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"The Tau are up to something. I want to know what that is."
—Miko d'Lan, 3rd Company Captain, Slate's Talon

A nine man Strike-team of the Slate's Talon Space Marine Chapter. They were sent to investigate Tau activity and steal information pertaining to their activity on Severus III. The Slate's Talon wanted to know what the Tau knew before engaging them in full scale combat. The team was headed by 3rd Company 5th Tactical Squad Sergeant Tenner DeRoche.

Team Members

Tenner DeRoche, a Sergeant of Slate's Talon, was picked for the job for his stellar performance as a leader. He elected to pick four marines from his own squad for this mission. He felt the Strike-team needed to work well together, and no better choice was that of members of the squad he lead.

In addition to allowing Tenner DeRoche to select his Strike-team, Miko d'Lan allowed him to pick two veterans to act as backup should things go south. He elected to pick a single Terminator as well as a Vanguard Veteran for this, each equipped for different roles that they might encounter.

To round out the team, Sergeant Tenner chose two Scout Marine Snipers. Lycaon and Cal Reacher were great snipers as well as good friends. DeRoche felt these two would make a great addition.

Squad Leader

Tenner DeRoche, chose to wield his Power Sword and Grav-pistol for this mission.


Mathias Cri- Familiar with Tau technology. He spends his off-time tinkering with a Tau helmet he took as a war trophy.

Porthias- Lover of Frag Grenades and friend of Mathias.

Sniper Support


Cal Reacher-


Terpin- Terminator that was chosen for this mission. His equipment is an Assault Cannon for when something needs to be dead, as well as a Chainfist for any vehicles they encounter.

-A member of the Vanguard Veterans. The weapons he favors are twin power swords for close combat, and a Bolt Pistol for firefights.

Tau Plans