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The Night Reavers are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter. Following the Consuming, they are down to little over a company's worth of full-fledged Battle-Brothers. They are not strict in their adherence to the Codex Astartes, with many strategies and tactics varying from what is considered acceptable by more strict chapters. Their current location is unknown, but they operate mainly around the Ultima Segmentum and Segmentum Obscurus, however, there are several reports that they are on a mission deep into the Eye of Terror.


The Night Reavers have a fractured history. The chapter was almost destroyed when Chaos consumed their sub-sector and warped all their planets to the Warp. Only the Chapter's second and third companies and small sections of the first company survived, and even these companies suffered. Following the destruction of their home worlds, many of the surviving Night Reavers of the Third Company fell into madness. After many years of rooting out heresy in the survivors, the chapter is down to little over a company's strength of full-fledged battle-brothers. While the chapter has been under close scrutiny by the Inquisition, the surviving battle-brothers have proved their loyalty time and again. Using their Librarians, the Night Reavers know when to strike at the foe and where, although these Librarians are rarely seen on the battlefield because of their importance. To see a Night Reavers' Battle Barge above a planet is to know that victory is of the utmost importance. The Night Reavers do not currently have a Chapter Master, as the Chapter Master before the Consuming, Doran Bloodreaver, has not been confirmed killed. The Night Reavers are currently led by Captain Vibius Gladius of the 2nd Company. The Night Reavers are a very selective chapter in regards to new recruits and as a result it is believed that the Night Reavers will never again reach Chapter strength. The Night Reavers consider Chaos their greatest enemy and Chaplains are a common sight, both in and out of battle. The Night Reavers arrive where Chaos is prevalent, even when it seems that the people are loyal to the Emperor.

The home world of the Night Reavers was the Extremis System, a sub-sector located in the Ultima Segmentum. It consisted of four planets split into two parts, the outer planets of Cesseus and Liso and the inner planets of Oramis and Extremis. Following the Consuming, the Night Reavers survive in their fleet, dominated by the three Battle Barges, Captain Gladius' Battle Barge the Swordreaver, and the two Battle Barges of the Third Company, the Reaver's Remembrance and the Bloodreaver's Strength, both renamed in honour of their lost Chapter Master.

The Night Reavers Power Armour is coloured a dark blue, with red outlining and dark grey shoulder pads. They no longer have a universal shoulder design, with Captain Gladius permitting Marines to paint any symbol on their shoulder pads, the most common of which are designs of death and fiery retribution, such as skulls and flames.

The Night Reavers have always been treated with suspicion by the Inquisition and Space Marine Chapters more strict on the teachings of the Codex Astartes. The Night Reavers have been close to being proclaimed Renegade on several occasions, however they have been able to prove their loyalty each time. Following the Consuming and the disappearance of the Night Reavers, it was believed that the entire Chapter had perished, however, with their re-discovery, the Inquisition has taken a particular interest in the surviving Night Reavers, if only to see if they have indeed finally gone Renegade. The suspected alliance between the Night Reavers and a mysterious Eldar Craftworld has led to an inquiry, however, the Inquisition has been unable to pursue the Night Reavers and their apparent xenos allies.



Since the loss of their home world, the exact date of the Night Reavers' Founding and their progenitor is debated. Many believe that the Night Reavers are in fact a distant successor chapter of the Ultramarines, as their darker blue armour would suggest, however, the Night Reavers' less than strict adherance to the Codex Astartes betrays this belief. The wildest of suggestions include that the Night Reavers are descended from the Space Wolves. It is widely accepted however, that the Night Reavers are a relatively new Space Marine Chapter, with records of their actions only going back to the 40th Millenium.

Notable Actions before the Consuming (627.M41 - 741.M41)

The Crusade of Absolution - 584.M41

The entire 4th Company, led by Captain Oppius, is banished to the Eye of Terror for 100 years by Chapter Master Doran Bloodreaver for their actions on the planet of Julios, in the Julian sub-sector. The less-than holy actions of the 4th Company while defending the planet from Chaos invaders earned the entire Chapter scorn from the Inquisition. Doran was forced to exile the 4th Company as a result. The 4th Company spent the 100 years rampaging around the Eye of Terror, bringing death to many Chaos warbands. When the Company was finally welcomed home to the Extremis System in 684.M41, the only survivor was Chaplain Tertius. Tertius had spent the final five years of the Crusade tracking down a rather large warband of Chaos Space Marines who had been threatening stability on the edge of the Eye of Terror. Tertius' armour was rent and his systems had almost given out. He was given Terminator Honours for his deeds and was welcomed into the 1st Company. The 4th Company had already been rebuilt and had seen service in the Emperor's name.

