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"He's my special boy. Special as in additional chromosomes special."

Pol Rumkowski Anderon is a Chaos Space Marine Champion of the Brethren of Spite and son of Cain Rumwoski. Mothered by a foul creature known as Terese, Pol was enhanced with several genetic serums and cybernetic enhancements by Orion Strasse to rob Cain of the son he never wanted and the heir he'd never have.


"I've got your genetic sample right here!"

Cain, an infamous womaniser and chloroform buyer, encountered the Inquisitor Terese on a backwards planet while trying to steal Daemonic Artefacts for his three Eldar "wives". Somehow, in the ensuing battle, Terese became pregnant with Cain's child after hundreds were killed on both sides. Terese is also said to have kicked Drow Thel in the stomach multiple times. Then, a year later, Cain not remembering Terese's name, she produced the child before him during a visit to an Inquisitional Brothel. Cain took the child and named it Pol, after his grandfather, Pot.

Strasse, angered that Cain had a son, and Drow, angered that it wasn't her son, decided that Pol could not rise up and strike them down as he'd likely be more intelligent by Cain. Kidnaping the child, Drow preformed an expert lobotomy with her Daemon Sword while Strasse pumped him full of drugs and penicillin. After a month of continued surgery, Poland emerged, a vicious, screaming beast. Drow fell pregnant again, something the Brethren of Spite under her command are forbidden to talk about.