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The following is a complete list of all the Space Marine Foundings listing the Space Marine Chapters created by our authors here on the Warhammer 40,000 Fanon and when they were created. This article also serves as a visual reference. This list also includes Renegade Chapters of Chaos Space Marines as well as those Space Marine Chapters considered Excommunicate Traitoris by the High Lords of Terra, whether they serve the Ruinous Powers or not. This listing does not include those Space Marine Chapters that are a part of the Humor categories or Chaos Space Marine Warbands. As this is an ongoing project, additional Chapters will be added or removed accordingly. If there is a Chapter missing, please feel free to add it and if a Chapter has been deleted feel free to remove it.

Known Foundings

3rd Founding (001.M32)

The 3rd Founding was initiated at the suggestion of Rogal Dorn. After more than forty years of preparation, the High Lords of Terra had approved over a hundred writs of succession to both First and Second Founding Chapters. The Ultramarines were granted nine writs of succession.

Below is a list of confirmed 3rd Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Brazen Knights Black Templars N/A (Fleet-Based) The Brazen Knights are a Codex-compliant Successor Chapter of the zealous Black Templars. Created during the 3rd Founding in 001.M32, the Brazen Knights followed the example of their genetic forebears, opting to take to the stars in a great warfleet so that they could bring the fight to the realms of the xenos and the traitor. As a Crusading Chapter, these holy warriors bring the light of the Emperor to the darkest corners of the galaxy. With bolter and blade, the Brazen Knights bring the benighted the wrath of the Master of Mankind and destroy those who refuse to welcome his glory.
Brutalizers Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) Declared Excommunicate Traitoris during the Nova Terra Interregnum. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Emperor's Chosen Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) An ancient and proud Chapter, they often take part in exchange programs with other Scions of Dorn Chapters.
Golden Legion Imperial Fists Cora Doulas On the surface, this ancient Chapter appears to be held as a shining example of the Emperor's finest, but reality they are ruthless and cutthroat in the extreme. Due to their political clout and connections, an official investigation in to their actions has yet to be undertaken.
Guard of Testimony Dark Angels Akkad The Guard of Testimony are a Successor Chapter of the ancient Dark Angels, created during the brutal 3rd Founding, alongside other ruthless Chapter, such as the Flesh Eaters and Executioners. This chapter quickly became renowned for its brutality in war. Always devout in its outlook it has across millennia passed become one of the most reclusive and ritualistic Space Marine chapters – looking ever more inward as it deployed esoteric rites to purge the chapter of its sin, and the sins of all of the Unforgiven.
Imperial Lances Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) A Codex-deviant Chapter, they are well-known for their superlative siege tactics and proficiency with ranged weaponry. They have come under suspicion numerous times, due to the strange phenomenon, where the soul of their Chapter Master is somehow able to resurrect himself within the body of another. Though their detractors view this as some sort of strange sorcerous practice, as of yet, their accusations have gone unfounded.
Imperial Templars Black Templars N/A (Fleet-Based) A rare Successor Chapter of the zealous Black Templars, though this isn't common knowledge. They have continued the tradition of their progenitors by undertaking a never-ending eternal crusade against the foes of Mankind.
Imperialists Imperial Fists Sverige (Dead World) The Imperialists are a now-extinct, loyalist Codex-deviant Chapter created from the lineage of the ever-rigid Rogal Dorn. From their chapter home world of Sverige, these dour Scions of Dorn launched numerous campaigns across several worlds in the surrounding systems, garnering many accolades and honours amongst their fellow Adeptus Astartes Chapters, but eventually the chapter tragically plummeted into the bowels of oblivion. Following their the Chapter's destruction, their beloved Sverige was subjected to Exterminatus per the request of a lone Chaplain of the now-defunct Chapter.
Iron Gorgons Iron Hands N/A (Fleet-Based) A bellicose and ruthless Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands, they were created from the remnants of the blood-handed Clan Voraag. They later formed a triumvirate of other 3rd Founding Iron Hands' Successor Chapters of similar mien, collectively known as the Ironclad Brotherhood.
Knights Exile
Pict-File Unavailable
Ultramarines Besularia Secundus Founded from an Ultramarines company lost to the warp during the Horus Heresy, and trapped within the Exile Sector, they somehow managed to survive for centuries. Eventually, they fought their way out, and were eventually granted the honour of becoming a newly-forged Chapter. They have watched over the Exile Sector ever since.
