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The tale of Malcolm Ualas begins before he was even born... Around 037.M25 when the Nexusian queen, Riona Caitriona, began hunting down and capturing any Nexusians who didn't conform to the Conair Dhiaga, or the Divine Path. This act of hunting down and detaining fellow Nexusians was because the Riona and her supporters within the Nexusian League, wished to rounded up those who they believed to be a threat to the security of the Nexusian people from the Ruinous Powers. Malcolm's parents were among the detained, as their radical beliefs on how to combat the the daemonic enemies of the Solaris Federation, and that they wanted to, instead of using the Warp to help everyone else, decided to help themsleves by controlling the powers of the Warp. This radical group within the Nexusians, known as the Draconians, had been practicing control of the Warp, and their deviant actions began to manifest itself, primarily in their actions and appearance. When the Nexusian leaders caught wind of this, they immediately sent the Warriors of Gaia to the compound where the majority of the members of the Draconian group named "The Deliverers" operated. The Warriors of Gaia were sent there immediartley to the compund where when the group saw the forces arrayed against them gave themselves up peacefully and were detained.

Before the last of the what was to be Draconians left the leader and Malcolms father William Ualas said to the assembled heads of the house " Very well my queen, though I and others like me will leave, I have only these words for you...Good Luck for upon our return you'll shall need it." it was only later discovered by the Solar Federation that the schism had happened due to the scheming of the Amara Ibada Madora.

Early Life & Exile

When the group was finally captured they were sent as punishment for the crimes against the goverment the group and the massiving following they had amassed were forced to go to the world of Tarsus and stay there. the group glaldy left because it was a world that they could practice their powers in peace. Born during the Roinn Mor, Malcolm was one of the first children to be born on the surface of Tarsus. As a young child Malocom was taughgt how to harness the warp to enslave it to his will not the other way around. Training in pyschical and pyschic warfare to protect themselves from anyone who thought this rouge state of the Solar Federation was weak. Malocolm's first take of action when he was only in his mid twenties (to the rest of the galaxy he's been around for thousands of years). the conflict started as a defensive mission but ended in full scale slaughter of the Rixari in the Tarsus system.