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"Look at those insects squirm! They are not fit to breed, nor are they fit to fight! Exterminate the lot of them, my brothers! Show them what true fury is!"
Akakios Zervas

The Massacre of Qenia, also referred to as the Qenian Genocide, was the result of a Chaos incursion within the Sephadollion Sector of the Segmentum Ultima. The populace of Qenia was utterly exterminated, save for a few legions of mindless madmen, leaving the planet ridden with the stench and filth of Chaos for many years to pass. The perpetrator of this infamous minor crusade was the callous Champion of Chaos, Akakios Zervas, whom originally participated in the Battle of Terra thousands of years earlier. Eventually, the once peaceful agricultural planet was consumed by the wrath and invocations of Khorne and his minions, despite their feeble attempts at retaliation. Qenia remained this way for many years upon years, with no hope of liberation or cleansing.


Exodus from the Warp

"It seems that the Archenemy has arrived at our doorstep gentlemen. Given their namesakes and their survivability for this long, I may only wish you luck and protection from the Emperor. It has been an honor serving with all of you."
—Imperial Captain giving a speech before the oncoming onslaught

During the early 34th Millennia, shortly after 4th Black Crusade in the Sephadollion Sector of the Segmentum Ultima, a strange anomaly appeared inside of the Materium above the agricultural planet of Qenia. The strange distortion in the void was acquired by the scanners of the Imperial Planetary Defense Force stationed above the skies of Qenia. However, the attendants of the vessels passed it off as a simple misreading and continued about their duties. That lone decision was a fatal flaw in Imperial judgement, for after many hours the anomaly began to fluctuate violently, seemingly ripping the very fibres of the Materium; with it came a shock wave towards the Imperial Navy ships commissioned above the pathetic world. The wave of harsh Immaterium energy shook the Imperial machines as well as the living beings protected within. As if to respond to their deep seated fears of the Immaterium, two ominous crimson crafts glided out of the portal. Their magnificently crude bulks sailing against the Materium, giving a sense of foreboding to all aboard the significantly smaller Imperial ships.

Unfortunately, the communication arrays of the Imperial crafts were being jammed by an unknown force. So, naturally, the inhabitants or protectors of the sector could not be informed of the oncoming threat. As for the two hulking masses of metal that drifted eerily towards the planet, they seemingly were inactive, yet teeming with life. Alongside the hull of one massive void-farer there existed a name in large bold lettering. Such a name alone terrified the very beings of the people of the Imperium of Man, the unknown ship's name was, Wrath of Angron. In an almost ironical way of mimicry, came along the second ship, whom donned upon its plating the name, Fury of Angron. Both namesakes were fright inducing in their own right, however, there was something unexpected about the ships. They had successfully exited the Immaterium, yet they had not ravaged the entire Imperial stationary attachment at first sight. Despite that delay, the current situation of calm soon was eradicated by the hail of brilliant chaotic light, illuminating from the opposing treacherous ships. Thus, starting a form of void warfare above the humble planet of Qenia.

Conflict of the Heavens

"Brothers, you fought well and allowed us to drive the enemies of Chaos back into the shadows. Surely, Angron and the Blood God smile upon your efforts this day. However, I ask you to return to the Eye of Terror for repairs. We will continue this battle in your stead."
Akakios Zervas to the crew aboard the damaged ship, Fury of Angron

The Materium irradiated with flashes of fantastical light from the maws of thirsting ordinance devices, their silent screams sounding off to only those that fired them. The horrifying machines of the World Eaters continuously hammered away at the hulls of the lesser Imperial ships; causing many of them to fall away from the battle in a frenzied retreat. However, the ones that persevered greatly defended themselves against the relentless vessels of Chaos, giving the traitors no chances for entry. Despite their valiant defense of the feeble world of Qenia, several of the remaining Imperial ships violently imploded from the levels of damage sustained from the Immaterium powered weapons of the World Eaters. As the hulls of the defenders ruptured, they released soundless cries of strain and destruction. The struggle was surely becoming futile for those whom refused to leave their posts as the Forces of Chaos advanced with mindless zeal.