Knights of Apocalypse Salamanders Bahamut The Knights of Apocalypse, known also as the Apocalypse Knights, are a loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the 3rd Founding. Supposedly a Successor Chapter of the vaunted Salamanders, their parent Chapter remains unknown due to the fact that the Salamanders deny all ties between their supposed Successors. The Knights of Apocalypse are known to have a high degree of respect for the Emperor of Mankind and the High Lords of Terra that rule in his absence, but show no reverence or compassion for the Inquisition.
Knights of the Hammer Imperial Fists Abyss This Chapter is based upon the feudal world of Abyss. Created from Imperial Fists lineage, they are strict adherents of the Codex Astartes, and are known for wearing relic Mk IV 'Maximus' pattern battle-plate.
Mythril Lords Unknown Mysera The origin of their gene-seed is unknown and highly debated, but it is said they known who their gene-sire is, but have remained silent on the subject. Others say they purged this information after a falling out with their progenitors. The truth of this matter remains a mystery.
Ordo Angelus Blood Angels Esau A proud and noble Chapter of Blood Angels' lineage, the Ordo Angelus have won the approbation of other Chapter Masters, Planetary Governors and even the High Lords of Terra themselves. However, the certainty in the righteousness of their cause, has often caused them to fall into unnatural battle frenzies which utterly decimates their foes, but leaves little in their wake, left alive.
Prophets of Redemption
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Unknown A formerly Loyalist Space Marine Chapter, they were created with the intent of redeeming the galaxy of the foul taint of Chaos. But over time they became corrupted by Chaos God Tzeentch, and eventually fell from grace. They became the Chaos Warband known as the Prophets of Destiny. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Regal Fists
Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) A stoic and worthy Successor Chapter of Imperial Fists' lineage, the Regal Fists are known to have taken refuge within the Halo Zone, living upon their mobile fortress-monastery, The Gate of Lanitoris, following a disastrous campaign against a large Dark Eldar Kabal. They are known to have participated in a variety of campaigns, ranging from the Black Crusades against the Ruinous Powers to the dreaded Cerean Crucible.
Retributionists Imperial Fists Confession Formerly known as the Alabaster Fists, they suffered misfortune at the hands of a large Chaos fleet and were nearly annihilated. Those few battle-brothers that survived vowed to repay the slaughter of their fellow kin tenfold. Renaming themselves the Retributionists, they have taken part in countless crusades and campaigns against the Forces of Chaos.
Revealers Imperial Fists Ignis An old and proud chapter, the Revealers are known for their zealous demeanor and unceasing quest to destroy all enemies of the Imperium, wherever they may lurk. The Revealers have become known as merciless witchhunters and destroyers of heretical cults, which has made them steadfast allies of the Ordo Hereticus, although many see them as the Inquisition's lapdogs.
The Wanderers Dark Angels Neckia (Destroyed) Operating on the borders of the Ghoul and Halo Stars, they are a non-Codex abiding Chapter. Unlike their fellow Unforgiven Chapters, they refuse to obey their Progenitors. They are skilled Infiltrators and Guerrilla Warfare experts.
Warp Knights Imperial Fists (Unconfirmed) Unknown (Destroyed) A formerly Loyalist Space Marine Chapter, this Renegade Chapter is known for spending countless years within the Immaterium. Equipped with outdated and ancient equipment, they are still a force to be reckoned with. They have an extreme hatred of the Necron, which destroyed their home world, and resulted in their fall from grace, as they became obsessed with their eradication, even at the cost of allying themselves with xenos and utilising forbidden xenos technology.

4th Founding (ca. Late-500s or Early-600's.M32)

This Founding occurred several standard decades after the climax of the catastrophic events of the War of the Beast - the massive Ork WAAAGH! Warlord known only as The Beast - which laid waste to much of the known galaxy and threatened to destroy Terra itself. Following the successful eradication of the massive greenskin invasion force and the defeat of its Warlord, the Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane, decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. All Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes were ordered to release a portion of their Veterans to provide the initial basis for this Founding, the greatest since the First Founding. Gene-seed tithing would be doubled for the next standard century to replenish the vaults. When it was done, there would be hundreds of Chapters to ring the Imperium in adamantium and ceramite instead of dozens.

