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The Lur'tae'mont Sept is a Tau Sept from the early Third Sphere Expansion, founded shortly after Ksi'm'yen. Members of this Sept are well known for their unconventional tactics.


Lur'tae'mont holds detailed archives of its history, divided into three Au, or ages: Au't Korst'la, the Age of Death; Au't Courau, the Age of Courage; and Au't Mont, the Age of War.

Au't Korst'la

The Age of Death was the colonisation period for Lur'tae'mont. It was defined by rapid development in habitation technology, so that the colonists would survive.

The planet had seemed perfect when discovered, it had provided everything needed for a new Sept. The planet was ore-rich, had areas that were perfect for training members of the Fire Caste, and was completely uninhabited. However, the colonists soon found out how dangerous the planet truly was.

In less than a Kai'rotaa (month), the Tau discovered that this new planet was uninhabited because it was too dangerous for anything to live there. A tectonic shift in the planet caused volcanic eruptions across the entire planet. To escape the lava, the Earth Caste planner in charge of the construction of the colony, Fio'O Tau Kais, ordered that the colony be raised above the lava on an 'anti-grav cushion'.

This solution worked for a while, but it was not long before tectonic activity caused another shift in the planet's environment. This time, the planets surface became dry and barren, and the entire planet increased in temperature to the point where the Colony's technical components started to overheat and melt. Fio'O Kais realised that he and the other Earth Caste on the planet, now named Lur'tae'mont, would have to devise a colony that could survive any situation.

Fio'O Kais realised that no existing Tau technology could create a colony that would survive the rapid shifts in the planet's environment. So instead he turned to the ore found on the planet. He found that the ore was resistant to both extreme heat and extreme cold. Fio'O Kais started redesigning the colony to be made out of the metal. Soon the Tau of Lur'tae'mont were able to survive and live normally.


The unpredictable nature of sept warriors from Lur'tae'mont comes from living on a planet that suffers from violent tectonic activity every Kai'rotaa, that can dramatically shift the conditions across the entire planet. Because of these random climate changes buildings on Lur'tae'mont are designed to withstand extreme cold and extreme heat, as well as floods of both water and lava.

The planet was named with the Tau phrase for "Madness" and "Shell shock" by the first settlers because every colony was lucky if it lasted more than a single Kai'rotaa.

Combat Doctrine

The Fire Caste soldiers of the Lur'tae'mont Sept are often assigned to fighting in hazardous areas.

Armies from Lur'tae'mont will make use of flyers and tanks even in areas where normally such weapons would be impractical. Whilst this may seem like an oversight, commanders from Lur'tae'mont use this to their advantage, because no one expects an attack by a flyer when fighting in caverns, for example.

Notable Characters

Shas'o Lur'tae'mont Aloh'lasa Doran'ro - Commander Coldfire

Shas'o Lur'tae'mont Da'shas'ka - Commander Darksun

Shas'o Lur'tae'mont Da'yanoi - Commander Darkmoon

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