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Most Holy and Sublime Empire of the Itza

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The Most Holy and Sublime Empire of the Itza, often shortened to the Neo-Itza Empire is a small Zoragon stellar empire located on the fringes of the Segementum Obscurus. Isolated and xenophobic, the empire's expansionist policies have been a failure due to an ageing bureaucracy, outdated technology, an increasingly discontent population, a failing infrastructure and refusal to reform despite growing threats amassing both out and inside its boarders.

The Neo-Itza Empire was formed from the ruins of its predecessor the Most Holy and Peaceful Empire of the Itza, which collapsed in the 32nd millennium following the devastation inflicted upon it by the Dark Angels in the Great Crusade. Following this a group of Itza priests took over several of the former ruling tribes of the first empire creating the Rax'uil tribe. The priest who led the Rax'uil tribe created the Khabith which became the main religious authority of the Zoragons, before forging many alliances with other Zoragon tribes. As these alliances grew more powerful tribes signed the Kati'kti treaty which saw the creation of a confederation of tribes under the control of the Imperial Council, which comprised of the most powerful tribal leaders. The confederation was named the Most Holy and Sublime Empire of the Itza and was seen as the spiritual successor of the Itza Empire.

Since its creation the Neo-Itza Empire has sought to expand outside of Zoragon space, and has committed itself to modernising its technological capabilities. However the stagnant nature of the ruling regime coupled with separatism among certain tribes and constant fighting with forces more powerful then itself has led the Neo-Itza Empire onto the brink of collapse. Nevertheless the empire remains a thorn in the side of those who venture into its largely uncharted territory.


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