Eventually, the battle evolved into mindless ruination as fleeing Imperial ships were simply eradicated by the superior firepower of the two archaic war machines that approached menacingly. However, as the mighty and brutal conflict was drawing to a close, the ship Fury of Angron was severely impaired by the combined fire of the few ships that survived the onslaught. Thus, they were forced to withdraw and return into the Immaterium for repairs and medical attention to the barbarous crew within. They did not do this willingly, for had it not been the word of their chosen leader, they would have endured to the bitter end. After the retirement of its twin barge, the Wrath of Angron enacted one final push against the determined forces of the Imperium of Man. While doing this seemingly suicidal rush, they launched several boarding devices towards the remaining crafts of the Imperials under the cloak of suppression. Ultimately, the treacherous puppets of Chaos overpowered the final lonesome defenders of Qenia, corrupting their ships from the inside and taking them for Chaos. Soon the delicate planet of Qenia would be subject to the whims of the Chaos Gods and their minions.

Burning of the Populace

"What are those monsters?! Quickly, find some shelter before they get over here! Run! Run or be mauled by those inhuman things!"
—Unknown Citizen of Qenia

After demolishing the small protectorate of Qenia, the singular ship of Khorne began preparing for total war against the denizens of the massive Agri-World. The preparation was long and tedious, but eventually the allotted time had concluded and the invasion of Qenia had commenced. However, the thirsting warriors within the behemoth of a ship ached for bloodshed and combat. So, naturally, they eagerly boarded the transports that would guide them into the planet’s atmosphere and onto the soil of a soon to be reaped world. Once the insidious birds of Chaos navigated their way through the calm skies of Qenia, they touched down in a field of vegetation; crushing most of it frantically underfoot in a battle rage. Now that the ruinous brothers had been unleashed upon the world, there was little that could be invoked to stop them.

The once peaceful and calm fields and meadows of Qenia now smoldered with more than just flames. They now simmered with the artificially enhanced fury and barbarous war cries emanating from hundreds of Khornate thralls, their hunger for war unquenchable. Many citizens and laborers of Qenia were sacrificed to Khorne one after another, entire families murdered within burning homesteads. The forces of the warmongering berserkers marched tirelessly across nations, ravaging them and their inhabitants and painting a swathe of blood. Amongst the butchery the Champion of Chaos, Akakios Zervas, reigned supreme in his strategic skills and selfless dedication to his patron god. He did so with the true essence of a warrior-king, commanding his frenetic troops with pristine skill. Eventually, his battalion-esque wave met those of the nobles, whom were tasked with the defense of the royal strongholds.

Emergence of Lunacy

"Look at those archaic weapons they wield! They are nothing against our might and iron resolve! Sacrifice their souls to Chaos and their blood and bones to Khorne!"
Akakios Zervas to his troops

Once the malignant Forces of Chaos subdued the laborers of the agricultural districts of Qenia, they moved onward to consume the active protectors of the planet. After this mindless march was enacted the illusive warband managed to increase their numbers by millions. Many of these numbers were fabricated solely of maddened and corrupted citizens of Qenia, along with fragmentations of local Qenian Military personnel. Such pathetic slavering slaves became this way through the ominous whispers and murmurs of Daemons and Immaterium entities, their fragile minds now subject to the whims of the Ruinous Powers. However, despite this seemingly animalistic change in mental attitude, they followed the Champion of Chaos’ orders and commands like puppets. The accreditations of these abilities to command those belonging to the mentally unstable comes almost entirely from the warband leader’s patron god, Khorne. Finally, amongst the cries for blood from lesser creatures, the warband of Chaos encountered the militants of Qenia.

Once the two belligerents came against each other, it ushered an age of chaotic one-sided slaughter. Mostly because the black powder weapons of Qenia were simply archaic in comparison to the warped weapons of the Legiones Astartes. Haughtily dressed commandants and their weathered underlings were overwhelmed by the tide of screaming thralls, their own howls of pain nonexistent over the drone of repetitive chanting. These combatants of Qenia were driven across entire nations in a seemingly endless campaign formulated by the esteemed Champion of Chaos, Akakios Zervas. However, things radically changed as the days passed and the fighting became more barbaric. Soon the militants began turning on their former masters and mistresses, driven to lunacy from the sheer persuasions of the Ruinous Powers and the imminent death amplifying around them. The entirety of fortresses fell under the whims of Khorne and his waves of devotees, all once the assimilation of the local troops into the union of murder commenced. Ultimately, after months of intense war and complete butchery, Qenia was completely subjugated by the persuasive and corruptive Forces of Chaos.

Summoning of Nightmares

Deterioration of Vigilance