Pursuit of the Pirates - 672.M41

Captain Tiberus of the 3rd Company and Captain Lanos of the 4th Company pursue a Red Corsair Warband led by the Daemon Prince Kriosos through the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath. Upon emerging from the storm, the warband makes planetfall on Tutaris, a corrupted Hive World. While the 4th Company's Battle Barges bombard the surface, Tiberus makes a daring deep strike into the heart of Kriosos' fortress, bypassing the legions of corrupted Imperial Guard. Led by the Terminator Armour-clad Tiberus, the 3rd Company cuts a swath through the Red Corsais entrenched in the fortress, taking minimal losses. Kriosos escapes with his remaining warriors on the corrupted battleship Khorne's Truth and the 4th Company races to engage them. After taking many hits from the 4th Company's Battle Barges, Khorne's Truth is split in half attempting to retreat to the warp. Kriosos' body is recovered and burnt atop the corpses of his warriors.

War against Waaagh! Dethkrusha - 704.M41

Chapter Master Doran Bloodreaver leads the Night Reaver's 1st, 2nd and 5th Companies against Waaagh! Dethkrusha which threatens to take over the Titus System, the Night Reavers' primary recruitment system after the Extremis System. The 5th Company is directed straight to the Capital World Titus I to relieve the beleaguered Imperial Guard regiments stationed in the main Hive City, while the 1st and 2nd Companies retake the other two worlds, Titus II and III, from the Ork Horde. Due to the efficiency of the Chapter Master's tactics, the 1st and 2nd Companies suffer no more than two squads' worth of casualties. However, upon liberating the other two worlds, Doran learns that the Warboss Dethkrusha has hurled his remaining horde on Titus I and the 5th Company has suffered heavy casualties. With all possible haste, Doran speeds to Titus I and both Companies Deep Strike into the heart of the Greenskin Horde. As soon as his drop pod opens, Doran charges straight for Warboos Dethkrusha. The warboss directs his entire horde towards the newly arrived companies, allowing time for the 5th Company, under the command of the severely injured Captain Idion, to rally the remaining Imperial Guard regiments and launch an attack on the rear of the horde. Caught between two determined force, the Greenskins falter, but there is nowhere for them to run and they are annihilated. Doran challenges the Warboss and they clash with chainsword and tooth. Doran is wounded several times by the Warboss but is eventually victorious when Doran drives his chainsword into the gut of the beast. But victory is costly for the 5th Company, they are only able to field less than half their strength. Doran leaves the 2nd and 5th Companies in the Titus System and returns to the Extremis system.

First War for the Extremis System - 705.M41 - 706.M41

The Extremis System is attacked by roving bands of Chaos Space Marines of different warbands. The attacks are hit-and-run and random, with small groups of heretics striking at vulnerable targets. The attacks escalate with bands up to fifty strong launching assaults on the minor cities of the two outer planets of the system. This culminates in a full invasion of the smaller planet, Liso, with heretic numbers counting in the thousands, of which there are about three companies worth of Chaos Space Marines. The Night Reavers' 7th Company, garrisoned in Lison City, are annihilated and their corpses desecrated. In a fury, the newly appointed Captain of the 8th Company, Captain Erodon, leads a reckless attack on the planet. Realising his mistake too late, Erodon calls a full retreat, fleeing the planet with only a quarter of his original strength. Erodon exhibits strange actions and the Chaplain under his command declares him a heretic, upon which he executes Erodon. The Chaplain then leads the forces back to Extremis and informs Chapter Master Doran Bloodreaver of the invasion. Doran immediately draws his plans and calls the 2nd Company back from the Titus System. Doran sends the 3rd and 4th Companies to Cesseus to muster the Imperial Guard stationed there. When they arrive, the 3rd and 4th Companies are fired upon by the corrupted Imperial Guard and forced to withdraw. Deeming the threat on Liso to be of more importance, Doran sends the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Companies to orbit Liso, leaving the understrength 5th and 8th Companies with the 9th and 10th Companies on the inner planets. The 4th and 6th Companies bombard Lison City while the other three companies make landfall near Lison City. Doran charges Lison City, ordering the 4th and 6th to halt their bombardment at the last minute. The 1st and 2nd Company begin the assault by landing in Thunderhawk Gunships, while the 3rd Company uses underground tunnels to strike at the centre of the city. The 4th Company deep strikes into the northern part of the city, with the 6th Company staying aboard their Battle Barge, providing close support by bombarding concentrations of heretics. As the Night Reavers close on the centre of the city, Doran calls in the 6th Company to reinforce the 3rd Company, which is starting to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of heretics. Doran learns that the Chaos forces are led by Kriosos, who has been granted new flesh by his dark Gods. When at the base of the city's main spire, the Night Reavers are set upon by the Chaos Space Marines, whom Kriosos was holding back while the Night Reavers spent their energy on the guardsmen. The 4th Company is annihilated by the charge and the 3rd Company brought within ten brothers left. Tiberus falls with a pile of heretic bodies five deep around him. His men never falter, if anything, they are emboldened by their Captain's death and fight ever harder for the more of their brothers that die around them. Kriosos eventually joins the battle, but avoids the reach of Doran's chainsword. When Doran is injured, Kriosos turns and fights his way to the Chapter Master. The Company Champion, Quintais Swordreaver, places himself between his wounded Chapter Master and the foul Daemon Prince. With the Emperor's name upon his lips and not the slightest hint of fear in his heart, Quintais joins battle against Kriosos, both inflicting severe wounds on the other. Quintais is eventually defeated by Kriosos, although only through foul trickery and warp influence. Although his body is crippled, with his last breath, Quintais drives his sword deep into the Daemon's heart, cursing his name and banishing him back to the warp. Quintais' body is recovered and he is interred in a Venerable Dreadnought.

