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"I've seen things you wouldn't believe - entire worlds in flames, chains of supernovas on the edge of nothingness, the great hole in space. I am changed, an outcast now...." - Commander O'Shova - Personal Recordings


Eighth Century, M35

Dating Code - Events

789.M35 - Land's Vision

  • The Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator vessel Land's Vision makes the first discovery of primitive Tau. - [Tau]


Eighth Century, M36

Dating Code - Events

791.M36 - End of the Mont'au

  • Strange lights are seen and the Ethereals arrive.- [Tau]

The First Sphere Expansion (502.M37-956.M38)


"Our conquest is inevitable, our ascension a matter of time. Let none who are wise deny our destiny." - Aun'Va, Ethereal Supreme


Sixth Century, M37

Dating Code - Events

502.M36-956.M38 - The Great Expansion

  • A time of great scientific and cultural evolution, during which the Tau advance into space, colonising planets as far as their conventionally fuelled spacecraft will take them.- [Tau]

533.M36 - First Colony

  • The Tau colonise their largest moon, Lu'val; this is their first off-world holding.[Tau]

Ninth Century, M37

Dating Code - Events

893.M36 - Welcome Additions

  • The Poctroon become the first sentient race to join the Tau Empire, although within a few generations, disease destroys their indigenous population. The Tau, whose physiology is fortunately immune to the plague, inherit the Poctroon homeworld, turning it into the prime world of what will become Bork'an Sept. The Nicassar become the first race to join the Tau Empire and survive long enough to tell about it.- [Tau]


Seventh Century, M38

Dating Code - Events

606.M38-792.M38 - Campaign of Cleansing

  • The first prolonged campaign against the Orks. The Tau suffer many defeats but are ultimately able to eradicate the greenskins, thanks in part to the Earth caste refinement of the first pulse rifle. Dal'yth Sept is founded.- [Tau]

Ninth Century, M38

Dating Code - Events

844.M38 - The Union of Tau and Kroot

  • In order to combat Orks, the fortunate alliance between Tau and Kroot is established. Within a decade, the Water caste has established embassies upon Pech, the capital world of the Kroot realm.- [Tau]

The Second Sphere Expansion (018.M39-742.M41)

Tau fire warriors kroot

"When to stay back and command and when to lead from the front, at the highest levels, these are things a leader cannot be taught, but each must find his own way. In the end, the final arbiter is victory. Yet I stress, to triumph with the least amount of risk must always be the goal." - Commander Puretide


First Century, M39

Dating Code - Events

018.M39 - Second Sphere Expansion

  • The Ethereal Supreme, Aun'Wei of the Whispered Wisdom, gives the signal to begin the long-planned Second Sphere Expansion. Aun'Wei's famous speech is well remembered, ending with 'the nod that launched a million ships'. With new advances in propulsion technology and an already established space empire, the second expansion is marked by more contact with aliens and larger wars.- [Tau]

053.M39 - A New Ally

  • The planet Vespid is absorbed into the D'yanoi Sept. They had long been courted by the Water caste - but little was established save for crystal trade agreements. Within days of Ethereals' involvement, the Vespid Strain leaders convert wholeheartedly to the cause of the Greater Good.- [Tau]

Fourth Century, M39

Dating Code - Events

383.M39 - N'dras Colonised

  • Despite Earth caste reservations, from those who want to study inexplicable sensor readings, the planet N'dras is chosen by the Ethereal Council as the prime world of a new sept.- [Tau]

Sixth Century, M39

Dating Code - Events

576.M39 - Steady Advancement

  • Improvements to anti-grav motors and new battlesuit technology (the T-series prototypes) help the Fire caste complete the annexation of Tash'var Sept.- [Tau]

Ninth Century, M39

Dating Code - Events

876.M39 - Mistaken Identity

  • War is declared upon the cruel raiders victimizing the new colonies of Ke'lshan. Believing they have tracked their foes down, the Tau instead destroy the Eldar maiden world of Lilarsus. Future relationships continue to be strained.- [Tau]


Seventh Century, M40

Dating Code - Events

600.M40 - Vior'la Triumphant

  • A massive Ork fleet invades Vior'la Sept but is defeated by a masterful campaign. Vior'la annually passes through a gap between its two stars, a time called the Trial by Fire. It causes deadly plasma storms to ravage the planet, whose inhabitants survive by closing protective domes around their cities. Ork Warlord Garskrak and his invading army are lured into this deadly storm where they are utterly destroyed by the raging plasma radiation.- [Tau]

