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"A thousand angels standing strong. A thousand threats we shall face."
— Number 0000, Chapter Master of Macragge's Guarians

Macragge's Guardian is an Ultramarines Successor Chapter.


Alongside the Fulminators, Macragge's Guardians is one of the relatively new Space Marine Chapters that is composed entirely of Primaris Space Marines. They are eager to prove merit in upcoming battles for the Imperium of Man. They are faster, stronger and have quicker reflex times than their older cousins.


The recruitment process of this chapter is composed of three steps. First Aspirants are required to coordinate with each other in groups of 10 to survive in a series of different hostile and foreign environments using nothing but local resources. Only those who emerge unfaltering are worthy to become Neophytes. After the first step is complete, each Neophyte are assigned to a veteran Initiate to provide them with training and guidance. Providing that the Neophyte didn't perish after being assigned to a mentor, he will then be deemed worthy by the Chaplain to join the ranks of the Space Marines.

The future Space Marine of the Macragge's Guardian will be stripped of all names and titles. They will be known using as a number from 0000 to 1000, for example, Battle Brother Number 0140; with Number 0000 being exclusive to the Chapter Master.


Along with the standard Gravis Mk X Power Armour and the Cawl-pattern Bolt Rifle, the Marines of Macragge's Guardians are also equipped with a device called The Shroud; which allows them to approach a foe undetected, or firing their weapons from afar.

Some Marines prefer to use the classic Bolter due to its versatility, and because the Stalker version of the Cawl Bolt Rifle is not available to them yet.

Notable members

  • Number 0000 - Chapter Master
  • Number 0456 - Captain of the 2nd Company: Number 0456 is an unique individual: He is one of the older generation Space Marines hailing from the Ultramarines' famous 2nd company, and he transferred to Macragge's Guardian 2nd company to "rub off some experience from the finest of Ultramar on those greenhorns" in his own words.


Being one of the successors of the Ultramarines, Macragge's Guardian's gene-seed is remarkably pure. But with upcoming battles with entities of the warp, foul xenos beings and a myriad of threats, the possibility of mutation still exists.