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XU13 N1 - Rust
A true pict capture of the virus is on the right, supposed appearance on the left


  • A strand (Warp kind)
  • B strand (Tyranid hyper-evolution)


None in existence




Rust is an extremely contagious viral condition that has been super-evolved by warp exposure, and is currently infecting several space marine chapters, Imperial Guard and other human worlds within the Imperium - and recently, it seems other races within the galaxy. It is believed to be the work of Nurgle by the Ordo Malleus, but the severe lack of information about the virus makes it hard to determine it's origin - or cure for that matter.


Stage I

The victim usually comes down with severe hallucinations, usually images of blooded eyes popping out of walls and staring at them, or gnashing mouths. This leads them to being driven mad.

Afterwards, the first physical symptoms appear, usually within 1-2 weeks. Crying tears of blood, worse hallucinations, vomiting strange black liquids constantly.


A typical rusted human. By this stage the subject would have already gone insane

Stage II

The victim loses their hearing to the point where any noises are just static and muffled whines. Their hair falls out, along with with many patches of skin, exposing the muscular and inner organs, which have all gone black, and begin to seep more of this black liquid.

Stage III

The victim has reached the stage of being incurable. Their entire faces become holes lined with teeth, sometimes their arms or other limbs fall off dead, whilst others burst out of varying places to replace them, spider-like legs, flailing arms, etc

Stage IV

The virus has reached full effect, the victim is now entirely mutated. Coming within a 10m radius of the mutant guarantees infection

Infected factions