Ninth Century, M40

Dating Code - Events

841.M40 - Hwo'kye Sept Established

896.M40 - Mass Migration

  • The greatest Water caste envoy, Por'O Dal'yth Kais Twi Lui'tan, better known as the Golden Ambassador, leads the effort to recruit alien worlds into the Tau Empire. During this period the Thraxians, Greet, and Formosians are welcomed into the fold. The Hrud and Arachen reject the proposals and are driven out of the region.- [Tau]

10th Century, M40

Dating Code – Events

973.M40-982.M40 - Beyond the Rift

  • Tau Exploration Fleets operating beyond the Perdus Rift discover a lush, beautiful world close to the territory of their long time allies, the Kroot. When attempting to colonise the planet, the Tau realise that the Orks hold dominion over this region and extensive efforts begin to remove their long-sworn enemies and take the planet for their own. Deploying the massed ranks of the Dal'yth Fire caste, the Tau Empire begins a systematic extermination of the greenskins, the assault force outfitted with all manner of new, experimental technology to give them the edge.

982.M40 - Tiro'fal Sept Founding

  • After a lengthy war lasting several years, the Tau Empire are pleased to see the day they can at last announce the founding of a Sept beyond the Perdus Rift - a beachhead into the larger galaxy. In the following years the sept quickly establishes itself as strong warriors with creative minds, being quick to work around obstacles, if by means other septs may consider odd.


First Century, M41

Dating Code - Events

011.M41 - Fan'tome Sept Established

Seventh Century, M41

Dating Code - Events

651.M40 - A Legend is Born

  • The birth of Commander Puretide, the pride of the Dal'yth Sept. His brilliant campaigns later conquer half a dozen star systems. Under his authority, the Tau envelop those who can be embraced, seize what can be conquered and obliterate those who defy the Greater Good.- [Tau]

Eighth Century, M41

Dating Code - Events

701.M41 - Operation Vral'y'he

  • A lush, rain-ridden world named Gai'kal' is colonised by Hwo'kye Sept and Tash'var Forces with the intentions for it to shoulder potential collateral damage in the ensuing conflict against an encroaching Alien fleet. Operation Vral'y'he commences, with intentions to destroy, slow down or redirect a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Erebus. The operation fails, resulting in a near Tau defeat and heavy casualties on both sides.

702.M41 - Fall of Hwo'kye

  • The Hwo'kye Sept falls to Hive Fleet Erebus. Left with no choice but to either assimilate into other septs or start afresh, the remaining population of Hwo'kye stationed on Gai'kal go on to become part of the seeding population for the newly founded Gai'kal Sept.

728.M41 - Va Lhyo'au

  • The Gai'kal Sept contracts strain of the Rust virus and is segregated from Tau Empire. Va Lhyo'au, the Great Isolation, commences.

731.M40 - The Once and Future Master

  • The elderly Commander Puretide is urged to view the new colonies across the Damocles Gulf before retiring. While inspecting a colony, Puretide is wounded during a raid. Unable to walk again, the most revered of military leaders spends his remaining years atop Mount Kan'ji, on Dal'yth, where he is kept alive for many more decades. Only those who attain perfect scores at the Fire caste academies are sent to sit at Puretide's hover-throne and learn his wisdom. Thanks to Earth caste holographic technology, this tradition is still maintained, although few students are deemed worthy of receiving this high honour.- [Tau]

733.M40 - The Arkunasha War

  • A decade-long war in which a populous Tau colony is besieged by Orks. It is especially notable for the rise of the brilliant Puretide protégé named Commander Farsight.- [Tau]

742.M40 - The Damocles Crusade

  • The Tau Empire comes under attack by an armada of the Imperium's warships on a crusade to reclaim their long-neglected territory. It is a bloody campaign, which is finally stymied at Dal'yth Prime. The retreat of Imperial forces marks the end of the Second Sphere Expansion.- [Tau]

The Interim Between Spheres (742.M41-997.M41)


"There are certain things in war, of which the Fire caste Commander alone comprehends the importance. It is not his right, but rather his responsibility, to send thousands to their deaths if millions will prevail. That is the heaviest burden of command, and it must be shouldered, alone." - Commander Puretide - The Ninety-ninth Meditation on the Way of the Commander.


