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Richard was born on the Hive World of Bladen. He was raised in the slums until he was taken by the Blood Ranger Captain Tamiel, To become a Blood Ranger. Richard would later go on to being the Captain of the Blood Rangers 4th Company.

He would also develop a deep hatred for the Blood Ravengers and the Lord Ryan. Richard's most notable action was what lead him to being given the captaincy of 4th Company. He was defending a crashed Thunderhawk he and his squad were using.

When the command squad reported the captain had fallen fighting a Ork Warboss. Richard took his squad and rushed to the site and was met with the sight of the Captain and the command squad dead. He then lead his squad to attack the Warboss which was met with the squads death. As Richard lay beaten on the ground he noticed the captain's Powers Sword.

As the Warboss gloated about the easiness of defeating them Richard picked up the Power Sword and charged the warboss. Once reinforcements from the Chapters 3rd Company arrived they saw the dead and Richard standing over the Warboss. All Richard said was "Suffer Not the Xeno to live" then cut off the Warbosses head.

It was Richards loyalty to His Captain and his Squad as well as protecting the remains of his fallen brothers from the orks that lead the Chapter Master to grant him captaincy of the 4th Company. Although Richard would later be devistated to discover the Treason of the Chapters 3rd Company. Richard was reported to have said to the Chaplain of his company "Our enemies lie even within our own Companies command, But I will not fall to become a Heretic".