The Prophecy of the Chapter's Doom - 714.M41

While Captain Vibius Gladius' Battle Barge, the Swordreaver, is en-route to investigate a disturbance in the Titus Systems, they encounter a small starship belonging to a mysterious Eldar Craftworld. A small squad of Warp Spiders teleport onto the Battle Barge and take Vibius from its command deck. Before the Swordreaver is able to open fire, the starship vanishes. Vibius is not taken as a prisoner by the Eldar however, and is taken to the Eldar's Craftworld, where he is shown to a Farseer. The Farseer reveals to Vibius the Chapter's Doom and tell shim of the Consuming of the Extremis System. The Farseer is vague in terms of dates and tells Vibius that the upcoming battle for the Extremis System must be lost. The Night Reavers would loose their homeworld, but the majority of the Chapter would survive and the system would be later retaken. If the Night Reavers were to win the battle, the Forces of Chaos would again attack the Extremis System, in which only two companies would survive and the homeworld and Chapter Master would be lost. The Farseer also reveals that if the second possibility comes true, Vibius would be the leader of the much crippled Chapter. The Farseer dismisses Vibius with the statement "Either way, we will meet again, in whichever cicumstance is up to you."

Second War for the Extremis System - 732.M41

Unlike their actions in the previous war, the Forces of Chaos storms into the Extremis System, invading Oramis of the inner planets and taking it in the matter of a few days. The 9th Company stationed on Oramis is decimated and the Forces of Chaos move toward Extremis. Doran acts quickly and mobilises the Night Reavers' fleet. When the Chaos fleet arrives at Extremis, they find the orbit of the planet empty of ships. However, as the fleet disperses to invade the planet, the Night Reavers' fleet appears as if from nowhere and opens fire. The Chaos fleet, unprepared for the sudden attack in space, is decimated. No ship is left moving and the Night Reavers make all haste to liberate Oramis. Doran immediately deploys the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd Company, reformed from the remains of the 3rd, 5th and 8th Companies, to attack the main city, Oram Hive. They meet with little resistance, as the majority of the Chaos force has already been destroyed. The Hive is taken with not so much as a single casualty and the Extremis System is again in the hands of the Night Reavers.

