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"I shall deliver unto you your due mercy. Fear not my child, your soul shall be free from the horrors of this realm; released into my lands of the tears of the sorrowful."

Marixunol (pronounced Mar-ix-une-ole) is the culmination of the want for mercy, the need for empathy, and to a smaller extent sadness. They are a fledgling chaos god and are considered to be not wholly evil but they are not entirely free from committing nefarious deeds. Many call to him from all walks of life such as those dying on the field of battle or even those suffering from the misery of wealth. He views everyone with nothing but sympathy regarding all their claims with the utmost importance.

While he may seem benevolent for his propensity for being empathetic he oft responds unknowingly with something twisted and cruel. If one were to gripe about their wounds and cry out for mercy he would simply kill them to end their suffering despite the fact he could just as easily heal them. Marixunol holds the firm belief that the material realm is agonizing for all sentient life and tries to claim all potential souls that he can so they walk in his Land of Tears.

He has few followers however as he holds great distaste for combat and thus doesn't offer boons to warriors who call upon him (other than the mercy of death). The number associated with him is 5 and his representative colors are light grey and pale blue. His symbol is a weeping face.

There are many names for him other than his proper title but the more notorious names are The Bearer of Mercy and He Who Weeps.


He appears as a aged human male with gray hair wearing tattered armor from an age long forgotten. Often seen with a glum look his voice is soft but firm. For an unknown reason he often wears keys and clocks all around his waste and neck. Every known report of sightings of this warp entity claim he never bears weapons or wields a fist.



Tall and lithe humanoids who constantly weep and wail as though in great torment. They aren't particularly physically impressive but they do have the ability to weaken the morale of combatants with their presence alone to the point where given enough exposure the enemy may very well take their own lives. If the tears of a Weeper land on someone unlucky enough they will begin to sob uncontrollably and after several painful hours shift into another Weeper.

They are not often seen as they have only been in the material realm on extremely rare occasions. This is not the same in the Land of Tears however as they are the most common daemon in Marixunol's realm.

Cult of Tears

Marixunol's mortal followers are few in number and for a rather simple reason. His followers will share the belief that the physical realm with all its misery and woe is simply unbearable so they readily except their god's embrace in death. While many who worship him will end their lives almost instantly after swaying to his rhetoric those "fortunate" enough to become Harbingers of Mercy (glorified cult leaders) are instructed to seek out more wayward souls to bring to the light of Marixunol's peace.

Harbingers will set out into their communities and with the guidance of their benevolent lord will recruit as many people as they can reach. After convincing a sizable amount of people to join the cause the Harbinger will gather his flock when the pale light of the stars shine just right as Marixunol stares from the heavens. In a orderly fashion the entirety of the group shall approach their Harbinger who will proceed to stab them each with a specially crafted blade. The wounded will kneel before the a cauldron and let out their final tears as a tribute to their patron god. Once everyone has given themselves to the Bearer of Mercy the Harbinger will turn the blade to himself and join his liege in death.

Those who gave themselves in the ceremony unknowingly surrendered themselves wholly to Marixunol and cease to exist even as spirits. With his followers' souls freely given unto him Marixunol grows stronger with each passing day. As to those who merely eliminate themselves they typically end up as Weepers or some sort of twisted feral beast in the Land of Tears.



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"A god of suicide? He must be popular in this day and age. Perhaps I should seek him out myself..."
—Inquisitor Jacob Flux

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