Eighth Century, M41

Dating Code - Events

745.M41 - The Stasis Chamber

  • Aun'Va makes the decision to place the favoured pupils of the rapidly declining Commander Puretide into stasis using prototype technology being developed for deep space travel - This allows O'Shaserra and a few select other to be recalled at later need. - [Tau]

760.M41 - Rogue Commander

  • Following the Damocles Crusade, Commander Farsight recaptures much of the lost territory. However, the famed Commander defies orders to return, instead establishing a string of fortified planets known as the Farsight Enclaves. - [Tau]

Ninth Century, M41

Dating Code - Events

813.M41 - Cano'var Destroyed

  • The Tau world of Cano'var is overwhelmed. Transmissions show robotic creatures using unidentified energy weapons. - [Tau]

815.M41 - Ally Unlooked For

  • An Ork invasion under Warlord Grog advances into the Tau Empire. The populated Tau world of Atari Vo bears the brunt of the attack before finally being defeated by the combined forces of Dal'yth Sept and an unlikely ally - Commander Farsight and his bodyguard Cadre. - [Tau]

850.M41 - The Tyrant, Kai'ba

  • The Gai'kal Ethereal Kai'ba ascends to the position of Aun'O through a victorious trial by fire, unmatched by all who choose to oppose her. The newly christened Aun'O Kai'ba subsequently consolidates power through suppressing all ethereal criticisms, expanding the functions of her role to grant herself authoritative and totalitarian powers beyond all historical measure. By mid 850.M41, Aun'O Kai'ba becomee the unchallenged autocrat of the Gai'kal Sept, a tyrant whose reign becomes marked with ceaseless class conflict and economic and cultural devastation.

880.M41 - A Splinter's Return

  • Lost and disorientated in Tau Space after long losing contact with the primary fleet, a small splinter of Erebus finds itself once again attracted to the Gai'kal system, driven by an instinctive air of retribution as the stars and orbiting bodies seen and felt by psychic tendrils seem all too familiar.

884.M41 - Sparks of Resistance

  • Hive Fleet Erebus retreats from Gai'kal after four years of bloody, devastating conflict. The Gai'kal Sept is left ruined, with losses sustained by the Tau inhabitants estimated around roughly 32% of its entire population. The population is decimated, and hostilities grow within the non-ethereal population to unsustainable heights as anti-Ethereal sentiments spread through the population like wildfire, eventually resulting in what would be known as the Three Castes Revolution. However, the revolution fails.

890.M41 - The Four Castes Revolution

  • The Four Castes Revolution begins, with the hostile Tau segments of the Gai'kal Sept aided by a class conscious Fire Caste.

897.M41 - Coup d'etat

  • The suicide of Aun'O Kai'ba opens the window for a Fire Caste coup d'etat of the Gai'kal Ethereal Caste Palace. All Ethereal state apparatus is destroyed, and Gai'kal is refounded as a fully democratic Sept. Due to the Sept's naïvety, it willingly reunites with the greater Tau Empire, however manages to enjoy one hundred years of rebuilding.

897.M41-903.M41 - A New Menace

  • Tyranid Hive Fleet gorgon smashes into the fringe of the Tau Empire and claws inwards before being ultimately defeated upon the sept world of Ke'lshan with the help of unlikely allies in the form of a fleet of ships from the Imperium of Mankind. - [Tau]
  • In the initial conflicts on Sha'draig the Tyranids prove far more adaptable than predicted and push back the Tau forces continuously, a grinding stalemate occurring as the two races adapt their tactics and weapons for one another until 901.M41 when Supreme Admiral Kor'O'Vanan orders a full retreat from the planet. With their forces severely depleted, the Tiro'fal Sept limps back to their Prime world to rearm and receive additional reinforcements.
  • By the time the Sept is prepared the Tyranid fleet has advanced into the Tau Empire, and the Tiro'fal Fire and Air castes quickly race to the Ke'lshan Prime World where the monsters have reappeared. Deploying as many forces as they can, the Sept lends whatever aid it can to the valiant defenders with strategically placed hit and run tactics to offer the lighter infantry forces some reprieve. With the combined force of the Tau Empire and the might of the Imperium, the Tyranids eventually fall.

Tenth Century, M41

Dating Code - Events

Circa 950.M41 - Lark'Ta Sept Founding

  • The Lark'Ta Sept is founded during this time. It quickly becomes known as an eager, active sept, though early in their history they leave the main Tau Empire and join the Farsight Enclaves.

953.M41 - Arrival In The Virgonus Sub-Sector

  • Shas'O Kais of the Fal'Shia Sept is leading a small exploration fleet when a Warp storm appears and sucks his ships in. The fleet is deposited in an uncharted area of space, unable to return to the Tau Empire within reasonable time. Landing on a nearby planet, they found the "Vor'Shua" Sept, meaning "Great Travels" in language of the Tau.

