This article, Ordo Ludificatio, is a user faction.

The official rosette of the Ordo Ludificatio.

The Ordo Ludificatio is an ordo minoris with unknown purpose. Its members are known to have a fascination with grapefruits, letterbombs, rusty spoons, and other strange objects.

Very Brief History

The Short Version

They are just these guys, you know.

The Longer Version

In the darkest dankest dilapidated depths of the desolate and destitute Littera Sector, a lone ranger cleaned up the mean systems in this most grimdark era. He was known as "The Immortal", an Inquisitor who was rightly feared by the populous of the Sector. But then even darker times came (and we are talking really dark) and the place was starting to fall to disorder as he just didn't have the manpower or the drive to be bothered fulfilling his duties.

He looked upon the rusting Hive Cities of Informatica IV from the highest rooftops of the highest spire, and turned down before lamenting deeply.

"Well shit, how am I going to fix this?"

But at that moment Inquisitor Total was struck by a stray bullet and a bright idea. He reasoned that he should found his own Ordo Minoris to deal with the crazy ass stuff that seemed to congregate around the Literra Sector: like grapefruits; LBHs; rusty utensils; Genesis 19 and generally other random crap that did not belong anywhere else in the galaxy. Or even the warp.

And thus, the Ordo Ludificatio was formed. He found two other Inquisitors guillible enough to join his endeavours, and they decided to partake in dangerous quests. The trio saved crumbling civilisations from the clutches of dastardly daemons, valiantly vanquished heinous heretics and generally had a good laugh while they were doing it. Then they discovered this took far more effort than they had actually anticipated, and thus they unanimously agreed that it was easier just to sit back and only intervene when things were heading south. Even then, only when the entire universe seemed to be at stake.


Ferrugineae Cochleari

Flagship of the Ordo Ludificatio.


Inquisitor Total -

Ordo Relics


The Immortal's weapon of choice. Having been made out of Dragon's Blood, LSD and Unicorn Spit, it's edge is so sharp it's been known to fall through the ground if dropped.

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