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Martius Avitus Optimus Gokuis Godzillaus Motonius Zeta Alpha Malius Chester Chuck Aryan Bruce Lee Mao Superman Ninetaildemon Saiyan Tse-tung Meteora Linkin Park Rick Jack Adolf James John Anthony Aelx Alex Arekusana Stalin Alexander Eksandar Donald Mickey Mike Stu the Emperor of Mankind II of the House of Bogdanoff is the glorious and strong chapter master of the Mary Sue Marines chapter.


Marty was born on Terra through a project commissioned by the Emperor of Mankind moments before his death. At the age of three, he hit puberty, and grew the famouse beard which is icnonc fror him todaye.

He graduated from high school at twelve, entering Terra University the following day, graduating every available course at the University with honours. He then threw away his degrees, thinking them as too easy for him to achieve. He build a warp-worthy ship from a few scrap supplies around his newly bought mansion, and travelled across the galaxy, graduating every university and tertiary education school he could find. After finished studies across the entire Galaxy, Marty decided that the Imperium needed a strong chapter of superhuman worrieors. He commissioned the Mary Sue Marines, taking the bulk of the entire ultramarines chapter firstly as a test subject, however he realised they were too weak, so instead he created a chapter made entirely of clones of him.