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The Crested Serpents are a Chapter of Space Marines specializing in jungle warfare.
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Praesius is the oldest and largest known Hadracus alive. It lives on the jungle planet Vitam, around the city of Nidum.

Praesius is known to be almost 2000 years old. Hadracus never stop growing meaning that the huge snake has reached a gargantuan size. Over the years Praesius has fought and defended it's territory from hundreds of other Hadracus, leaving it's face scarred.


The venom of a Hadracus is believed to become more potent with age, making the venom of Praesius extremely valuable. Over the centuries only 3 or 4 samples have been successfully obtained. Many people have died trying to collect it's venom.

Relationship with humans

Like all Hadracus, Praesius does not attack other animals unless they are a threat or a worthwhile meal.

Each adult Hadracus dominates a large expanse of territory (usually around 200 - 400 km²) and the city Nidum lies within the territory of Praesius. Hadracus usually begin to attack communities that become larger than 30 - 40 people but the city Nidum was first built underground as a small research facility. As the city began to expand, signs began to appear above the surface. These advancements were made with great care, so as not to appear threatening to the serpent.

Today the city still exists almost entirely underground and the structures above ground have been disguised by the ever growing jungle. People do come and go but never in large groups.

Praesius has not been tamed (far from it) but it has grown used to a continuing human presence.

There have been isolated cases where the creature has lashed out and caused destruction but in keeping with the planet's tradition, Praesius was not held accountable. Instead these instances remind the human population to respect their habitat.

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