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"Ah, Malitia. Home to inbreed nobles, feral clone soldiers, horrendously advanced technology, and the occasional alleyway backstabbing. It's good to be home."
—Elijah Morgan

The forested hive world of Malitia is located within the Imperium of Man, inside of Segmentum Solar near the galactic core. Also known as "The World of a Thousand Wars", the result of the conflicts between the noble houses, Malitia is not a particularly friendly place to be. It's is widely known as a world of aristocracy, as most, if not all of the world's population, is made up of nobles and their servant families. The planet is home of several ancient technologies, and it's primary exports revolve around Malitia's clone soldiers and high quality weapons and armor.

Malitia is also the homeworld of the abhumans known as the Maliti, wise and long-lived humans who's minds and bodies where strenghten by way of an ancient and forgotten pact between the human colonists and the world's original xeno population, long since extinct. The world itself is a very prosperous one, and the last attack on the world came during the Age of Strife, some 15,000 years ago. Thus, Malitia has grown fat on it's prosperity, and tends to treat the rest of the worlds in it's sector with blatant disregard. The Maliti nobles have also made it quite clear that outsiders have no place here, save for those with enough cash on hand to gresse the palms of it's leaders, and bribe the numerous PDF personnel that "cleanse" the streets of squatters.






The Maliti are the dominate race on Malitia, making up 98% of the population. The Maliti are aristocrats by trade, and will seek to establish themselves as the center of attention and power where ever they go. Virturally all of the Maliti on Malitia are related to each other in some form or another, and thus the rate of insanity is through the roof on all levels. The fact that the genetic code of the population hasn't broken down must in some way be attributed to the former xenos, who perhaps saw the future of the colonists, and saught to help them in some way. Regardless, the Maliti suffers from various forms of dementia, which include, narcolepsy (primarily due to fears of assassination), schizophrenia, kleptomania and worst of all, megalomania, a trait shown by practically all of the Maliti. However, these ailments (and many, many others), due not seem to hamper their mental clarity, which is by far the most terrifying. Their vast wisdom added to their long lifespans, have led to long lasting rivalries, fueds, and the fostering of mutually shared hatred.



Maliti Geno-Legionnaires


"With any luck, you'll end up like me. Spend the majority of your life running from insane nobles, stabbing "allies" to death, sipping expensive wines in the afternoon sunlight and breeding with your cousin, who will no doubt be attractive beyond compare on a planet populated by countless billions of pychopaths. And finally, your enjoy a Maliti-style slide into dementia."
—Elijah Morgan