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The Prophets of Infinitum are a Chapter of Space Marines the likes of which the galaxy has never seen. Steeped in legend and glowing with fervency and strength, their mystery is a greatness equal to their impeccable history of loyalty to the God-Emperor.
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"Assume the halo of vengeance and wings of unrelenting fortitude as you cleanse the impugn galaxy of taint and that which instils abhorrence into the Imperial Cult and will of our father divine, the God Emperor, forever and once again."
- Catechism of the Prophets of Infinitum

The Prophets of Infinitum are an illustrious and immemorial Astartes Chapter born in the epicentre of the Third Founding from the battle-torn remains of one hundred and eleven utterly obscure ancient Space Marines absent from all Imperial Records and documentation, vehemently driven to wipe their souls clean of a failure known only to themselves, and to start anew through the tutoring of a new generation of Neophytes, vowing to be the cast of which this new steeled weapon would be forged, and to lead this legion of protégés from the front until the martyrdom of every single one of the one hundred and eleven occurs.


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The Founding

It is said the Prophets of Infinitum were founded on the darkest night upon the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth week in the year 666.M36. Upon creation the chapter it is said that the sun of the planet deemed to be their new homeworld went supernova and wiped out all life upon it.

When the Prophets of Infitium fleet arrived they found but a lifeless husk and immediately declared that this was all going exactly to plan, for only a Dead World could ensure the steadfast solidity of the chapter.

The Fall

The Heresy

The Rebirth

The Saga of Rekindling


The Second Great Crusade

Conquest of the Southern Fringe

Pillar Against the Tide in the Eastern Fringe

The Saga of Tyrranic War

Utter Victory

10,000 Worlds Saved

Rebuilding of the Eastern Fringe


Chaos on the Homefront

Daemon World

Total Recall

Ninety Day Siege

Death Before Dishonour

Victory of an Era

Second Successorship

Knossos Campaign

Conflict Again in the East

The Thousand Day War


Tyrannic Blood


Destruction of the Six Hives of Sephyrtja

Third Successorship

Dark Hand

Cleansing of Baphyyyr

The Second Great Crusade Reborn

Empire Beyond the Galaxy's Rim

Vast Expansion

Present Date




A Prophet Champion of Infinite Duality of the Archprophets of Infinite Duality Company


A Paladin-Justiciar Archprophet Champion of Infinite Dualities of the Archprophets of Infinite Duality Company

The Prophets of Infinitum are organised into an expanded codex chapter format. Essentially a chapter of two chapters, outside of the one thousand marines that constitute the Prophets Empyrirus and Prohpets Zephyrtus, there exists an additional scout company of one hundred not tied to either co-chapter, and is thought to be the first ground where battle brothers foster a strong spirit of utmost competition and willingness to outdo one's self. Their path to do such determines the chapter they are selected for, assuming they survive. For individuals who pursue the path of self-dependance and utmost solitude, they are assigned to the Prohpets Zephyrtus. For battle brothers who make war alongside their brothers at arms, fighting as a united storm front, they are assigned to the Prophets Empyrirus.

There also exists an elite "first" company of one hundred marines that exists outside and above the first companies of the co-chapters, comprised of the greatest veterans of the chapter who have mastered both paths of the co-chapters, and is known only as the Archprophets of Infinite Duality.

Ranking System

Veteran roles

Specialised Roles



Notable Members

Chapter Paladin-Justiciar Archprophet Grandmaster of Infinite Dualities Saint Furor Saphryean Infinitum

Chapter Paladin-Justiciar Archprophet Grandmaster of Infinite Dualities Saint Furor Josebraham Saphryean Infinitum is the infinitely wise forefather, supremely valiant leader, and immeasurably respected master of the chapter. A troubled but enigmatic master of his co-chapters, Saint Furor Saphryean Infinitum has tread every first footstep that his chapter has followed throughout its entire history, and is greatly, if not solely responsible were it not for the utter skill and brilliance of his brothers at arms, for the chapter's illustrious history of victory after victory after victory.

Relations with other factions



Other Chapters


Every marine must have suffered past trauma to enter the chapter, as an effort to secure loyalty and total, fanatical devotion to the cleansing of their souls through the blood of their enemies. If Neophytes have no record of such during their mortal lives, their horrific training procedure almost certainly ensures so.

