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Set ten years after the events of the Battle of Rynn's World, Rise to Glory follows the adventures of Captain Stefanos Van Alessian and the Crimson Fists 5th Company, who continue to battle mankind's foes on multiple fronts, blunting alien invasions, human rebellions and demonic incursions. From the furthest reaches of the Ultima Segmentum back to their home on Rynn's World, the 5th Company must endure Man's most fiercest assailants in their endless crusade to defend humanity.

Rise to Glory - I: The Titan Captain Van Alessian leads the 5th Company in a desperate effort to save the Forge World of Cthonis from the barbaric Orks of the Bad Moons clan.

Rise to Glory - II: Threats in the Darkness Van Alessian and a few handpicked Astartes travel to the Hive World of Unbound, ravaged by war and insurrection. Little do they know, a deadly plot is at the heart of this rebellion.

Rise to Glory - III: There is only the Emperor The Forces of Chaos besiege Rynn's World, and thrust the Crimson Fists into an epic struggle for survival.

Crimson Fists:


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