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The Novaknife class Tank is a Battle Tank created in the Kraelis Sector. First created during the Paulix Revolt in the 38th millennia it has since become one of the most feared tanks in the sector and is typically reserved for elite defense forces or units in highly dangerous postings.


The Novaknife class was designed on Kraelix in the last years of the Paulix Revolt. The prototypes were rushed into service during the defense of its native world. While there were orders to destroy the plans rather then let them fall into enemy hands a few factories were overrun with such speed when their defense lines collapsed that there was no time to carry out these orders and soon the Novaknife was turned on the allies of its creators.

Novaknifes were at the forefront of the final assault on Sulum Prime and one tank was used as a command vehicle by Paulix the Second in the final assault of the war. This tank disabled after punching a hole in the defenses of the palace used by Eric the Sixth and was left as a monument after the war. In the aftermath of the conflict Novaknifes were assigned to the units whom Paulix the Second felt were most loyal to him and a long standing tradition of the most elite tank crews in the sector being assigned these vehicle was established.

Technical Specifications

For armament the Novaknife carries a Neutron Laser Projector with two Lascannons and a Flamethrower as a secondary weapons.

Technical Specifications
Vehicle Name: Novaknife class Tank Main Armament: Neutron Laser Projector
Forge World of Origin: Kraelix Secondary Armament: Two Lascannon, One Heavy Flamer
Known Patterns: Traverse: 360 degrees
Crew: Commander, Driver,2 Gunners, 1 Loaders Elevation: From
Powerplant: Supercharged HL300 v14 multi-fuel Main Ammunition: unlimited
Weight: 100 Tons Secondary Ammunition: Unlimited Lascannon Shots, 6 Heavy Flamer Rounds
Length: 10.00M Armour
Width: 5M
Height: 4.75M Superstructure: 180mm
Ground Clearance: .5M Hull: 150mm
Max Speed - on road 22 KPH Gun Mantlet 120mm
Max Speed - off road: 17 KPH Vehicle Designation: Heavy Tank
Tranport Capacity: N/A Firing Ports: N/A
Access Points: Top Hatch Turret: 220mm

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