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"They are the dying....the damned ."
—Anonymous acolyte

Nirmia was a small Eldar crafworld that was infected by the disease known as Rust in the later years of M.41. This resulted in their near destruction by the Necron Kharnakept dynasty .

It is thought by the craftworlds healers and elders that the disease first appeared after the Eldar fought Chaos forces. Nevertheless, the Eldar were almost wiped out when the Kharnakept dynasty awoke to recliam their worlds. The Necrons fought the Eldar on their craftworld, destroying many Eldar. The craftworld was saved after the farseer Althran sacrificed himself to save the craftworld from the Necrons, but not from the disease. The craftworld itself is slowly dying as the infection slowly kills them.


The Fall

In the days before the fall, the farseers who would become the eventual leaders of craftworld Nirmia realised that the Eldar would suffer to the effects of their hubris. How they came to this conclusion is unknown, but it is thought that the farseers had heard news from greater minds and were merely spreading the word.

The Craftworld started to head away from the Segmentum Obscurus, and into deeper regions of space. It was said the Craftworld barely survived the Fall. After the Fall however the craftworld faded into obscurity for many years, with little being recorded.



"Put it out of its misery brother, there is nothing its kin could do for it."
—Unknown comment from on Obsidian Blades brother to another, upon finding a stage III Eldar victim.
"It is not yet too late for Him to scour this plague from your bodies and your home. Truly, this feat would be a small demonstration of His powers and His love. Would the Eldar condemn themselves to the way of all flesh when succor, salvation is but an oath away? Pledge yourselves to the Master of the Twisted Tree and enduring peace can be yours!"
—A missionary of Ashur-El Artashumara addresses ailing scouts of Nirmia.