After enough gene-seed had been collected in the vaults on Terra, the High Lords of Terra authorised the 4th Founding of the Adeptus Astartes, sometime in the latter fifth century or early sixth century of M32, to help bring order to an Imperium rife with civil strife and insurrection, and to help restore Imperial law.

Below is a list of confirmed 4th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Angels Crepuscular Blood Angels Vesperium Like all Blood Angels Successors, the Angels Crepuscular suffer from the Blood Angels dreaded Flaw and are afflicted by the Black Rage and the Red Thirst.
Blazing Claws
Iron Hands Ancheron Prime The Blazing Claws are a Successor Chapter of the stalwart and stoic Iron Hands Chapter. They are known for being highly skilled at fighting xenos, with many members having been called to serve a Vigil with the Deathwatch.
Celestial Hawks Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) Masters of rapid-assault warfare. The Celestial Hawks prefer ranged combat, but not static line combat as many use, but rather flowing and highly mobile lines.
Crusaders of Retribution White Scars N/A (Fleet-Based) The Crusaders of Retribution were created for the specific purpose of fighting against the greenskin menace and helping to destroy WAAAGH!s during their infancy, before they become a sector-wide threat.
Dragoons Exemplar Salamanders (Suspected) Wodana The Dragoons Exemplar were founded to purge the Teutonius Sub-Sector of numerous ork warbands. Overtime they have evolved into a sophisticated chapter dedicated to knowledge, military science, and technology.
Knights of Redemption Raven Guard Isolum The Knights of Redemption are a non-Codex Astartes compliant Chapter that follows their own methods in arming their companies. They also utilise unique titles and specialised ranks not found in any other Chapter. They are a fleet-based Chapter that crusade endlessly.
Pict-File Unavailable
Dark Angels Datis A renowned if not somewhat maligned Chapter, the Lightbringers have long fought for the purity and tranquility of the Imperium of Man. Since their inception, they have acted as the Emperor's judgment upon the most damnable foe of the Imperium, the traitor.
Scarlet Serpents
Pict-File Unavailable
Blood Angels Ainavstrast A Chapter of noble countenance and regal renown, they were created with the express purpose of of bolstering the tumultuous Imperial rule over the Exile Sector, the first of many such Chapters, which would come to form a loose collective known as the Justicarium.
Spartiate Marines Ultramarines Sparta The Spartiate Marines are an Ultramarines Successor Chapter created during the 4th Founding sometime during the late fifth century or early sixth century of M32. They act as a designated offensive force, and paired with those defensive experts the Gatekeepers, are a part of the Hell Warders Chapters - a quintumvirate of five Space Marine Chapters - tasked to defend the Imperium against Chaos incursions from the dual warp rifts known as the 'Hellgates' of Sector Occident Prime, located in the Segmentum Solar uncomfortably close to Holy Terra.
Star Knights Ultramarines Garo (Current) Artemis (Former - Destroyed) Originally a Codex-compliant Chapter, following the destruction of their home world by a large invasion force of Chaos, they were a devastated Chapter. Following a period of rebuilding, they have become a highly adaptive and creative Chapter, able to adapt and change their tactics to suit any given situation.
Storm Crusaders Imperial Fists Drancoris Created to be protectors of the Ghoul Stars and the Imperial border sector of Widow Prime, this Chapter was nearly brought to the point of extinction. The few that remain now crusade eternally defending the sovereign realm of the Emperor.

5th Founding (ca. 220.M33 - Exact Date Unknown)

Though the exact date of this Founding is unknown, what is known with any certainty is the Howling Griffons were created around this time.