Combat doctrine



Specialised Weaponry

Weapon Strength Range AP Type
PI-171 Furor Pattern Quad-bolter 4 24" 5 Assault 4, Twin Linked
PI-413 Hexbolter 5 24" 5 Assault 6, Rending, Twin Linked
PI-Sp-2.22 Octbolter "Infinite Purity" 6 24" 4 Assault 8, Rending, Twin Linked, Pinning
PI-St-69 Storm Hexbolter 5 24" 4 Assault 12, Rending, Twin Linked
PI-St-891 Storm Octbolter "Templar" 6 24" 4 Assault 16, Rending, Twin Linked
PI-Sp-St-3.33 Storm Decbolter "Gilded Lotus" 6 24" 4 Assault 20, Rending, Twin Linked, Pinning

The PI-171 Furor Pattern Quad-bolter, standard issue for all marines of the 9th co-companies and above


Standard Issue Hexbolter, used by champions of the First Company


Furor Saphryean Infinitum's Master Crafted Octbolter "Infinite Purity"

Battle Cry

The standard, abridged warcry of the Prophets of Infinitum typically takes the form of a single paragraph, shouted fervently whilst charging onto the battlefield. In occasional circumstances where such a lengthy cry is deemed fit, which is indeed not uncommon, the full form of the warcry is used.

Standard form

"Assume the halo of vengeance and wings of unrelenting fortitude as you cleanse the impugn galaxy of taint and that which instils abhorrence into the Imperial Cult and will of our father divine, the God Emperor, forever and once again."

Full form

"Draw from your hate, draw from your faith, draw from your training, draw from your holiness, draw from your tradition, draw from your intellect, draw from infinity! The age of infinity is upon the foul scum which lies in ignorance before us, an age of infinite non-existence, of infinite righteousness, purged of the sin and heresy and disgusting taint of mutation and alien alike, burned in the infrared flames of our eons of abhorrence as their very soulless husks are pierced through the heavens with the force of two thousand sons of our God-Emperor.

Our history is steeped in the golden radiance of ten thousand and one glorious victories above the countless more which our swords and boltguns have cleaved the way for us and realised the burning infinity of our faith and hatred. This day shall never break this tradition. The entire universe of heresy and xenos filth, if it were to turn against us, brother and permanently damned alike, we shall still hold our ground and reign victorious! We are one! We are infinite! We are undefeated! Our victorious spirit is eternal like the presence of the Emperor himself!

Ora pro nobis Imperator Divinus, vos enim hic sumus. Fidelis in ombibus! Furor divinus! Ira enim est vera virtus, nisi in!

So whilst this litany of impending doom may be toward its close, let us not lose sight, and let not the enemy lose sight, of the victory which will be rightfully deserved upon us, the one and true shining and infinite sons and faithful servants of the Emperor.

Assume the halo of vengeance and wings of unrelenting fortitude as you cleanse the impugn galaxy of taint and that which instils abhorrence into the Imperial Cult and will of our father divine, the God Emperor, forever and once again!"



Genetic Traits

Appearance and Heraldry

Chapter Symbol




"Third Founding's the charm."
—Common expression across the Imperium, reflecting the vaunted status of the Prophets. Other chapters are humbled to be lumped in.
"Hold a kind of arrogance as unbearable as bearing witness to the unwiped inner ring of Satan's rectum"
Ashur-El Artashumara
"I intend to get to the bottom of the psychic phenomenon of their serf's undergarments spontaneously incinerating."
Corinth Cordoba
"If the Emperor had the Prophets of Infinitum at his side during the Great Crusade, he'd have conquered multiple galaxies, if not indeed the universe."
Douchard Bagge
"There are no better wing men to be found in all of space."
Turge Dongswoll


  • The Prophets of Infinitum was inspired by me not seeing enough originality within the Warhammer 40,000 canon universe. Rather than walking the tracks that other fanon authors have already worn down and made stale, I wanted to reinvent the way fanon is done in the form of what I call Deep Universe Fanon, all within its own specialised, contained, universe simultaneously separate yet connected with the subtle nuances of its own lore and the official fanon. This is of course aided by my superior writing talents, aesthetic sensibilities and realistic political understanding.
  • The Prophets of Infinitum are humbly inspired by two supremely brilliant works of Warhammer 40,000 fan-fiction that were sadly lost to us due to this unforgivable, bureaucratic, creativity-killing wiki leadership regime. This pair of earth-shaking classics were the Heralds of Coming Doom, and the Remnants of Solitude.