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Occident Prime was one of the first extra-solar sectors to be formed and so is somewhat larger than later became standard. It has eleven sub-sectors each with dozens of inhabited planets the chief of which are listed below:
40k, Occident Prime Map

Sector Map

Occidentis Boreal

Is a Daemon haunted backwater of Feral and Feudal worlds and struggling frontier planets, a refuge for cultists, xenos and other criminals and a constant source of trouble for the Imperial authorities.


The subsector capital is a chilly near Iceworld whose ancient feudal culture resents and sometimes resists the forces of civilization attempting to expand from the port enclaves. It is infested with beastmen, felinoid and simian, and outcast Eldar are said to haunt the depths of its dense forests. The planet has an unusually high occurence of pyskers - who the natives revere - bringing with it the inevitable Chaos threat.

Borea Ultima

Is another cold world whose huge polar caps leave a chilly but ice free equitorial band. The icy latitudes are occupied by hardy feral tribesmen who crunch through the snows in little more than a fur loin strap and multiple weapons. The more habitable sections are subject to periodic disastrous floods wiping away the locals' attempts to build any kind of civilization.


Death world


An Eldar maiden-world whose terraforming was interrupted by the Fall. It has broad, shallow seas teaming with exotic and sometimes dangerous life-forms and low, marshy continents with occasional outcroppings of hills or stony knolls. Human settlers are attempting to complete the process but the world holds many unpleasant surprises.


Frontier world


Is a complete contrast to its neighboring sub-sector to the north. It has planets rich in promethium deposits and other valuable minerals, flourishing hive-worlds and agri-worlds enough to keep them all fed and supply luxury crops for export as well.

Purpura Mundi

40k, Purpura Mundi, Garden Hives

Purpura Mundi

The sub-Sector planetary capital gets its name from the lavender tinge to the native vegetation. Its hive cities are covered with hanging gardens of the spectacular native plants and imported Terran species, and surrounded by extensive but park-like suburbs. Purpura Mundi is known as the emporia of the Sector. If you can't find it in the hive markets of Purpura Mundi it doesn't exist.

The governor's native title is Porphyrogenetus (or -geneta) meaning 'born to the Purple', and the great palace of the Porphyrogenii is a hive to itself with a spectacular view of the Herion and Chalkis Hives across the Dardaeon Strait from the gubernatorial apartments on the upper terraces.


Mining world, chiefly Promethium.


Mining world, chiefly promethium.

Punic Systems

A chain of mid-range stars whose systems contain multiple habitable planets including both Hive and agri-worlds.

Occidentis Auster

This corner of the Sector was the first to be contacted by the Emperor's forces and the first to be incorporated into His Empire. The rest of the Occident Prime was explored and conquered from the worlds of this sub-Sector.


40k, Occident Prime, Zhogun


The ancient, highly civilized and extremely warlike people of Zhogun are proud to call their homeworld the capital planet of the Occident Prime Sector. Zhogun also qualifies as a Shrine Planet with giant temples built over the Emperor's landing site and the dozen or so stopping places marking the stages of his journey accros the planet. 

Imperator Victor

Fourth planet of the star Victrix Imperator Victor is the homeworld of the Emperor's Own Chapter. It has a thin but breathable atmosphere and gravity 1.3 of Earth normal. It is famous for the beautiful striated stone of its rose colored deserts wrought into fantastic forms by primeaval floods and the roseate sand storms of the high desert. Lowlands rich in turquoise green verdure watered by freshwater seas are dotted with lovely cities of purple, rose and golden stone collected into two main polities; The Hellanic States and the Lateenian States. The desert highlands are dotted with Forge Cities and Pulcheria Mons, the fortress-monastery of the Emperor's Own, is carved out of a a massive outcropping of gloriously colored stone not far from the northern ice-cap the fantastic hollows and spires carved by nature complimented by the domes and towers of Human art and a cascade of exquisite hanging gardens. The only other human settlement in the western hemisphere is the pleasure city of Phaea on the Isle of Scheria.

