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"Lynu'he's culture is an abomination, placing the individual above the masses, thus violating the very fabric of Tau'va and all it stands for."
—Water Caste Bureaucrat of the Kar'das Sept

The Lynu'he Sept (Pronunciation: i/lɪ.ŋuː.hɛ/,) is a densely populated urban Tau Sept located within the centre west of the Tau Empire. Located by Tau'n deep space probes and colonised by a Tau'n expeditionary force within subsequent years, Lynu'he has grown in the centuries past its settlement into a highly developed sept with a flourishing industry of science and technology, with an equally impressive merchant tradition and web of trade connections. The sept is known to have a relatively equally represented composition of castes, with every profession finding vast opportunity within the world's industry.

Having experienced a tourism boom with the end of the Second Sphere Expansion and the recent commencement of the third expansion, the sept has seen steadily growing numbers of retired veteran fire warriors on the locally orbiting paradise world of Tsua'm'ya (lit. "Middle World")


Climate and Topography

Lynu'he orbits a G-type main-sequence star with a surface temperature of approximately 5,900 Kelvin, emitting a bright yellow-white light. The planet completes an orbit around its sun once every 0.9 Tau'cyr.

Urbanised and terraformed to become vastly different from the death world it once was, the entirety of the planet's surface has been segmented into vast hexagonal urban areas, bearing a close likeness the first sphere sept of Dal'yth. However unlike the slivered and almost bleak surface of Dal'yth, which is economically focused on water caste institutions, Lynu'he's Empire-standard ecological research industry has led to the development of many dozens of large biospheres within the dividing lines of urban sprawl, some interconnected, others singular and independent with their own unique ecosystems and even self-facilitated atmospheres. Throughout the centuries the entire planet has grown to be covered in these biospheres.

Force Characteristics

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The sept capital is known to have one of the most neoliberal and economically-minded societies in the entire Tau Empire, with an attitude toward personal wealth far greater than the frugal and communal mindset of the rest of the Tau Empire that is often regarded as reckless and selfish, counterposed to the perception of it being progressive and taboo-shattering to the inhabitants of the sept itself. This attitude is most infectiously prevalent on the sept capital itself.

A cultural identity more exclusive to not just the world of Lynu'he but the entire sept itself, most notably the other dominantly inhabited planet of Tsua'm'ya, is a strong connection to the allure of aesthetic beauty and artfulness. Visual appeal and art is something that is highly regarded to the long-standing natives of the sept, with the practice often serving as an in-the-moment indulgence to any of the sept's tourists outside of the other attractions of fine foods, advanced and exotic products, and a wealth of information and research available to the public.