Below is a list of confirmed 5th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Angels of Solemnity Dark Angels Dalris An unusual Dark Angels Successor Chapter that displays a strong desire to defend humanity. They will often hold no matter the cost, even if there are known Fallen in the nearby area, much to the ire of their Progenitors.
Blood Wights Blood Angels Tumulus A Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels, they possess divergent beliefs in a spirit known as Lady Forlorn. They existence has been riddled by numerous calamities, but despite this, they still stand resolute.
Children of the Anvil
Pict-File Unavailable
Iron Hands N/A (Fleet-Based) A brutal and cold, calculating Successor Chapter of the stoic Iron Hands, this Chapter leave world after world a bombed-out wasteland in their endless war against the enemies of the Mankind.
Death Angels Blood Angels Tenadain This Chapter was created by the High Lords of Terra for the express purpose of countering encroaching Forces of Chaos within the Tenedain Sector. The Death Angels are known for their savage mien in battle and have garnered a reputation as being bellicose and violent in the extreme.
Iron Avengers Iron Hands Ignitus A grim and ruthless Chapter, the Iron Avengers do not share the belief of their progenitors - for they accept that their Primarch Ferrus Manus died on Isstvan V and will never return. They have honed their grief and bitterness into a potent tool to use as a tempest of fury against their foes.
Knights of Guilliman Ultramarines Jorvick A storied and laudable Chapter, the Sons of Guilliman are stanch adherents of the Codex Astartes. They are currently undergoing a penitent crusade for finding themselves on the wrong side of a war known as the Centurion War, fought in late M41 between the Imperium and Secessionist Adeptus Mechanicus forces.
Lions Malevolent Dark Angels N/A (Fleet-Based) This Chapter displays a particular zeal in prosecuting their quest for the Fallen. Nothing can dissuade them from their most sacred of quests. Often their help has been refused due to their reputation for departing the field of battle to pursue their own agenda.
Lords Exemplar Ultramarines Danis Secundus This Chapter are the embodiment of their noble heritage as Scions of Guilliman. Though often regarded as arrogant perfectionists, they have prove themselves to be some of the finest examples of Space Marines due to their harsh training and doctrines.
Praetorian Sons Ultramarines Praetora The Praetorian Sons are a Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines formed during the Fifth Founding. They are extremely religious and venerate the Emperor as a God, once being fanatical protectors of the wider Imperium and embarking on crusades against heretics and xenos across the galaxy. However, now they have deemed the Imperium to be a corrupt and dying organization. They believe that they must break from this diseased Imperium before they themselves are tainted.
Steel Tigers Blood Angels N/A (Fleet-Based) This Chapter is noted for their extreme divergence from the Codex Astartes. They were created to be the pinnacle of Imperial shock troops. The Steel Tigers are also noted for having a higher occurrence of the Black Rage within their ranks, comparable to their fellow Chapter, the Flesh Tearers.
Warmachines Iron Hands Volgenstraad The Warmachines are a partially-Codex compliant Chapter that is notable for their specialisation in the war of siege warfare and heavy artillery. They often utilise heavy bombardment, ordnance and overwhelming firepower to crush their foes under an unrelenting hail of munitions and shells.

6th Founding, ca. 831.M33)

Though the exact date of this Founding is unknown, what is known with any certainty is that it occurred around 831.M33, The Year of Ghosts, an event where the honoured dead rose up to defeat the terrors of the Warp.

Below is a list of confirmed 6th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Angels of the Hunt
No Pict-File Available
Dark Angels Acirema An esoteric and proud Chapter, the Angels of the Hunt are a mighty Chapter of the Unforgiven that operate within the Exile Sector as one of six Space Marine Chapters that make up the loose confederations of the Justicarium.
Scarlet Beasts Iron Hands Silvia (Abandoned) A notable Chapter that was hailed from their unyielding and successful reputation as stalwart defenders of Mankind, it is generally believed that the Scarlet Beasta were wiped out while fighting against the Eldar.

7th Founding (ca. M33-M34)

Though the exact date of this Founding is Unknown, it is generally believed that it occurred just before the disastrous even known as The Howling in 401.M34.

Below is a list of confirmed 7th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Angels of Rebirth Blood Angels Herleven The Angels of Rebirth are something of an unusual chapter, even among the Successors of the Blood Angels. Borrowing many Ideas from the Raven Guard their tactics, chapter beliefs and mannerisms tend to distance them from many other loyalist chapters. Despite their close ties to both the Blood Angels and the Raven Guard they tend to distance themselves from other successor chapters, with the exception of the Lamenters, viewing them as having deviated from the original vision of the Emperor and Sanguinius.
Devout Vanguards Imperial Fists Taurus Prime A rare Black Templars Successor Chapter, since their inception, they have fought in some of the Imperium's most brutal wars to date. They are perfect shock troops, often their mission involves being dropped behind enemy lines to secure a position of strategic importance or to make and hold a bastion for Imperial reinforcements.
Wardens of Benedictions Iron Hands N/A (Fleet-Based) A formerly loyalist Iron Hands Successor Chapter, the Wardens were obsessed with bionic enhancement. When the Wardens moved into the Dragontooth Nebula on a Crusade for the Emperor, the Chapter and their Second Company commander, Captain Maklegor, would be corrupted by an ancient relic of Chaos from the inside out, becoming the Chaos Warband known as the Wraiths of Maklegor.

