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"No, this can't be happening, I'm in charge here!"
—S'eeyahh, shortly before his death

S'eeyahh (pronounced: i/s . /; see-eye-ay ) was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus from m40.349 - m40.525. Noted for his stature, S'eeyahh was an experienced Inquisitor whom displayed both notable knowledge in Daemons and their heretical allies. S'eeyahh was killed when his Thunderhawk was crashed by Cain, leaving no survivors.


The Flight Plan


The Land Raider rolled through the dirt and gravel towards the Thunderhawk, where a trio of men marked by symbols of the Inquisition stood waiting. Between a pair of Inquisitional Storm Troopers, S'eeyahh stood, hands clasped to his belt, his eyes fixed on the approaching Land Raider. As it rolled up, he could hear weapons being prepared, in case any 'funny business' occurred. A hiss heralded the doors of the Land Raider opening, a selection of grey armoured Space Marines exiting the 'maw' of the vehicle. All of them lacked symbols of the Emperor, which the first holding a mechanical figure by his arm, dragging him over to a smiling S'eeyah;

"Orion Strasse," he laughed as he extended a hand towards the first Space Marine, a silver case containing something he hoped no loyal Astartes would learn of, but only extreme methods could get him what he wanted; "I'm Inquisition!"

But then he spied several Space Marines in distinctly warped armour being pushed forward, their heads covered and wrists bound;

"He wasn't alone."

With a whimsical look, he pointed to them and spoke; "Uhh, you don't get to bring friends."

"Their not my friends" Strasse spoke, being lead off into the Thunderhawk, the leading renegade Astartes speaking up; "No worry, no charge for them."

"And why would I want them?" he quizzed, the bearded Astartes chuckling;

"They work for the Pirate, the Daemon man."

"Cain!?" S'eeyahh exclaimed, the bearded Space Marine giving a nod, the Inquisitors eyes widening, gesturing to the Thunderhawk and barking a command;

"Get them on board, I'll call it in!"


"I'm S'eeyah"

S'eeyahh was a Caucasian man who stood at 5'9, often wearing a blue shirt and khaki trousers beneath his carapace armour, often standing in an arms akimbo posture to establish dominance over his targets. He possessed short black hair and occasionally a small, wiry mustache. Ultimately his claim to being a 'big guy' Where much more based on his position in the Inquisition than his actual height.


"A lot of loyalty for a hired gun!"
—S'eeyahh talks to his pistol, in one of his psychotic moments

S'eeyahh was a deeply troubled man with many psychological issues, often babbling on about subjects such as stature, the Chaos Lord Cain and repeatedly introducing himself in discussions due to a short term memory issue. S'eeyahh also displayed notable over confidence, greatly shaken when his plans to capture Cain failed, though it is said to have helped him in many other scenarios.




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