The Consuming - 741.M41

Not ten years after the last War of the Extremis System, a Warp Storm opens near Oramis. From this Warp Storm, hordes of daemons and heretics descend on the system, annihilating the Imperial Guard Regiments and the 6th and 10th Companies of the Night Reavers in two days. The 2nd and 3rd Companies, travelling in the outskirts of the system, are spared from the massacres on the planets below. Doran sees that the situation is lost and orders the 2nd and 3rd Companies to stay away and begins the evacuation of Extremis, evacuating millions of civilians whilst buying time with his 1st Company. Before the planet can be fully evacuated, the forces of Chaos turn their attention to Extremis and descend upon it with all the fury and horror of the Dark Gods. Less than half of the population is evacuated in time and several units of the 1st Company are lost in the fighting, taking many times their number of heretics and daemons with them. The planets are slowly dragged towards the Warp Storm and consumed, warped to oblivion inside the Warp Storm. Doran despairs at this loss and orders the remaining Battle Barges and Strike Cruisers to escort the civilian ships. They move to the edge of the system and join with the 2nd and 3rd Companies before entering warpspace. During the travel through warpspace, Doran's Battle Barge, the Fury of the Reaver, is separated from the main group and lost to the warp, although not confirmed destroyed. This is the final limit for many of the Space Marines of the 3rd Company and they descend into madness. This is a time of great sorrow for the Night Reavers, with the loss of their home worlds, battle-brothers and Chapter Master. The Chaplains remain vigilant and execute many of the Third Company and some of the Second Company, all of whom have succumbed to madness or accepted Chaos into them. This purging lasts for many years until the Chapter is down to little over a company's strength. Through this, only the most steadfast, loyal and devoted of the Night Reavers survive. Chaptain Vibius Gladius takes command of the surviving Night Reavers, refusing the title of Chapter Master. The Night Reavers are not seen again for over 100 years.

Actions since The Consuming - 741.M41 Onwards

First Sighting of the Night Reavers - 861.M41

A trading fleet travelling far out in the Ultima Segmentum sights a sizeable fleet. All attempts to establish communications fail, but the vessels are identified as the remains of the Night Reavers' fleet. The fleet is led by Captain Gladius' Battle Barge, the Swordreaver, and two other Battle Barges, the Reaver's Remembrance and the Bloodreaver's Strength. The fleet also comprises of the Strike Cruisers Great ReaverSwift Reaving, Blood Hunter and The Emperor's Reaver and numerous destroyers and frigates. Before the trading fleet can get closer, the Night Reavers' fleet disappears into the warp.

Contact with the Eldar - 923.M41

Captain Vibius Gladius is contacted by the same Farseer who had delivered his prophecy over 200 years ago. The Farseer expresses his grief over the events which have happened surrounding the Night Reavers Chapter. The Farseer reveals the reason behind the previous contact. On the Night Reavers' home world of Extremis is an artefact which had been hidden from the Night Reavers. The Eldar knew that they would not be able to recover the artefact without going through the Night Reavers, as it was an artefact which would have destroyed the Chapter had they gotten a hold of it. The Farseer then requested that the Chapter, led by Vibius, move in support of the Craftworld to secure the artifact. Seeing a chance to recover his homeworld and possibly his Chapter Master, Vibius accepts. The Farseer tells Vibius that the sub-sector Extremis was not destroyed when the Warp Storm consumed it, rather it was teleported deep into the Eye of Terror, meaning that the Night Reavers would have to undergo the ultimate test of loyalty to get to their home world.

Home Sector and Recruitment Worlds

Extremis System


The Night Reaver's homeworld and location of their Fortress-Monastery. Extremis was the largest planet in the Extremis System and possessed a combined population of over 100 million at the last census, two years before the Consuming. Extremis was an Feudal World where the climate dramatically changed between summer and winter. During summer, the world would become a harsh desert, with water sources disappearing and the great plains transforming into vast sand-ridden wastelands. During winter, the world became an Ice World, with the newly-created water sources swiftly turning to ice. The Flora and Fauna of Extremis were noted for their extraordinary ability to quickly adapt to the vastly different climates. The turbulent climate was caused by Extremis' strange orbit around its twin suns, one Red Giant and one White Dwarf star, bringing the planet in close to the Red Giant during summer and flinging it far away from the White Dwarf during winter. This characteristic was shared to a lesser degree by the other planets of the Extremis System. Together with Oramis, Extremis formed the Inner Planets of the Extremis System, located closer to the suns than the two outer planets, Cesseus and Liso. Extremis was garrisoned by the 8th, 34th, 54th and 121st Steel Infantry Regiments and 85th and 143rd Steel Armoured Regiments of the Imperial Guard. The Steel Regiments were formed almost entirely from the populations of the Night Reaver's governed worlds and were formed for their protection.

The most fabled creature of Extremis was the Extremian Serpent, a massive reptilian which could travel across land and water with ease, moving quicker than a jetbike in times of retreat or sudden attack, covering distances in near-impossible times, it could also burrow under the ground. It was easily the size of several Land Raiders and could swallow a Predator whole if it so chose. The Serpent was extremely territorial, and it was not uncommon to perceive two Extremian Serpents fighting in the plains of the planet from the Night Reaver's Fortress Monastery. The Extremian Serpents were extremely hostile to any other species, however, they did not attempt to attack any fortified bastion with thick enough walls. The Extremian Serpents' scales were strong enough to deflect bolter rounds and only the most well-placed power sword thrusts would have a chance of doing any permanent damage. Extremian Serpents had remarkable recovery abilities, able to heal wounds faster than even a Space Marine could, with all but the most grievous wounds being healed within a few hours. They were also surprisingly intelligent, almost to the point of communication, as the first discoverers of the species discovered, until they were swallowed whole by the massive serpents.

