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The Order of the Bloodied Sky is a lesser Order Militant established on Yekna V. Their patron saint, Carnificent the Red, is often referred to as the patron saint of executioners by the locals. They are known to be particularly zealous in their duties. However, with such amounts of zeal come high standards of practice. Many members of the Order of the Bloodied Sky have at one point during their service considered themselves to be falling short of the Emperor's grace. Consequently, many Battle Sisters of the Order of the Bloodied Sky become Sisters Repentia. Those who survive Repentance, spared by the Emperor's divine grace, often ascend to higher positions in the convent.


Whilst it is not clear when the Order of the Bloodied Sky was founded, the journals of the Order's founder, Cannoness Malina, imply it must have been some time after M39. According to these records, Montem was founded shortly after the Order of the Bloody Rose assisted Yekna Prime, and the Rhinos in repelling an Alpha Legion warband. As the combined might of the Order of the Bloody Rose and the Rhinos began to push the Alpha Legion out of the system the battle moved to Yekna V. Allegedly, during this final battle for Yekna V a particularly zealous battle sister, Carnificent, found herself going toe-to-toe with the Chaos Lord Barok. The fight was long and bloody but, in the end, the Lord of Chaos fell to his knees. Carnificent, on the verge of death, expended the last of her strength in what became her most (in)famous act. She reached for an axe embedded in a nearby felled tree, forced the Lord to bow his head, and subsequently beheaded him in one, clean stroke. Shortly after Carnificent died of her wounds. Malina, a witness to the event, was granted leave of the Order of the Bloody Rose so that she could remain on Yekna V, at the final resting place of Carnificent the Red, Patron Saint of Executioners. A number of her closest sisters remained with her, still under the banner of the Bloody Rose. As the exploits of Saint Carnificent spread the convent on Yekna V swelled in size. After a mere 60 years they were large enough to form a lesser Order Militant, the Order of the Bloodied Sky.


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"I watched Barok bow his head to Carnificent in repentant defeat. Right before she executed him. I have no doubt the Emperor's grace flowed through her that day."
—Cannoness Malina of the Bloodied Sky


"Members of the Ecclesiarchy flood to our system so that they can praise the exploits of their so-called 'Patron Saint of Executioners'. They are quick to ignore the role we played in defending our homeworld. No, I cannot say that I am pleased with the formation of the Order of the Bloodied Sky. They serve as a constant reminder of... no, a shrine to one of the darkest days in our Chapter's history. When our fortress, our home, left virtually undefended as we attended our duties, nearly fell to the mutant, the heretic. I am not pleased at all."
—Akachi Masego, Chapter Master of the Rhinos