Sunward of Imperator Victor is an asteroid field that is all that remains of a planet once infested by a reptilian xenos species possibly related to the Old Ones. This field is rich in heavy metals mined and processed by void dwellers with a strong Mechanicus presence.

Victrix II, the recruiting world of the Emperor's Own, is a steaming feral world of mountain, savannah and wetlands inhabited by a truly magnificent strain of Homo Sapiens Terranis. The Victrixin range from eight to nine feet tall and are perfectly proportioned for their height. The skin color of the marsh and savannah dwellers is either a dark reddish brown or brown black but the inhabitants of the mountain valleys are markedly fair skinned and sometimes blond. Social structure is tribal among the mountain and savannah dwellers but the marsh people live in primitive city-states. All at at constant war with one another and with the megafauna of their planet.






Civilized world


Feudal world


Feudal world



Sub-Sector capital


Shrine world




Hive world


Fortress world


Fortress world


Loculus System

Loculus IV sub-Sector capital


Trianguli Prime

Trianguli Prime

D'Nisir Rivermouth

Civilised planet and site of the Inquisitorial fortress of the Occidentine Conclave. The Ordos of the Inquisition find the planet's central location useful and the low technical level of the native  inhabitants makes security a simple matter. The Conclave's tower stands facing a smaller tower which contains the headquarters of the Inquisitorial stormtrooper army, the fleet depot and a watch-station of Knights of the Watch. Both towers are perched high on steep cliffs guarding the mouth of the D'Nisir River just below the native capital city of Pu'pashtet. A blocky native fortress neighbors the military tower and a priory of the Wounded Heart stands a short way up-river.
40k, Planet Trianguli Prime

Trianguli Prime

Trianguli Prime is a water world with one continent centered under the northern polar icecap and extending to the 45th parallel. The native civilization is technologically primitive - steam and coal powered - but has achieved planetary unity under a relatively stable oligarchic hegemony. The Hegemon, whoever he might be for the moment, pays the tithes the Emperor's Holy Inquisition whose fief vassal he is. The main polities are the Gedrosian Empire, its 'allies' the Theban-Iolka City-states and the more primitive Aruthyrian Dominions.

Trianguli Seconde

Trianguli Terce

Sol Magna




40k, Planet Pylos, North


Is the Monastery-world of the Gatekeepers Chapter. It's sole continent is located in the northern hemisphere centered under the polar icecap. It is not the most habitable of planets, the oxygen content of the atmosphere is too low to sustain Human life and the only native life-froms are lichens and microbes. The great ocean on the other hand is an icy organic soup supporting invertebrates and shell fish - none of which are edible. The 2.5 billion human inhabitants live in a cluster of hive towers at the pole, Pylos Polaris. Two hives are dedicated manufactoria under Mechanicus authority. Two are civilian controlled providing mercantile and argicultural support (by means of hydroponic farming) to the massive military sector housed in the central hive under the authority of the Grand Castellan.


Astartes Homeworld



Astartes Homeworld populated by Feral nomadic tribes



Sub-sector Capital, an ancient Hive-world its entire surface covered with urbs


Fortress world


Hive world


Hive world


Hive world

Greater Zab


Lesser Zab


St. Elphame


Sub-Sector capital

Elphame Martyr

Cardinal shrine-world and the end of the Elphame Pilgrimage

Elphame Beata

Shrine world, fifth in the Pilgrimage

Elphame Venerata

Shrine world, fourth in the Pilgrimage

Elphame Parvam

Shrine world, third in the Pilgrimage

Elphame Victix

Shrine world, second in the Pilgrimage

Elphame Sublata

Shrine world, first in the Pilgrimage



Sub-Sector capital


Naval base


Feral world



Sidonian Space


Sub-sector capital and Naval base

Avia Sidonia

Civilized port-world

Sidris Sidonia

Frontier port-world


Civilized port-World

Saccer Sinonia

Frontier port-world

Ara Pacis

Is so named in honor of a great victory achieved by the Vth fleet under Derik Loculus over a Warp crafty xeno species known as the Tripodaes. Unfortunately the peace established by that victory proved temporary as the Imperial authorities are challenged every few centuries by the resurgent Tripodaes .


Sub-Sector capital






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