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Mord is a troubled man.

Once a stern agent of the Imperium's will, the Inquisitor Mord was steadfast and capable. Long years spent in the most hellish corners of the galaxy wore him down however, sapping his willpower until he was an apathetic, shell-shocked wreck. It was in this state, performing a perfunctory investigation into the affairs of the Bagge Dynasty that he was discovered and co-opted by Douchard Bagge. The over-the-top Rogue Trader exposed the bitter inquisitor to an alternate lifestyle filled with self-indulgence and a complete disregard for anyone who could be crushed underfoot. In exchange for a life of ease and fun, Mord simply had to cover Douchard's antics up from other interested agencies within the Imperium. Like his patron, Mord thinks of the Ruinous Powers as a plainly, patently stupid thing. He thinks people only fall out of some deep hopelessness. Once he was all about stamping the taint of Chaos out whenever and wherever he found it. While he still does battle the Ruinous Powers, he now entertains the notion that people might be brought out of the gutter if given a chance, that they'll surely see what a stupid choice they've made and call out for help. It is perhaps a futile, dangerous hope, but Mord clings to it through the haze of hedonistic delights the Bagge Dynasty has made available to him. He also liaises between Douchard Bagge and the Order of the Red Arrow.


Mord invites traitors and heretics to inspect the end of his slug gun.


Inquisitor Mord has the usual assortment of skilled killers and specialists, though he was without a retinue for most of his career until his kind benefactor Douchard decided to provide Mord with a retinue to protect his investment and expand his reach. Feel Free to Add Your Own!

Sable Platoon

A band of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers gathered from all corners of the Imperium, these professional killers and trained psychopaths are by far some of the best gunhands money can buy, including:

Idran and Ivran Haket

A twin pair of deadly Nemiraian Guardsmen, Idran and Ivran are cold blooded killers to the core whose only loyalty is to the almighty Throne. (The currency) They have served Mord well in the past, and have earned the distinction of being his personal bodyguards. Idran's preferred weapon is his Contractor Shotgun, while his brother Ivran prefers the precision and killing power of Nemirai Pattern Lascarbine. Both of them are outfitted with carapace armor and a Nemiraian Gutting Knife.


Krunn is a deadly barbarian warrior of the Kograth Savage Guard, enslaved by his addiction to various combat drugs and a massive debt to Douchard Bagge. He was initially held by Douchard as a novelty, forced to fight in the Rouge Traders various arenas against xenos horrors and gladiatorial servitors. However, his obedience and sheer lethality later earned him a spot in Sable Squad. He has been genetically enhanced as per Mord's orders, and while he cannot best the likes of Space Marines, his raw power, plus the massive cocktail of stimulants he takes before battle, make him a very dangerous foe in hand to hand combat. Krunn's preferred weapons are his chainsword and a Bolter-Needle Pistol, and wears nothing but a pair of trousers and a utility belt to hold his various stimms and ammo.

Daw Ballard

Daw is a famous Ogryn gunslinger from the harsh world of Solomon's Folly, though he does not fit the stereotype that often comes with such a title. Daw was born a lowly laborer on a vast plantation to the southeast of the planets single major continent, and grew up serving by the worlds aristocratic elite. He grew to admire the style and persona of these people, and longed to reinvent himself as the kind of man that was exemplified by that culture, the gentleman duelist. At the age of fifteen, he ran away from his life of servitude, and has lived his dream ever since. Soon tales of an Ogryn wearing a fine crimson greatcoat and a bright green top hat, attempting to speak and act in the style of the gentry, and challenging various other gunslingers to duels became legends as Daw won duel after duel. (though weather his success was the result of skill or the size of his gun, no one can say for sure) Eventually, Daw Ballard's legend reached far beyond his homeworld and Douchard set out to hire this Ogryn, who was undoubtedly one of a kind, as a bodyguard. Though Daw is an Ogryn, and thus is far from a genius, he is quite intelligent for an Ogryn, capable of counting to seven and spelling his first name is cursive. Daw's preferred weapons are his massive Ogryn scaled cavalry saber and a Ogryn scaled Solomon Pattern Handcannon, which he lovingly calls, Dawlly. His handcannon is extremely ornate, being made of only the finest materials and bearing gold leafing on its pearl encrusted plates. Under his greatcoat and tie-vest combo is a thick vest of flak armor, he also wears and ornate targeting monocle.



