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The Ravisher class is an escort sized attack craft carrier used only by the forces of Chaos. They are widely believed to have originally been modified versions of the Spear class Strike Frigate though they now outnumber the Spears known to have fallen to Chaos leading many to believe they are being constructed within the Eye of Terror. They first appeared in M38 as part of the Chaos forces deployed in the Ninth Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler.

Since then the Ravishers have appeared in every Black Crusade that followed, and a number of engagements near the Eye of Terror. Unusually for attack craft carriers of this size they are almost never found in the hands of pirates other than Wolfpacks launched from the Eye. While many Chaos factions deploy the class they are most common in forces loyal to Nurgle followed by forces loyal to Chaos Undivided.


The Ravisher class has the same dimensions as the Spear class, which is why they are widely believed to be a modification of the Spear design. However they are capable of a noticeably higher rate of acceleration. While it is uncertain how is is achieved some suspect it is accomplished by reducing the craft's radiation shielding and using the saved mass and space for more powerful engines. While the Fusion Beamers in a Ravisher's dorsal weapons bays are shorter ranged then the Graviton Pulsars carried by a Spear they inflict much higher amounts of damage. It is also noted that those wounded by such attacks that survive the battle often contract highly lethal cancers in later years and rumors persist of higher than average odds of mutation in the children of those injured by such weapons. It is believed these effects are part of what makes the class so attractive to followers of Nurgle. The launch bays are believed to virtually identical to those of a Spear class based on the examination of wrecked Ravishers.

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