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Sargint Krumpit is a Nob of the Ork clan , the Bloodshotz. He is one of Warboss Gobbreaka's most trusted Nobs and one of his best friends. Krumpit is a seasoned veteran of thousands of battles and he has gained many attributes . Such as his fast healing. Krumpit has alot of armor. Much like 'ard Boyz , he has armor bolted to his skin and he also wears real armor over it. Making him a very formidable fighter.


Rough Skin - Long years of fighting and taking many bullet wounds has made his skin really tough and hard to pierce. Once he has taken a Bolter round head on and it did not break the skin. The Space Marine soon died afterwards.

Fast Healing - From moving through radioactive planets and lakes , he has gained a fast healing ability. So if he takes a hit and say , his arm comes off , he will grow it back in a matter of minutes. Usually up to 10 or 15. The healing process speed can be increased with a Mad Dok's Fightin' Juice.

Da Bezt Wun - Slugga with bayonet and incendiary ammo. And the bayonet is drenched in a poison made by the Mad Doks. The poison is VERY lethal and will kill within hours. If you are exposed to it , seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY!

Dakkamasta - Kustom Shoota with bayonet drenched in the same poison as Da Bezt Wun. Holds up to 150 rounds and fires 50 bullets per second. It is very lethal and it once shot both the arms off of an Imperial Guardsmen. Can be reloaded within 3 to 4 minutes. Takes a total of 5 magazines at a time.

S.S Krumpit - A crashed DeffKrooza and the hideout of the Bloodshotz. Equipped with many guns and turrets. Contains many of the Bloodshotz secrets and information.


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