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The Order of the Vigilant Sun is one of the Orders Minoris of the Adepta Sororitas. Founded after the death and martyrdom of Junia of the Order of the Bloody Rose, the Vigilant Sun are tasked with protecting Cardinal world Ceria and nearby planets. The Order of the Vigilant Sun are infamous for their heavy use of flamer weapons and their aggressive, almost fanatical attacks. Due to Ceria close proximity with the Imperial Sentinels fleet, the Order often fights alongside them.



The Order was founded on the Cardinal world of Ceria. 80 years before however the planet was instead a feudal colony, where the citizens were lived in fear of the small but brutal groups of Arbite enforcers, controlled by the governor in his citadel. The citadel and the Arbite bases was the only place on Ceria that had any sort of modern technology, and so the governor used this to repress the citizens of Ceria.

Eventually a shadowy organisation named the Blood Cult of Ceria rose up, dedicated to killing for the Blood God Khorne. The Cult rebelled against its Imperial masters before being purged by the Order of the Bloody rose, led by Junia, who was killed while storming the planets citadel the traitors had captured. Ceria was transformed into a Cardinal world, with the Citadel being torn down and a shrine to the Emperor being erected in place. The Order of the Vigilant Sun was established to defend Ceria.

Favoured weapons/tactics

The Order of the Vigilant Sun primarily use small squads of about six women in Immolators, and primarily use flamer weapons. Troops often approach enemy lines in Immolators, before using boltguns, and flamers to purge the enemy. Exocists often provide support as well. Ecclesiarchy priests and battle conclaves often accompiny the Sisters, to provide close combat support.

In their early days Penitent engines were quite common, harvested from the remainders of the Blood Cult, but have since declined. Sister Repnetia are often rare as well, due to the pious society of Ceria and rigorous practices Sisters are frequently assigned to. Those are are however will forever be distrusted by their peers.

Famous Members

Junia, the Golden Dawn

Patron saint of the order, Junia's faithful actions heralded her as a true servant of the Emperor, despite her violent tempers, typical of some members of the Order of the Bloody Rose. She was felled by a swarm of cultists while trying to breach the citadel of Ceria, and her sacrifice inspired her followers to fight on. Her revered name is sung on Ceria, and her actions recorded in the annuals as fact, regardless of whether they are true or not.