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"We will accept any punishment, any sacrifice, if the traitorous Revenants die with us."
— Fallen Inquisitor Hans Nieman, after the attack on the merchant vessel "Star of Hope".

Sanctimonia Praesentia was the puritannical group/rebel organization led by Hans Nieman, disgraced fundamentalist Inquisitor. The group was formed after Nieman failed to secure the excommunication of the Revenants chapter Astartes for supposed heresies. The group was completely destroyed at the Battle of Orbis Fields.


Hans Nieman's background with the Revenants Chapter and his subsequent emergence as the head of this rebel group is dealt with elsewhere, but the soldiers of the group were a mixture of Cadian, Praetorian, Tallarn and Valhallan soldiers Nieman had apparently recruited over the past few years following his disappearance. The reason behind their joining his cause has, in part, been attributed to his position as an Inquisitor. That what they were doing was wrong did not appear to have occured to the soldiers, and they fought fanatically to the death in service of Nieman's goals.


Sanctimonia Praesentia, in the course of its time in existence only caused minimal damage to the Imperium. In the course of their battles, these rebels did not appear to have summoned the courage to take on either Astartes or the truly loyal Imperial Guard forces, with one exception in the destruction of Marius Tron's ship at the outset of their campaign. Nieman was initially reluctant to face the Revenants head on after this, despite Aldus Flynn's pursuit of him and his own condemnation of the "traitors" (thus showing considerable tactical sense on his own part), preferring to atack small settlements and small merchant vessels in an attempt to blackmail the Imperium into exterminating or excommunicating the Revenants themselves. This blackmail did not work however, and Nieman was eventually forced to battle the Revenants head on, resulting in his defeat at Orbis.

Battle Doctrine.

The battle doctrine of Sanctimonia Praesentia was apparently based around a traditional Imperial Guard force organization, however there appear to have been no official officers; like may dictators, Nieman appears to have micromanaged all details of his force. 

The soldiers were well equipped, and were apparently in posession of an unknown Emperor Class battleship unofficialy called "Revenants Fall," which was later surrendered by it's crew to Imperial forces after Nieman's death. The soldiers were all aparently completely loyal to Nieman and his cause: apparently they all believed that he was doing the Emperor's work rather than treasonous attacks on the Emperors realm. This was their undoing as it led to their deaths at the hands of the Revenants.