958.M41 - Mir'si's Peace

  • After overseeing many important events in the history of the Gai'kal Sept, including the Four Castes Revolution, the dissolution of the Hwa'ran dynasty and the reformation of the Gai'kal Sept, Aun'vre Mir'si dies in 958.M41 at the impressive Tau age of 91 terran years. He is remembered by the Gai'kal Sept as a hero, and to the statistical majority of the Gai'kal inhabitants, the core liberator of its people.

956.M41 - The First Nen'la

  • The first prototype vessel of the Tau-designed Nen'la-class Stealth Ships, the M'yen Shi, is successfully completed. It goes on to see action during the Battle of Pallas lll.

973.M41 - The Upsurge

  • The Tau of the Gai'kal Sept successfully create the XV8-10 Upsurge Battlesuit during the Va Lyo'au, or Great Isolation. The battlesuit is heavily armoured and comes equipped with high output twin-linked heavy weaponry such as the twin-linked Tau plasma rifle, though is so cumbersome that it does not last long when introduced to the greater Tau empire.

975.M41 - Great War of Confederation

  • Many septs, led by Vior'la, combine to hold off the single largest Ork Waaagh! to have penetrated the Tau Empire. This campaign is also notable for the brilliant tactics and battle record of a shas'o recently awoken from stasis, who there earns the name Shadowsun. - [Tau]

983.M41 - The Icandrius Campaign

  • The Vo'ghan Sept is deployed to the Imperial world of Icandrius as part of a task force to defeat the Imperial forces. As the initial shock troops, the Sept's Fire caste descends on the Imperial strongholds and begins harassing their positions. Imperial Guard reinforcements manage to make planetfall despite the efforts of the Air Caste however and are able to entrench themselves. When Space Marines arrive to lend their support to the battle, the Tau are quickly driven off of Icandrius.

988.M41 - Project Knifewind

  • Tau scientists wish to study Tyranid specimens to better understand and defeat the oncoming Hive Fleets. A research facility on Vo'ghan Prime is established for this purpose, where carcasses and live restrained Tyranids are brought to be studied. A series of sabotages, lab accidents and mysterious deaths make the Vo'ghan leadership wonder if there is an Imperial spy trying to undermine their research efforts. It soon becomes apparent that, after many surveillance measures are put into place, that there are mutated Human and Tau personnel acting against the research project.
  • The Vo'ghan Commander mobilizes the Fire caste to find these mutants and discover a large brood of Genestealers in the Underhives. The ensuing battle plunges the world in chaos, but the defenders of the Greater Good utilise the knowledge gleamed from the research project and put it to great use. They manage to hold out until reinforcements are able from a neighbouring Sept.

989.M41 - Lagan System

  • Decades of Water caste works has converted many human worlds in the Lagan System. With the help of Expeditionary Cadres, the star system is graded a class 1 colony, moving steadily towards becoming a fully fledged sept. However, all this preparation comes to naught as the sector becomes a war zone, targeted for xenos cleansing by the Ultramarines Space Marines Chapter. Many colonists are slain. - [Tau]

992.M41-993.M41 - The Conquest of Di'Shan

  • Believing the Silver Chains Space Marine Chapter have landed on the Imperial world of Gareth, the Vo'ghan Sept deploy a pursuit fleet to track down and defeat the Space Marines, hopefully rescuing any Earth caste personnel in their custody. The fleet is stalled by Imperial reinforcements and is forced to fight on Gareth until reinforcements arrive. After roughly a year, the planet falls to the Tau Empire and is renamed Di'Shan, while the Vo'ghan force returns to their world to prepare for the next attempt at recovering their people.

993.M41 - The Nimbosa Annexation

  • Commander Brightsword, a student of Farsight's way of war, leads an attack to claim the Imperial world of Nimbosa. By the time the Imperium brings reinforcements, the Tau are prepared to defend their new planet. The fighting culminates with the infamous Koloth Gorge Massacre, where the forces of the Imperial Guard are so brutally slaughtered that Brightsword is censured, summoned back to T'au due to the remorselessness of his acts. Since this attack, the planet has changed hands several more times and remains a war zone. - [Tau]

994.M41 - The Battle of Tofel

  • The Tau of the Lark'Ta Sept engage in a major battle against a vast greenskin horde. The battle is devastating for the Tau, and the Sept and would be destroyed if it not for the timely intervention of the the Farsight Enclaves.