Extremis possessed two moons, Extremia I and II. Extremia II was colonised whereas Extremia I remained uncolonised due to a mutated Extremian Serpent, one which was many times larger than even a normal Extremian Serpent. The mutation also led to a state of hyper-awareness, and due to the small size of the moon, the mutated Serpent could detect the smallest disturbance anywhere on the moon, no matter its own location on the moon. The first attempts at colonisation of the moon led to the entire colonising parties being consumed by the Serpent and were soon abandoned once an entire half of the Night Reaver's 7th Company were consumed trying to bring the beast down.


Oramis was the second planet of the Inner Planets of the Extremis System and was a large Forge World, responsible for the armament of the Night Reavers and the Steel Regiments posted in the Extremis and Titus Systems. Similar to Extremis, Oramis experienced blistering summers and winters, although not to the extent of Extremis, being situated further from the twin suns than Extremis. Oramis was constantly garrisoned by at least one company of Night Reavers and four regiments of Imperial Guard. The 8th and 9th Companies were initially formed from the population of Oramis and as such were usually garrisoned on the planet. Imperial Guard regiments commonly found garrisoned on the planet included the 12th, 37th and 89th Infantry Regiments and the 201st Armoured Regiment. The Night Reavers established a Fortress on the planet which was the home of the 8th and 9th Companies for several centuries.


Cesseus was the second-largest planet of the Extremis System, after Extremis itself and was a fiery Death World. a majority of the world was covered in seas of lava, the only solid ground punctuated by massive fire geysers, some shooting lava, fire and pieces of rock, stone and brimstone several hundred metres into the air. Due to the large amount of lava covering the surface, the ground on which settlements were built was constantly shifting, indeed, a city could at one time of observation be close to the planet's north pole and at another time be closer to the planet's equator. This was used as a defensive technique by the planet's colonisers as well as the Night Reavers, and one of the challenges faced by Night Reaver novitiates was to navigate the Death World. It is believed that Cesseus was once the closest planet to the twin stars of the System, hence its constant lava-covered state. It had been observed that the planet was moving further away from the stars, allowing for the cooling of some patches of lava, leading to the solid ground on which the human settlements are found. The planet was moving away from the stars at a rate of about a few hundred kilometres each ten Terran years.

Due to the conditions on the planet, there were no recorded flora found on the surface of the planet, however, the fauna was of particular interest, possessing the abilities to swim through the lava and survive the extreme heats of the planet.

Chapter Organisation

Before the Consuming

Before the Consuming, the Night Reavers Chapter followed the Codex Astartes and possessed ten companies. The majority of these companies were mobilised, each company possessing enough Rhinos and Razorbacks to transport all squads. Each company was in charge of its own vehicular support, with each company assigned a surplus in certain fields. The 4th, 5th and 6th Companies each possessed a larger amount of Land Speeder Squadrons and in the case of the 5th Company, several of the squads were exchanged for the more mobile Bike Squadrons. The 3rd Company, however, provided a larger amount of heavy support vehicles, most notably containing at least two more Predators than the other Companies at any one time. The 2nd Company was noted for its Land Raiders, retaining control of all the Land Raiders of the Chapter, granting the other companies access to them when needed. The 7th and 8th Companies possessed a larger number of Assault Squads, rather including five squads of both Tactical and Assault Marines, meaning that the companies were not "slowed down" by the heavier weapons of the Devastator Marines. The 9th made up for this however, termed the "static" Company, the 9th was tasked with holding ground captured by the Chapter, hence possessing more Devastator and Tactical Marines, as well as more support vehicles such as Whirlwinds. The 10th Company, the scout Company, was split into each other Company, with every company possessing one squad of scouts and the 2nd Company possessing two squads. The 1st Company, possessing the majority of veteran squads, wielded a larger number of Vanguard Veterans than Sternguard Veterans. Those equipped with Terminator Armour preferred to be part of Assault Terminator Squadrons, and as such, less Assault Terminators survived the Consuming, as they were not able to be disengaged from the enemy.

After the Consuming

Only the 2nd and 3rd Companies, and a few of the veterans from the 1st Company survived the Consuming, and after the Purging of the Chapter, the majority of the 3rd Company had been executed by the Chaplains.


