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"Our war against the Neverborn is endless! Their numbers are far greater than ours! Their powers lurk within the hearts of Heretics and Traitors! Heed my words! The Soulless can see through you! It can taste your fear and doubt! But it shall find none of that! Strike it down with faith and fire! And with the Emperor's blessing, banish it back to its foul-master that has spawned thee!"
—Inquisitor Malachai addresses his acolytes before their first mission

Inquisitor Malachai is a member of the Shephadollion Malleus. A zealous Puritan, Malachai fights Chaos on all fronts, be it rogue Inquisitor or a chaos cult. A fierce warrior, and a wise scholar. Malachai has proven himself to be worthy of bearing the sigil of the Ordo Malleus, his deeds are marked within the Inquisition's records, as the heads of the daemons that he slew in battle decorates his Sanctum. When Malachai does not lead an Inquisitorial operation, he spends his time meditating, listening to the sound of the Emperor's Astronomican.

Malachai is a strong-willed and faithful servant of the Emperor, even though he does not possess any kind of psychic powers. With that being said, Malachai himself has a distaste for psykers, the only exceptions are his trusted acolytes, Grey-Knights, Higher-ranked Inquisitors (whose presence he needs to endure) and the Emperor himself. Malachai strongly believes that the psykers will be the humanity's undoing, and thus, search the worlds of Sephadollion for those psykers who have fallen to the corruption of the Ruinous Powers, to grant them the Emperor's Peace and purge the taint of Chaos from the Great One's realm.



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