996.M41 - Ka'tsu Sept Established

The Third Sphere Expansion (997.M41-Present)

TLS Tau Commander art

"Let none doubt that the Tau Empire will bring unity to all - let none doubt that now is our time. Forward, for the Greater Good!." - Aun'Va, addressing the Fire caste cadres from atop the ruins of the Agrellan Hive


Tenth Century, M41

Dating Code - Events

997.M41-Present - The Third Sphere Expansion

  • After careful preparation, the new Ethereal Supreme, Aun'Va, launches the Third Sphere Expansion. - [Tau]

310.997.M41 - Ksi'm'yen Established

  • The first sept of the Third Sphere Expansion is declared and used as a staging ground for further advancement. - [Tau]

525.997.M41 - Defence of the Farsight Enclaves

  • With his spearhead of eighty XV8 Crisis Teams, Commander Farsight leads a counter-attack against a tendril of Hive Fleet Kraken that has entered his territory. - [Tau]

724.997.M41-224.998.M41 - The Invasion of Say'hoas

  • Elements of the T'au, Ke'lshan, and Tiro'fal Septs are deployed as a task force during the early Third Sphere Expansion. Under the overall command of Shas'O Seroshal the Tau Expeditionary fleet descends upon the world of Sorias VI offering messages of unity and prosperity, but what they discover is a world lost in the depths of a civil war.
  • Struggling against the forces of Chaos invading their world, the beleaguered Imperial Defenders desperately welcome the Tau Empire as their saviours and, over six months of fighting, slowly claim strings of victories against Chaos on each of the major continents. Though the Chaos Space Marines and their slaves are driven into the Warp, they swear vengeance on the Tau Empire and their new human auxiliaries.

977.997.M41 - Ko'nan Sept Founding

  • The Tau Empire discovers an isolated forest world at the farthest reaches of their borders during the Third Phase Expansion to the galactic north of Fi'rios. Full of life and abundant resources the world is quickly colonised and the Ko'nan Sept is founded, with mines and factories being constructed in the mountainous northern continent. Before long small shipyards are established in orbit around the planet, and the world enters full production for the Greater Good.

998.M41 - T'ros

  • The Tau complete their annexation of what was previously the Imperial planet of Taros. It becomes the prime planet of a new sept; its remaining humans are considered gue'vesa citizens of the Tau Empire and are congratulated on the wisdom of their decision. - [Tau]

452.998.M41-984.998.M41 - The Sacking of Tiro'fal

  • The greenskin menace returns to the prime world of the Tiro'fal Sept when a Space Hulk drifts out of the warp. The massive ship-wreck crashes into the planet, disgorging the Orkish hordes of Waaagh! Snubgut across its surface. As the scale of the invasion becomes shockingly clear, the Sept's civilian population are hastily evacuated, with the Sept recalling as many deployed elements of its Fire and Air castes as it can while the local Fire Warriors fight to stem the green tide.

103.999.M41 - Shas'O'Kais Triumphant

  • It is unknown when Shas'O'Kais, another of Puretide's former protégés, emerged from stasis, but it is he that leads the victories that establish the Fi'rios Sept at this time. - [Tau]

303.999.M41 - Defeat at Zeist

  • An Imperial counterthrust attacks the the colonies in the Zeist sector. The Space Marines drive the Tau from many worlds in the sector, and while losses are regrettable, the gains elsewhere are on such a scale that, even to the casualty-concious Tau, Shadowsun's diversion seems not just acceptable, but shrewd. - [Tau]
  • Many of the retreating tau forces find refuge in the Ko'nan Sept, which is forced to become more self sufficient as it becomes cut off from the rest of the Tau Empire. Though the armies of the Imperium siege the world, the combined might of the various septs and tau aligned humans stationed in the system eventually force the Imperial forces off. In the extended fighting, all of the Ko'nan Ethereals are lost except for one, Aun'elan.

757.999.M41 - Mu'gulath Bay

  • In the largest battle of the Third Sphere Expansion, Commander Shadowsun leads the attack at Mu'gulath Bay, beginning the rout of human forces now known as the Path of Blood. It is a bright day for the Tau, who saw a foe with vastly superior numbers crushed. No less than twelve advanced weapon prototypes were successfully deployed in the campaign, with only the fusion reactor meltdown that destroyed Mu'gulath's moon proving a failure. - [Tau]

Sources and Text Colours

  • [Tau] - This indicates the information is a canon event taken from the 6th Edition(Current) Codex:Tau Empire.

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