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The Mutators, formerly known as the Raduxans are a Renegade Chapter dedicated to Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways. They are a warband that favors the usage of heavy weaponry, and both suffers and benefits from a sheer amount of constantly-changing mutations and gifts, as a result, they field more Havocs and Chaos Spawns than usual.




Much of the information about the origins of the Raduxans is unknown. But it is known that they were stationed in subsector Raduxa and that they hailed from the homeworld of Raduxus IV. Their predecessor and gene-sire is unknown, but it is presumed to either be the Raven Guard due to their tendency to use Mark VI Corvus armor and helmets as well as the stealthier, lightning-like aspects of their tactics, or the Imperial Fists or Iron Hands due to their preference for besieging enemies with heavy weapons rather than close-assault.

The reason and date for their creation are also unknown, but it is believed to be because of a prediction by the Imperial Tarot and is either during the 10th, 11th or 12th Founding.

Dark Presence

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Culture and Beliefs





The Mutators normally employ the tactic of quickly and stealthily striking the enemy from various vulnerable points before returning into hiding, but prefer to employ long-ranged heavy weapons in this purpose rather than fast-attack assaults in close combat. However, should they find the need for close assault capabilities, then they employ their Chaos Spawns, Possessed Marines and cultist allies to tear the enemy force apart while their heavy weapons provide fire support. They also put Sorcerers and other Psykers to good use, seeing as how they're aligned with Tzeentch.

Should the Mutators find certainty in victory even without stealth, or believe that they are highly favored by Tzeentch in a battle, then they quickly discard almost any and all hiding positions and make a deadly blitzkrieg assault on the opposition with spawns, possessed and cultists while being backed by long-ranged fire from their heavy weapons, artillery and orbital bombardment.


Notable Individuals





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