Squad Name Designation Former Company Wargear Achievements, notable observations, etc.
Octavius Tactical 2nd Company


Heavy Bolter

Foremost veteran squad of the 2nd Company, Brother-Sergeant Octavius foregoes any personal decoration to his armour.
Ignus Tactical 2nd Company




Tactical Squad Ignus has been noted for its use of weapons using super-heated methods, indeed, the members of Squad Ignus have a fiery attitude to war.
Invictus Tactical 2nd Company

Plasma Gun

Missile Launcher

Plasma Pistol

Tactical Squad Invictus is noted for being the most heavily armed Tactical Squad possessing both a Missile Launcher and a Plasma Gun and Brother-Sergeant Invictus carrying his Plasma Pistol into every battle.
Tactus Tactical 2nd Company

Plasma Cannon

Plasma Pistol

Tactical Squad Tactus is noted for being the second most heavily armed Tactical Squad, after Tactical Squad Invictus. Brother-Sergeant Tactus served under Invictus and adopted his former Sergeant's use of the Plasma Pistol.
Appius Tactical 2nd Company



Plasma Pistol

Tactical Squad Appius is noted for loosing two members during the Purge of the Chapter, taint was confirmed to not have spread to the rest of the squad and two initiates were introduced to the company as full Battle-Brothers following the Purge.
Quintus Tactical 3rd Company Flamer Tactical Squad Quintus is noted for being the only Tactical Squad of the 3rd Company to survive the Purge of the Chapter. Squad Quintus possesses the least amount of wargear of the surviving Tactical Squads
Titus Devastator 2nd Company

2 Heavy Bolters


Plasma Cannon


Devastator Squad Titus of the 2nd Company is specialised in facing and destroying concentrations of enemy infantry. The squad is commonly deployed in battle with a Razorback equipped with a twin-linked lascannon for support against anti-infantry light vehicles.
Decimus Devastator 2nd Company

2 Missile Launchers


Plasma Cannon

Devastator Squad Decimus of the 2nd Company is specialised in the destruction of the enemy's vehicles and other armoured units. The squad is commonly deployed in battle with a Razorback equppied with a twin-linked Heavy Bolter for support against infantry.

Activus Assault 2nd Company Power Sword Assault Squad Activus was one of the most accomplished Assault Squads of the entire Chapter, second only to the Vanguard Squads of the 1st Company. Brother-Sergeant Activus' reward of his own Power Sword was just one of the many honours bestowed upon his squad. Activus had fought alongside Captain Gladius for more than two centuries before the Consuming.
Domitanis Assault 2nd Company Flamer Assault Squad Domitanis was given the honour of joining the 2nd Company after the First War of the Extremis System, where they proved their strength against the Forces of Chaos.
Herius Scout 2nd Company/10th Company


Scout Sergeant Herius was a fresh recruit for the Night Reavers at the time of the Second War of the Extremis System. He proved his stalwart determination during the War and as such quickly rose to the rank of Scout Sergeant before the Consuming.
Kaeso Scout

2nd Company/10th Company

Sniper Rifles

Camo Cloaks

Scout Sergeant Kaeso was one of the oldest Scout Sergeants of the Night Reavers, he has turned down the honour of becoming a full Battle-Brother numerous times. Kaeso's efficiency and love of the sniper rifle has become legendary inside the Chapter.
Varo Command Squad 2nd Company

Company Banner


Power Sword

Plasma Pistol

Power Fist

Command Squad Varo, or the Avenging Reavers (Post-Consuming), is the personal Command Squad of Captain Vibius Gladius.
Atilius Terminator 1st Company

Assault Cannon

2 Chainfists

Terminator Squad Atilius was attached to the 2nd Company at the time of the Consuming. The Assault Cannon attached to Atilius' Squad has spat the end of many foes, heretic and xenos alike.
Servius Terminator 1st Company

Cyclone Missile Launcher


Terminator Squad Servius was the only Terminator Squad of the 1st Company to survive the attack on Extremis. They were stationed on the planet when the Forces of Chaos turned their attention to it, but were far enough away from the main fighting to be recalled by the Chapter Master as he evacuated the planet.
Tiberius Assault Terminator 1st Company 3 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields Assault Terminator Squad Tiberius was also attached to the 2nd Company at the time of the Consuming and as such was the only Assault Terminator squad to survive the Consuming. Their Thunder Hammers have brought death to many foes of the Night Reavers and their Storm Shields bear the marks of numerous strikes from melee weapon and projectile alike.
Valerius Sternguard Veteran 1st Company


Plasma Gun

The sole surviving Sternguard Veteran Squad of the 1st Company, Veteran Squad Valerius numbers but five Battle-Brothers, however, they provide a strong hail of fire on the enemy, proving countless times that they are just as powerful as one, if not two, full-strength Tactical Squads.

