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Nexetia (pronounced Nex-e-tee-a) - otherwise known as the Herald of Insanity - is on of the only known Daemon Princes that began their journey through the ranks of Chaos as a servant of a Tristitian. Once a psyker born to the low levels of a Hab-Block, she considered to be among some of the most powerful amongst those who entered the service of Tzeentch as a mortal.


Early History

She was once a low-born psyker in the filthiest darkness of a hab-block on an unnamed Hive World. Growing up in such an environment led to her holding resentment for the higher echelons of society as well as a strong desire to elevate herself above and beyond her desparate circumstances. In such an area of Hab-Blocks, this sentiment was not only shared but facilitated the common idea that the upper echelons were the true scum of the city, thus inspiring a unanimous hatred for them. Coupled hand in hand with this hatred was a loyalty to one another. As a result of this hatred and loyalty, she was well hidden by her family and neighbours and this was never discovered by those of the Black Ships.

As she grew into her teenage years, she realised exactly what she was and the limitations of her untrained , unfocused powers. Seeking to train and better herself as well as help her community, she started down a path that resulted in her devoting herself to the Trititians in what was later called the Undertaking of Madness - a process by which a person dedicates themselves wholly to the service of the Trititians in return for the greater gifts these entities could offer. Through methods unknown, the Tristitians slowly granted her a number of abilities and enhancements as well as teaching how how to use and focus her powers. As she surpassed the level of power one might expect of an Astartes Librarian, many others within the surrounding hab-blocks - both hidden psyker and destitute citizens alike - began flocking to her side, offering her and the Tristitians their love and worship.

With the number of people following her growing, the formation of Nexetia's Cult of Insanity - a type of cult relatively unique to Tristitian worshipers - she started an uprising in her city. With the psychic gifts granted to her as well as a number of other psykers who became her lieutenants, she raided military installations within the city, Adeptus Arbites stockpiles and stations, and key political centers. Within a the fortnight, the city had fallen - Nexetia's cultists armed with all the might of Arbites and Militarum personnel and her psyker lieutenants and commanders armed with gear typical of Sanctioned Psykers.

With the city conquered, Nexetia set off to start a civil war on a planetary scale, the now sizable horde of enthralled cultists under the command of the psychic ranks of the cult as well as Nexetia herself armed as well as any Astra Militarum Regiment ever could advancing forth towards the next closest Hive City. The siege lasted a lot longer than is typical, with other cities sending reinforcements only to be repelled by the psychic and [physical might of the commanders and their thralls respectively, the weapons and machines of war they also commanded giving them a further edge. But before long, the city fell, the remaining citizens and soldiers within the city either being killed, possessed Trisitians or Lesser Daemons, or enthralled by the cult's commanders. This pattern went on until the entire planet was under the control of the Trisitians, Nexetia, and her lieutenants.

The Corruption of a Sector

With the power to command what her loyalist forces as well as all the remaining military resources of the planet, she was now in a position to launch her outward conquest of the surrounding systems. By this point, she had already been granted substantial power by the Trisitians she worshiped. She also had substantial psychic control over legions of cultists and unwilling slaves. According to reports at the time that had escaped the planet, she towered over others as an Astartes might, had noticeable physical mutations beyond her size, and was incredibly powerful psychically. As a final note in almost all of these reports, there was an element of insanity that many only expected to see among the daemons and corrupted zealots she commanded - she was, in two words, incredibly unstable.

She went on to start her conquest the local sub-sector of space, with all that is known is that it was to the extreme galactic west beyond the Eye of Terror. The isolated nature of the sector and a lack of protection from all elite forces such as the Adeptus Astartes allowed Nexetia's advance to continue across the sub-sector system by system. With the conquest all but complete, she had truly become a Champion of Chaos. She then moved her sights onto a number of neighbouring sub-sectors, ordering her top lieutenants to launch massive splinter incursions with members and thralls of the cult. By this point, her Cult of Insanity was more of a horde than a cult with hundreds of thousands of souls either acting as thralls or commanders.

At this point of her conquests, she had attracted the attention of Tzeentch and granted the rank and benefits of the title 'Champion of Tzeentch'. Having so far proven herself useful and powerful, Tzeentch charged the Trisitians with protecting her as opposed to being her lords. This was less than ideal for the Trisitians since they could no longer bend her intentions to their will, but who were they to argue with a God?

With her newly grants position and powers, she went on to led the conquest of a further two sub-sectors. Seeing her achievements, ambition and potential for service, Tzeentch granted her the gift of becoming a Daemon Prince which inevitably meant shedding any loyalty she still felt for the Tristitians. With this, the Trisitians lost any remaining control they had over the army they had helped her build and lost any ability to influence or direct her in any way. The Tristians that corrupted her became incredibly wrathful, trying to re-establish their influence over Nexetia. The Tristitians which attempted to try to control a Daemon Prince saw the wrath of Tzeentch being brought to bear, their complete destruction being the inevitable conclusion.

Wrathful Intervention

Not long after her ascension to Daemon Princedom, the Wrath Hammers and the Inquisition were finally able to intervene. Because of her status as a Daemon Prince of Tzeench, it was incredibly difficult to get to her let alone defeat her. With potent Sorcerer Commanders and enthralled legions of cultists at her command, the final battle was bloody and extremely difficult, with many psychers from across the Imperial Forces suffering extreme psychic trauma or corruption.

Across the next few months, Nexetia's final battle raged across the lands, the seas, the skies, and the space around the planet. When the Imperial Forces finally carved their way to the Daemon Prince, the Inquisition and the Wrath Hammers made extreme efforts to banish her - something which they eventually achieved at great cost.

Since this conflict, she has only appeared in the Materium less than half a dozen times.

Notable Appearances

Rise of the Daemon [ < Late 3rd Century >.M34 ]

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The Agroomas Uprising [ 115.M42 -- 117.M42 ]

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