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Interrogator-Acolyte in the entourage of Lord Inquisitor Malleus Skotus.


Early Life

Roi is a product of the Schola Progenium on Carthago, one of the innumerable orphans of the Badab War. Roi was registered at the Schola in the name of his mother, Mersaide Dakaur a moderatus of the Legio Crucius killed on Badab Primaris. She did not name the father of her son but Roi is convinced he has identified him in Captain Roi Fenrick, a Stormtrooper of the Ordos Hereticus also killed on Badab Primaris, based on the name and a marked physical resemblance. He is proud of the parents he never knew and keeps picts of them both along with copies of their service records in a sort of shrine.


Roi's suave manners and cultured tastes reflect the influence of the master he has served since he was recruited from the Schola at the age of thirteen. He is reflective in temperment, fond of music and poetry and a talented performer on the Saxetar. Roi has the infinite patience of the born hunter and has been known to break heretics with silence or a smile.


Roi is a handsome dark skinned man who looks smashing in his black leather action gear - and in stylish evening dress. In fact he can make even camoflauge carapace armor look elegant. His manners are smooth, his voice soft and his eyes warm. People are generally shocked speechless to discover he's a Witch Hunter - assuming they live to find it out.  

Abilities and Traits

Roi can charm birds out of trees and coax information and/or cooperation from the most unpromising sources. He prefers the velvet glove approach but can switch to steel at moment's notice. He and his master do a very effective 'Good Inquisitor/Bad Inquisitor' with Lord Malleus as the heavy.


Roi owns a serviceable but much scarred and unpainted suit of power-armor and a similarly unadorned set of carapce armor - which he wears depends on the threat index. He also has a stealth-suit for infiltration missions. His prefered weapons are chainsword and bolter pistol. Depending on the occasion he may also be armed with dual combat knives or a sniper needle rifle.


Friends and Allies




"Cutler is one of those people who make me ashamed to be an Inquisitor. What worries me is there seem to be more of them all the time...."
Roi Dakaur
"Who gives a sixteen year old a rosette? Okay, you did, My Lord, but you were right there watching me!"
—Roi Dakaur after his first look at 'Inquisitor' Cecile Crowley


"Some of my colleagues are quite brash: rosette in mailed fist, beating the enemy into paste as soon as they've closed in. Then there's the likes of Dakaur and myself, able to turn a bit of patience and charm into leads that guide us to ever more highly placed heretics."
Corinth Cordoba on Roi Dakaur
"I am prouder of Roi than I can ever say. Not only is he an able, focused Inquisitor he is a stable, ethically grounded man who will not repeat his mentor's mistakes."
—Lord Inquisitor Malleus Skotus
"Hmph, you may have Skotus's respect, acolyte, but you have far to go before you earn my own. Skotus has faced trials your mind could scarce comprehend, and until you walk through such fire yourself, you will never be his equal in my eyes."
—Eulitus Ephrain of the Wings of Salvaxes
"Eventually they break. They always do..."
The Archivist


"I am Kroot."
Kroot responds to the "Good Cop" routine with a sarcastic quip that invites reflection.