Notable Vehicles

Name Designation/Type Former Company Wargear Achievements, notable observations, etc.
Reaving Might Land Raider 2nd Company

Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter

Two Twin-Linked Lascannons

Immolating Flame Land Raider Redeemer 2nd Company

Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

Two Flamestorm Cannons

Heretic's Bane Predator 3rd Company


Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Venerable Wrath Predator 3rd Company

Twin-Linked Lascannon

Lascannon Sponsons

Cultist's End Vindicator 3rd Company

Siege Shield

Hunter-Killer Missile

Purging Rain Whirlwind 2nd Company Whirlwind multiple missile launcher
Actilius Dreadnought 3rd Company

Twin-Linked Lascannon

Missile Launcher

Versuvus Ironclad Dreadnought 2nd Company

Seismic Hammer

Quintais Venerable Dreadnought 1st Company Twin-Linked autocannon
Land Speeder Squadron 2nd Company
Novar Bike Squadron 3rd Company

Chapter Fleet

Following the events of the Consuming, the Night Reavers survive in their fleet. The fleet is led by Captain Gladius' Battle Barge, the Swordreaver. Following this are the two Battle Barges of the Third Company, the Reaver's Remembrance and the Bloodreaver's Strength, both having been renamed after the loss of the Chapter Master. To support these ships, the Strike Cruisers Great ReaverSwift Reaving, Blood Hunter and The Emperor's Reaver and numerous destroyers and frigates are present.

The Chapter's Fortress Monastery was destroyed on Extremis when the Forces of Chaos consumed the planet and as such the Swordreaver is the Chapter's unofficial Fortress Monastery.


Chapter Master Doran Bloodreaver, Last Chapter Master of the Night Reavers, Imperator of the Extremis System

Chapter Master Doran Bloodreaver had been serving the Night Reavers Chapter for three centuries before he was granted the title of Chapter Master. He had been a notable and decorated Space Marine serving at first in the Chapter's 7th Company as the Company's most skilled Assault Marine Sergeant. This was followed by a successful century of service in a Bike Squadron of the 5th Company before being granted a place as an Assault Marine in the 2nd Company. Building success upon success, Doran was honoured with a position in the 1st Company as the Chapter's Champion once he was defeated by the previous Chapter Master in a duel after some brash words, but the Chapter Master was so surprised at Doran's skill that he extended the honour to Doran. When the Chapter Master was killed in a war which is now long forgotten with the consuming of Extremis, Doran was granted the title of Chapter Master. He had led the Night Reavers for at least two centuries before the Consuming. With the disappearance of Doran's Battle Barge the Fury of the Reaver, Doran is missing but not confirmed killed.

Doran was celebrated for his skill in close combat and his tactical and strategical mind. Under his leadership, the Night Reavers suffered less casualties in wars than under any previous Chapter Master. It is rumoured that he once led the 2nd Company in an assault upon a heavily fortified Chaos-controlled bunker loosing only one Space Marine.

Vibius Gladius, Captain of the Second Company, Praetor of Extremis and Centurion of the Fortress-Monastery

Captain Vibius Gladius had been in service to the Night Reavers for two centuries upon his elevation to Captain of the Second Company. Upon his promotion he was granted the honour of Centurion of the Fortress-Monastery of the Night Reavers on Extremis. He was bestowed with command of the Fortress-Monastery and control over its defence, answerable only to the Chapter Master. After his actions in the first two Wars of the Extremis System, Vibius was granted the title of Praetor of Extremis, extending his command over the entire planet of Extremis. Vibius was gravely stricken when Extremis was consumed when he was absent from its defence and has blamed himself for its apparent destruction at the hands of Chaos. With the disappearance of Chapter Master Doran Bloodreaver, Vibius commands the remains of the Night Reavers Chapter and was able to evacuate the surviving citizens of Extremis to the Titus System. Since the consuming, Vibius has led the Night Reavers in actions against the Forces Chaos, using the Chapter's surviving Librarians to locate where a crucial enemy invasion or attack will strike next. Many Imperial planets have been saved due to the uncanny appearance of the Night Reavers at the crucial moment and position to strike at the enemy with lightning precision and leave the forces of the Imperium to mop up the uncoordinated remains. While Vibius grieves at the loss of every Night Reaver slain in battle, he calculates the consequences of war with a cold mind of steel and has become deeply reserved since the Consuming, communicating only with his Battle-Brothers, preferring to talk to those not of the Night Reavers only when absolutely necessary and usually through his other command elements.

