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"Our will is unbroken, our spirit is unbowed, death beckons but we shall endure!"
— Barus Kando, Chapter Master of the Night Griffons

The Night Griffons are a loyalist Codex-deviant chapter founded in the wake of the 13th Black Crusade as part of the Ultima Founding to bolster the front lines. Assigned the planet of Alteros Prime in the Alteros system of the Segmentum Obscurus after the Indomitus Crusade, the Night Griffons were tasked with being amongst the first primaris marine chapters to maintain a permanent presence within the Segmentum Obscurus to combat the forces of chaos. The Night Griffons Astartes are exceptionally resilient and are resolute to a fault due to their combined Imperial Fists and Salamanders lineage.

Chapter History

After the Indomitus Crusade, Guilliman ordered a large contingent of Primaris Salamander and Imperial Fists marines to establish permanent bases in the Segmentum Obscurus to help combat the daemon threat in the Dark Imperium. The Salamanders were to be reorganized into the Night Griffons and the Imperial Fists into the Golden Castellans.

The Great Crossing

Exploiting a passage near the Nachmund System through the Great Rift, the host of marines translated together to increase the chance of survival against daemonic incursions. However, an unknown failure in the command battle barge of the Night Griffons caused the ship to explode in the warp and began a chain reaction which brought down surrounding ships and disabled the Gellar Fields of many Golden Castellan ships. When the fleet arrived in real space, the Night Griffons had lost 6 companies and the Golden Castellans had lost 8 of their 10 companies.

Guilliman's Blessing

A distress signal sent by a Night Griffons' ship bound for Alteros Prime was received by the Adeptus Mechanicus soon after the Great Rift had split the Imperium in two, but this had not been brought to the attention of Guilliman until the waning years of the Indomitus Crusade. Seeing the tactical importance of a Primaris Chapter presence in the Segmentum Obscurus, he reassigned a force of Primaris Space Marines 400 strong to reinforce the Night Griffons with orders to use any means necessary to reach Alteros Prime. The Chapter Master Barus Kando mustered his troops in response to the fleet that had approached orbit of their homeworld but the keen eye of 2nd Company Captain Argos K'var observed that these were loyalist imperial reinforcements. The new brothers were welcomed with open arms and were absorbed to form the 6th and 7th companies. Of the 400 marines that departed, only 148 made it to their destination.

Alteros Prime

The homeworld of the Night Griffons is an ocean world dotted with small landmasses created by countless volcanoes that dot the entire planet. Many newly formed islands are uninhabitable due to the large amounts of sulfur left over from the volcanic eruptions and are usually too small to sustain even small communities. Therefore only the 4 oldest landmasses of the planet: K'var, Corcumvex, Gryfae and Caltos, are permanently inhabited.

The Talon

The Talon is the massive monastery-fortress of the Night Griffons, named after the volcano in which it sits on, built by the original 5 companies that arrived on their designated homeworld. The giant structure sits on the peak of the highest volcano on Alteros Prime and extends into the clouds where it is rumored by the populace that a giant stone griffon with blood red eyes stands sentinel over the entire planet scanning for heretics and potential recruits. At the bottom of The Talon lies the still active volcano of the same name which the Night Griffons harness the bubbling lava for fuel.

Notable Campaigns

The Extremis 'Crusade' (999.M41) When the great rift split the forces of the newly commissioned Night Griffon ships, the then captain of 3rd company Barus Kando urged the newly appointed Chapter Master Rex Mortugai to embark on a crusade of their own as a way cleanse the Segmentum Obscurus of Chaos and Xenos whilst proving their strength in arms to their primarch. The first target was the Venefricta sector inhabited by a small host of Orks stranded by a previous WAAAGH. Chapter Master Mortugai left behind the 4th Company behind on Alteros Prime both to finish construction of The Talon and act as a garrison. Expecting little resistance, the Chapter Master decided that an over strength force would quickly be able to conquer the sector. As the pacification of the sector came to a close, a dynasty of necrons attacked the unsuspecting companies, effectively splitting the 1st Company with the rest of the force and wiping the Chapter Master and the rest of his command squad out. As the most senior surviving member, Barus Kando rallied the surviving contingents of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd companies to form a defensive perimeter which allowed for the evacuation of most of remaining survivors. Most of the apothecaries opted to stay behind and stabilize the rest wounded for evacuation but an error in communication caused the fleet to commence orbital bombardment prematurely, wiping out the rest of the marines on the planet along with most of the chapter's apothecaries.

Chapter Organization

The Night Griffons are currently organized into 7 companies each charged with maintaining its own strength.

  • Chapter Master Barus Kando, Master of Alteros, Savior of the Trispear
  • 1st Company - The Sentinels
    • Captain Leximus Vogal, Master of the Watch
  • 2nd Company - The Indomitable
    • Captain Argos K'var, Lord Executioner
  • 3rd Company - The Stormbringers
    • Captain Luterius, Master of Rites, Strikemaster
  • 4th Company - The Builders
    • Captain Hol'sten Fen, Master of Skyfall
  • 5th Company - The Fleet
    • Admiral Jaycen Dieryl, Master of the Fleet
  • 6th Company - The Forgefathers
  • 7th Company - The

Chapter Recruitment

Chapter Gene-Seed

The Night Griffons' gene-seed is entirely consistent with their progenitors, the Salamanders. The gene-seed produces a full range of organ implants, and shows no signs or Chaotic contamination or mutation and the does not mutate to give the same black skin and red eyes that their progenitors possess. The Night Griffons currently have large reserves but a shortage of recruits.

Combat Doctrine

Keeping true to their progenitor's history, The Talon is a masterful structure said to be nigh impenetrable built with most finely tempered materials crafted by the chapter's greatest smiths and artisans. The Night Griffons have traditionally favor defensive tactics where they have firepower superiority thus maintain a large number of heavy vehicles and weapons. With the except of the 2nd Company, charges are only made as last ditch efforts to secure ground or buy time for their allies, so many Night Griffons that charge fight with exceptional ferocity as they are expected to sacrifice their lives so that a defensive perimeter may be set up. The 2nd Company of the Night Griffons are unique in their doctrine where they excel in attrition and infantry tactics. As a result, the company fields fewer vehicles and a larger number of infantry.

Chapter Beliefs

Notable Night Griffons

First Chapter Master Rex Mortugai -

Chapter Relics

Chapter Fleet

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Chapter Badge

The Night Griffons' Chapter badge is an ebon coloured stylised griffon passant, walking toward dexter (to the viewer's left) with the right forepaw raised and all others on the ground, centered a field of pure white.



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