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Magos Nykee is a Techsorcist, that is a Tech-priest who specializes in analyzing and countering the effects of warp-tainted machines as well as exorcizing their corrupted spirits and rendering them safe for Imperial use. He has served Lord Inquisitor Skotus since the latter was with the Ordo Malleus. 


Early Life

Olvir's background is obscure but he seems to have been the son of workers indentured to the Mechanicus on the forge world of Ikaros. Whoever his parents were he was taken from them at an early age  after revealing his vocation by constructing a voxbox from spare parts.


If one manages to pry him away from his researches for a few minutes he reveals himself to be an agreeable companion with an un-techpriest like taste for the pleasures of the table and games of chance - which his cerebral augments make decidedly less chancy for him if not the other players.


Olvir is quite a good looking man - for a tech-priest - his augmentations hidden beneath his robes. He shaves his head bald for convenience in using a sensorium helmet he designed for himself.

Abilities and Traits

Olvir's augmentations include no less then six standard mechadendrites fused to his spine, three to a side, as well as the specialist mechadendrite with its hexagonal ports implated at the base of his skull. His torso is protected by a layer of subdermal armor and contains extra organs allowing him to breath unbreathable atmospheres and neutralize numerous environmental toxins. Olvir has deliberately avoided visible augmentations so as to be able to work undercover among 'meatbags' when required.


A sensorium helmet that links with his specialist mechadendrite and augments his ordinary flesh eyes, ears and nose and gives him the half mechanical appearance normal to a tech-priest of his rank. Olvir also owns several mecha-guantlets each with its specialized tool suite. He uses a master crafted power maul he made for himself in battle and augments his subdermal torso armor with a conversion field.

Olvir's only lab assistant is 'Bob' a servo skull with an advanced cogitator unit wired into the remains of its brainstem. Bob not only stores data it processes it and has limited correlative abilities. Bob is able to understand simple speech and follow vocal directions. Its manipulator arms are tipped with micro-tools including a monofilament flail that is a very respectable weapon.


Friends and Allies




"Let's have a look at you..."
—Olvir's catchphrase
"They say blood is thicker than water but lubricating oils are thicker than either."
—Olvir on the bonds between Tech-priests


"Olvir is the only tech-priest I've ever met that I'd be willing to date. I'm sure there are some surprises under that robe but I think they just might be pleasant ones."
St. Athaliah the Flame