Quintais Swordreaver, Last Champion of the Night Reavers, Honourable Ancient, Venerable Dreadnought, Grand Praetorian

Quintais Swordreaver was lauded for his ability in close combat for several centuries before his promotion to Champion of the Night Reavers. He had served in the Assault Squads of nearly all the Companies and had served in the 2nd Company for two centuries as its chief Assault Marine Sergeant. He was proclaimed Captain of the 3rd Company for a century before becoming Champion. He was commended for his skills with all close combat weapons, with his favourite weapon the power sword always by his side as well as his devotion to his chapter and the Emperor, possessed of a piety which earned him several requests to join the Reclusiam as a Chaplain. It is believed that Quintais was able to defeat Chapter Master Doran in single combat, a feat which the Chapter Master had not even accomplished. The title of Grand Praetorian was bestowed upon his advancement to Champion of the Night Reavers, meaning he was the Chapter Master's chief bodyguard and was responsible for the Chapter Master's protection both on Extremis and while at war. Following the First Battle of the Extremis System, due to his grievous wounds at the hands of the Daemon Prince Kriosos, Quintais was interred in a Venerable Dreadnought to continue his devotion to his Chapter. Quintais was attached to the 2nd Company at the time of the Consuming and as such survived the consumption of the Extremis System. Since then, he has served Vibius Gladius as advisor and Honourable Ancient.

Chaplain Tertius, Chaplain Maximus of the Night Reavers, Keeper of the Reclusiam, Terminator Honours

Before the Consuming, Chaplain Tertius was the highest ranking Chaplain of the Night Reavers chapter, entrusted with the artefacts of the Reclusiam and their protection, as well as Terminator Honours. After the Crusade of Absolution of the 3rd Company, Tertius was the only surviving member of the Company and was welcomed by Doran Bloodreaver when the Crusade was finished. For his actions during the Crusade he was awarded Terminator Honours and bestowed the title of Chaplain Maximus, making him the most senior Chaplain after the Chapter had been searching for a new Chaplain for several years. During the Consuming, Chaplain Tertius was ordered by Doran Bloodreaver to obtain as many artefacts as possible and evacuate them from the Fortress-Monastery. Along with Chaplain Rastor of the 7th Company, Tertius was able to escape from Extremis while it was consumed, boarding the last Space Marine vessel to evacuate the planet. Following the Consuming, Tertius, along with Chaplains Rastor and Zenophus of the 2nd Company, formed the Reclusiam Triumvirate, formed of the three only surviving Chaplains of the Chapter to protect the relics which had been saved. Chaplain Tertius himself saw about the execution of the majority of 3rd Company, a task which he undertook in deathly silence, never once uttering a word during the event and never speaking of it since.



It is rumoured that the Night Reavers are currently allied with a mysterious Eldar Craftworld in a mission deep into the Eye of Terror. While the rumours are yet to be confirmed, the Chapter has earned scorn from the Inquisition and actions against the Night Reavers have taken place, although hostilities have not yet erupted and the Chapter is not yet declared Renegade.


Forces of Chaos

The Night Reavers believe the Forces of Chaos to be their arch-enemy, and undertake any action possible to deny the Forces of Chaos their victories. Actions against the Forces of Chaos take precedence over any other. All surviving Night Reavers harbour a deep hatred of all things heretical since the Consuming, indeed, the surviving Chaplains preach the destruction of Chaos above loyalty to the Emperor, furthering distrust of the Chapter among other elements of the Imperium, especially the Inquisition. This recent doctrine has led the Night Reavers to actions considered less than holy by the rest of the Imperium.

Daemon Prince Kriosos

The Daemon Prince Kriosos is the most dire enemy of the Night Reavers, having been defeated by them on numerous occasions and causing endless strife for the Chapter. Kriosos was responsible for many actions against the Night Reavers and led the Forces of Chaos during the Wars for the Extremis System and the Consuming of the System. Kriosos has made it his personal goal to wipe out the Chapter, given his immortality by the Chaos Gods, he has the whole of eternity to see his goal achieved. Currently he strives for the head of Vibius Gladius and is closer to locating the Night Reavers than the Imperium and Inquisition are. The Daemon Prince surrounds himself with a host of Daemons granted to him by Khorne for his slaughter of the worlds of the Extremis System.