8th Founding (Mid-M34, Allegedly)

Though the exact date of this Founding is Unknown, it is generally believed to have occurred sometime during Mid-M34.

Below is a list of confirmed 8th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Ash Scorpions Imperial Fists Volcanum The Ash Scorpions are a proud Chapter who try to adhere to the Codex Astartes wherever possible but have been known to disregard it if the situations warrants it.
Astral Sharks Unknown Honua This Chapter's Progenitors are unknown, though many believe they are descended from the White Scars. This Chapter is made up of proud warriors bonded by brotherhood, while outsiders must earn their respect.
Bronze Vipers Blood Angels Sevi A now-extinct Chapter of Blood Angels' lineage, they were created to patrol the borders of Zoragon space, and also fought Eldar forces well, becoming adept at xenos-hunting. They were eventually wiped out by the Zoragons in a devastating surprise attack.
Disciples of Lydia
Pict-File Available
Imperial Fists Lydia IX An old and proud Chapter, they were charged with protecting the Lydia Sytem. They are highly suspicious of outsiders, and are very territorial over the Lydia System, which often causes friction with other Imperial organisations.
Grandmarines Ultramarines Growver A proud Successor Chapter of the vaunted Ultramarines, they are the stoic protectors of the Growver sector, located within the Ultima Segmentum.
Iron Shields Iron Hands Malverus An Iron Hands Successor Chapter, the Iron Shields were once considered a Codex-divergent Chapter, but recently, have returned to following the tenets of the Codex Astartes in full. They are used as a 'firefighting' formation across the Segmentum Tempestus.
Rift Keepers Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) A strange and enigmatic Chapter, the Rift Keepers were supposedly created during the 8th Founding from unknown lineage. They are dedicated to guarding a small but highly dangerous warp storm known as Badak's Rift in the Ultima Segmentum.
Sea Wolves Unknown Cerin Created from unknown lineage, the Sea Wolves hail from the world of Cerin. They specialise in boarding actions, space hulk purgations and void combat.
Silver Lions Ultramarines N/A (Fleet-Based currently)
Demakog (Formerly)
A formerly loyalist Successor Chapter of the vaunted Ultramarines, the Silver Lions eventual fell to the temptations of the Chaos Gods and spat on their oaths of fealty to the Emperor and were declared. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Sword Templars Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) A proud and honourable Chapter of Imperial Fists' lineage, the Sword Templars are stationed near the Drancorian and Widow Systems, and act as the sentinels of the entire Widow Sector. They often employ themselves in a siege capacity when fighting.

9th Founding (ca. Late-M34-Early M35, Allegedly)

Though the exact date of this Founding is Unknown, the 9th Founding was one of several linked Foundings that were created during the tumultuous times of the Nova Terra Interregnum (075-975.M35). This lamentable event caused the Imperium of Man to be split in half after the Ur-Council of Nova Terra declared its independence and took the whole Segmentum Pacificus with them. The 9th Founding occurred sometime between 500.M34-500.M35.

Below is a list of confirmed 9th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Iron Sights Iron Hands Carndil-3 The Iron Sights are a Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands and are renowned throughout the Imperium for their extreme marksmanship and heavy firepower. Unlike many Space Marine Chapters they tend to eschew hand-to-hand combat, choosing instead to annihilate their enemies with devastating hails of bolts, plasma, and lascannon fire. While their lack of hand-to-hand combat estranges them from some chapters, such as the Black Templars, it has allowed them to forge some mutually beneficial alliances with close combat oriented chapters such as the Angels of Rebirth.
Lunar Guard Unknown Palanga The Lunar Guard are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown lineage created during the 9th Founding. Once engaged in the tasks of the Ecclesiarchy, to ensure the farthest corners of the Imperium were brought the Emperor's light, after sustaining huge losses they decided to gain a foothold in the Boras Minor sector, which they could then call their home. For their entire existence, the Lunar Guard have been distinguished by their successful notable campaigns and maintaining the Emperor's order within the Boras Minor sector. Under eternal siege by marauding Orks and plundering fleets of Dark Eldar, the Chapter has gained vast amounts of experience when countering these xenos threats.
Violet Legion
Pict-File Unavailable
Imperial Fists Hesperia This Chapter is known for its use of clever tactics and an incredible level of strategic acumen and planning in order to defeat their enemies before the battle has even begun.

