Sapper, Siegecraft Veterans and Scout Squads lead the way, surveying the enemy and destroying key objectives. Sprinting behind them are Vanguard Veterans, Terminators, Dreadnoughts and Battle-Brothers equipped with chainswords. They are the leading edge of an assault, cutting down the enemy and advancing the battle force. Behind them is the main battle line, comprised of Crusade Squads and the armoured might of the Chapter. Forming the anvil to the hammer, they are a solid and unstoppable steamroller blasting the enemy and capturing ground. Lastly, are reserve squads and the artillery which serve to replenish the battle force as needed. These reserves act as a defensive line to fall back to, often garrisoning defensive structures that have been captured during the battle.

Notable Members

  • High King Gregor Bane - Gregor Bane is the current High King of the Seven Kings and has ruled for over two centuries. Resplendent in relic Cataphractii Terminator Armour and a purple cloak, Bane cuts a majestic and imposing sight, striking fear into the enemy and inspiring his fellow battle-brothers. A fair and wise leader, Bane has led the Seven Kings through many battles, but these days are by far, the darkest. Fearing the impact of Hive Fleet Leviathan, he dispatched a demi-company to led a Crusade against the encroaching Hive Fleet. With the coming of Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade, he sent the remainder of the Chapter to Cadia in a vain attempt to save this vital fortress world.
  • King Garrick-
  • King Johan-
  • Veteran Sergeant Kohl-

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colors

The Seven Kings employ a variety of colors and heraldry.

Tactical Marines-wear white plate, with gold pauldrons, and black trim, knees, and elbows

Devastators-wear gray helmets and knee guards

Assault squads-wear maroon helmets and knee guards

Sergeants-wear black helmets with a stripe matching the color of his squad role

Veterans-wear gold helmets and knee guards

Lieutenants-wear black helmets with white plumes

Kings-wear white helmets with black plumes often wearing cloaks of either black, gold, \maroon, dark blue, or green

Lord Kings-wear Gold helmets with black plumes

High King-Gold cataphractii armor with black pauldrons, gold chapter symbol, and purple cloak

Kingsguard-wear solid black armor with black plumes and gold chapter symbol

Thanes-wear solid black armor with gold plume, robes, and chapter symbol

Terminators-wear white armor with black pauldrons, gold trim and chapter symbol

Apothecaries-wear white armor with bright red pauldrons and white chapter symbol

Chapter Symbols and Iconography

Chapter Relics

  • The Sword of Kings - Wielded by the High King, per ancient tradition, The Sword of Kings is a giant master-crafted relic blade. Forged on the Imperial Fists' legendary flagship, the Phalanx, at the end of the Great Crusade, it is a priceless artifact and a peerless weapon of war.
  • Emperor's Hand - A master-crafted power fist with an in-built flamer. This relic was forged in the bowels of the Chapter's forge ships, and was presented to the High King at the start of the Crusade of Glory. Ever since, it has been wielded by every High King, delivering the judgment of the Emperor upon the foes of the Seven Kings.


High Lords of Terra-

Imperial Fists-

Black Templars-



Imperial Guard-

Adeptus Mechanicus-

Word Bearers-


Notable Quotes

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By the Seven Kings

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About the Seven Kings


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