"You needn't concern yourself with the fate of the relic, it's being examined by top men."
—After handing over a saint's reliquary to Douchard Bagge
"You needn't concern yourself with the fate of the tech-relic, it's being examined by top men."
—Using the same old chestnut after handing over a piece of archeotech to the Order of the Red Arrow.
"Perhaps when you have spent three nights in the Nightmare Distillery of the 'Glorious Martyred Prince', or when you've had the razors of Geshtu Mammetun in your spine, or when you've discovered a Genestealer Cult operating a maternity ward; when you have no Deathwatch Team, no retinue, and it falls on you to clean it out with a flamer...maybe when you've done any of these things I will stand here and let you sit in judgement of me."
—Mord during an exchange with Sir Jacob of Raline on Kaderak


"Good help is hard to find; so when you do find it, you invest in it's well being."
Douchard Bagge
"Take terror to wife, slave that thou art/Behold the trillion, trillion blazing splendors of the Atrocity Garden/Know the Supreme Narrative: All materium boils forth from the Twisted Tree, and every star a nightmare born of sin! Of the Tree He makes a quill, He pens redemption. Each and every name He shall strike out is Sin made Silence/Foundation of the Ideal World!"
Ashur-El's torturers rave at the captured Mord, revealing (alleged) secrets of the universe.
"Inform your...'benefactor' of our terms, weapons and ships, for the lives of a few nosy officials."
—Unkown Operative of the Order of the Red Arrow sealing a deal with Mord
" Inquisitor von Totenkinder, I'll be brutally honest with you, I know full well where your real loyalties lie, and it certainly isn't with the Inquisition. I know that you serve that obnoxious Rogue Trader Douchard Bagge, and that he in turn provides you with all the scandalous "entertainment" that you so enjoy. But.... I'm not going to anything about it, because you are a pitiful wreck of a man serving an even greater wreck of a man, a quite frankly you aren't worth my time. Good day."
Greyon Autaris, in conversation with Mord
"The boss wants a word with you, and since you haven't been particularly forthcoming, were here to 'persuade' you." "Any body parts you're particularly fond of?


—Idran and Ivran Haket interrogating a heretic on Mord's behalf
"I don't think that Boe von Totes is entertaining at alls...could we like replace him with something entertaining or like break him?"
Ran Ar-ghu
"The worst case of burnout I've ever seen. "
—Roi Dakaur[src]
"y'know before Mord started working for ol' Baggey he was coming to my dealers every day for little "zing". Glad to see you've straightened out Mordy "
Radriar Drazin
"In conclusion it is my judgement that subject Totenkinder is motivated by the pursuit of pleasure, not power and his alliance with Rogue Trader Bagge poses no threat to the stability of the Imperium as the latter's motivation is purely that of profit."
—Astral Agent 9942's report on Morde von Totenkinder.[src]
"You've fallen far Mord. Try not to fall further, or I will find you."
—Inquisitor Jacob Flux
"I ain't done nuffin, ya nonce. Now scram, 'afore I do."
Weasel, while Mord was investigating Douchard's missing shipments on Raisa
"Too bad, Mord. You are a member of the high echelons of the Imperium, sworn to defend and uphold the law of our Emperor. You have no right to sit there and complain like a sniveling bitch for the things you've had to do. Do you know what others have had to go through in this hell called life? Do you know what I've had to go through? Do you know what its like having to constantly watch your back because the knights who swore to protect you see you as an outsider, a traitor even, because you weren't born to the right family? Maybe I've never seen a Gene-Stealer cult operate in a maternity ward, but I have seen and done things that would make you put that slug gun of yours to your head long ago. So unless you straighten your act, Inquisitor, you most certainly will bear my judgement."
—Sir Jacob of Raline puts the fear of the Emperor in Mord
"Do you think you are powerful because you wiped out one incompetent brood of our children, Mord? Foolish as they were, you will pay primate, for daring to lay a finger on your betters. When we burn your children alive, you will know how it feels."
—Unknown letter, strongly suspected to be a Genestealer cultist of La Familia Morvoglio