10th Founding (ca. Mid-M35, Allegedly)

Though the exact date of this Founding is Unknown, the 10th Founding was one of several linked Foundings that were created during the tumultuous times of the Nova Terra Interregnum (075-975.M35). This lamentable event caused the Imperium of Man to be split in half after the Ur-Council of Nova Terra declared its independence and took the whole Segmentum Pacificus with them. The 10th Founding occurred sometime around Mid-M35.

Below is a list of confirmed 10th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Black Thorns Iron Hands Lorem A heartless and volatile Iron Hands Successor Chapter, the Black Thorns' watch over the volatile Infernus Sector, known for it's proximity to the minor warp rift known as the Fracture.
Blood Hammers Blood Angels Bli'Carv A noble Chapter of Blood Angels' lineage, the Blood Hammers have been heavily afflicted by the genetic curse known as the Red Thirst since their inception, but do not seem greatly affected by the Black Rage.
Disfavoured Sons
Imperial Fists Kaesara Founded originally as the Hammer Bearers, the chapter chose to side against the Imperium at some point during the Nova Terra Interregnum, believing that the High Lords of Terra and the Ecclessiarchy were too irresponsible in exercising their power over the Imperium and had grown too powerful. However, close to the end of the Nova Terra Interregnum, the Imperial Fists subjugated the wayward chapter and reintegrated them back into the Imperium by force. Disgraced in the eyes of the Imperium and their parent chapter, they voluntarily stripped themselves of their name and surrendered their chapter relics. Forever after, the chapter has been known as the Disfavoured Sons.
Doom Ravens Raven Guard Corust A mysterious Chapter of Unknown lineage, some suspect the Doom Ravens of being of Salamanders' descent, however, neither Chapter claims of this. There is little evidence aside from similar combat techniques and humane treatment of Imperial citizens.
Eclipse Knights Raven Guard Sundun A mysterious, honour-driven Chapter, legends speak of a tragedy that befell the Eclipse Knights long ago. Since that time, their Chapter has hovered around 500 Astartes, perhaps in memory of the half of the Chapter that was wiped out by genestealers.
Iron Sentinels Imperial Fists Tianum A stoic and stalwart Chapter, the Iron Sentinels are have inherited their Progenitor's aptitude for the art of defence and and siege-craft.
Tempest Sons Imperial Fists Ishkar IV Like their Progenitor's the Tempest Sons have also inherited their expertise in the arts of siege operations. Notably, they are regarded with suspicion by the Inquisition for their predilection for hoarding recovered artefacts and technology.
Vermillion Lions Imperial Fists Amondus The Vermillion Lions are a Successor Chapter of the stoic Imperial Fists, created in 528.M41 during the late 10th Founding. It is unknown how they survived this cursed founding but somehow they did and they are still active to this day, and have even had very notable engagements with the forces of Chaos, and many other foes.
Wyverns Ultramarines Umheel The Wyverns are masters of the art of drop pod assaults and precision strategic decapitation strikes - in keeping with their Chapter's namesake, the mythical wyvern.

11th Founding (ca. Mid to Late-M35, Allegedly)

Though the exact date of this Founding is Unknown, the 11th Founding was one of several linked Foundings that were created during the tumultuous times of the Nova Terra Interregnum (075-975.M35). This lamentable event caused the Imperium of Man to be split in half after the Ur-Council of Nova Terra declared its independence and took the whole Segmentum Pacificus with them. The 11th Founding occurred sometime around Mid-M35.

