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This article is used to list major, fanmade Imperial characters. For the sake of the community, it is recommended that all major characters are enlisted here and given permission to be linked to other articles for reference uses.

Lord Commander Militants of the Imperial Guard

The most prestigeous title within the organisation of Astra Militarum. There is only one man in any given time holding this title and is often appointed into the High Lords of Terra.

Lord Commanders of the Imperial Guard

Five Lord Commanders exist in the galaxy, and in the Imperium of Man, at all times. Each one of them are subordinates of the Lord Commander Militant and tasked with overseeing one of the five Imperial Segmentums.

Name Lord Commander Reign/Career Born Died Source
Phillips Solar M??.??? - M41.386 N/A M41.386 Official
Macharius Solar M41.386 - M41.400 M41.356 M41.400 Official

Lord Commanders of the Imperial Navy

Also known as the Lord High Admiral and occasionally referred to as Lord Militant Commander, there are five Lord Commanders of the Imperial Navy at any given time each of them responsible of the Navy elements within one of the Imperial Segmentums. Of these powerful inviduals, Lord Commander of the Segmentum Solar is the most prestigeous rank, even if the positions are theoretically equal.

Name Lord Commander Reign/Career Born Died Source
Winrich Carollon Ultima M34.404 - M34.458 M34.361 M34.501 Fanon

Ecclesiarch of the Adeptus Ministorum

The leader of the Adeptus Ministorum (col. Ecclesiarchy) and a permanent member of the High Lords of Terra. There is only one Ecclesiarch at any given time and his influence over the devout citizens of the Imperium is absolute.

Name Reign/Career Born Died Source
Xystes IV <- M37.981 -> N/A N/A Fanon


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