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The Macharius Prime is a variant of the Macharius Heavy Tank designed to provide heavy weaponry support. Employed almost exclusively by the Sacratan Grenadiers due to its origins, it bristles with guns and armor to serve its intended role.

The Macharius Prime was based off of a STC design for the Macharius that substituted a large crewed turret on an exp


The Macharius Prime is tied to the Sacratan Grenadiers and the Millennial Siege of Sacrata. The Devastation wreaked by the constant battles left the manufactorums of Sacrata in ruins and deprived the Grenadiers of the heavy armor they needed.


As a heavy support vehicle, the Macharius Prime is expected to roll into fortified enemy positions and destroy them in concert with infantry advances. Inside the hull, an enhanced powerplant was installed to fuel the additional weapons of war added to the beast. The Standard Macharius Hull was lengthened and widened to accommodate the new engine and to allow the addition of the larger turret. The sponson guns were moved towards the prow of the vehicle while a second set was added further aft.

Each sponson houses twin heavy flamers for pure anti-infantry work and a Lasplas turret with one lascannon and two plasma guns on the top of the sponson for anti-vehicle and -heavy infantry.

The Twin Battle Cannons on the turret were replaced with a Demolisher cannon with two coaxial Tusk-pattern autocannons and Two Multi-Meltas above the demolisher. Even with the enlargement of the turret ring to the maximum possible size for the hull, the Macharius Prime still has an extremely cramped turret that limits the effectiveness of the crew in extremely long operations.


The Macharius Prime mounts a large assortment of weaponry.

Notable Vehicles

Prince of Prismi

A Macharius converted into a Prime during the Battle of Prismi.

The Prince of Prismi was pushed into battle mere moments after it was produced, sent from the manufactura deep under Prismi up to the surface. It barely rolled out of the entrance before a wave of heretics assaulted the manufactura.

After reaching the surface, the Prince of Prismi proceeded to hold off a mob of cultists from overwhelming the fortified manufactura entrance. For two whole days, the heavy tank was continuously resupplied

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