Below is a list of confirmed 11th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Doom Falcons Imperial Fists Doma A heroic Imperial Fists Successor Chapter, the Doom Falcons were assigned the home world of Doma, one of the few developed worlds just outside the Realm of Ultramar. This Chapter bears the strong beliefs of their home world, and are known for being an industrious, clever and smart.
Howling Wolves Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based)
Kalios (Formerly)
An honourable Chapter of unknown lineage, the Howling Wolves were created to help stabilise the Imperium's borders during the Nova Terra Interregnum. They are deployed wherever they are needed most.
Night Terrors
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Gothelion A Chapter most likely created during the 11th Founding, the Night Terrors are a shadowy and grim Chapter, primarily used as terror troops. They specialise in the use of psychological operations and terror tactics.
Scaled Sons Salamanders (Suspected) Odyssurne A supposed Successor Chapter of the Salamanders, they have never been officially acknowledged as such. The Scaled Sons maintain an Imperial presence in the Odyssiette System, patrolling in and around the nearby Charadon Sector and the Inferno Reach warp storm.
Sons of Cerberus Unknown Space Hulk Luna (Current)
Tyria (Formerly)
A formerly loyalist Chapter of unknown lineage, the Sons of Cerberus eventually fell to Pleasure God Slaanesh and were cast out of the Imperium after being declared Excommunicate Traitoris. They are believed to have escaped within the Eye of Terror.
Unbroken Spears Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) Originally named the Shining Lances, the Chapter was nearly destroyed by the Chaos Warband, the Coven of Dark Fates, after erroneously following outdated Codex Astartes tactics. Following this disaster, the Chapter reorganised and renamed themselves The Unbroken Spears, and0 elected to follow a different set of tactical and cultural standards than what is proscribed in the Codex.

12th Founding (ca. Mid to Late-M35, Allegedly)

Though the exact date of this Founding is Unknown, the 12th Founding was one of several linked Foundings that were created during the tumultuous times of the Nova Terra Interregnum (075-975.M35). This lamentable event caused the Imperium of Man to be split in half after the Ur-Council of Nova Terra declared its independence and took the whole Segmentum Pacificus with them. The 12th Founding occurred sometime around Mid to Late-M35.

Below is a list of confirmed 12th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Dragons Amaranthine Salamanders (Allegedly) Jemeniasus An alleged Salamanders' Successor Chapter, the Dragons Amaranthine bear their supposed heredity with pride, and keep true to the many tenets espoused by the Salamanders' Promethean Cult.
Lyran Guard Imperial Fists Tharkad The Lyran Guard are defined by the stoicism in the face of adversity and are characterized by their prowess in close quarters and urban combat. While technically adhering to the Codex Astartes, the Lyran Guard also possess their own unique ranks, formations, and weaponry.

13th 'Dark' Founding (Early M36)

The mysterious 13th Founding, known also as the 'Dark' Founding, was an infamous Founding known for the fact that it was the only Founding of which almost nothing is known of. Which Chapter and how many were created during it as well as who their gene-sires were was not accurately recorded, and thus the Founding and those Chapters created from it are shrouded in mystery. It is not recorded as to how many, and which Chapters were created, and if they still exist. This Founding is the only one in which the Adeptus Terra does not possess the original gene-seed of the founded Chapters.

Below is a list of confirmed or supposed 13th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Aldium Spears
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Psychosis (Current)
Aldium (Formerly)
A formerly loyalist Chapter of unknown lineage, the Aldium Spears were once rigorously dedicated to the Emperor. Following a daemonic incursion on their Chapter home world of Aldium, they was stricken by a Chaos-spawns malady known as Rust, which took hold of the Chapter. The remaining 200 battle-brothers remain quarantined at an undisclosed Inquisitorial facility.
Blood Eagles Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) A formerly loyalist Chapter, the Blood Eagles are well-hated traitors who embraced the Ruinous Powers as a Chaos warband. But in reality, they feigned betrayal at the behest of certain parties in the Inquisition, who undertake secret missions on behalf of this shadow cabal.
Blood Reapers Blood Angels (Unconfirmed) Woe A mysterious Chapter of uncertain lineage, little is known of this elusive Chapter in official Imeprial records. When they have appeared, they usually only do so in smaller, mobile strike groups. If rumours are to be believed, the Blood Reapers have taken part in some of the most famous campaigns throughout the last few millennia.
Brotherhood of Man
Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) A rather insignificant Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists, the Brotherhood of Man quickly found themselves in campaigns in the far reaches of the Eastern Fringe, operating with outdated equipment and little support. They eventually fell apart in a series of bitter disputes and formed several factions, the largest being led by Cain Rumkowski, becoming the piratical warband known as the Brethren of Spite.
Cobalt Angels Dark Angels Septa Majoris The Cobalt Angels, or Cobaltum Angelus, are a Successor Chapter of the vaunted Dark Angels, created during the mysterious 13th Founding, the so-called 'Dark Founding'. They were created in order to fight the ever-present Chaos threat surrounding the Eye of Terror. Unusually, despite being a successor of the famed Dark Angels, the Cobaltum Angelus are not counted among the Chapters of the 'Unforgiven'. This sets them apart from a majority of other Dark Angels successors, which precludes them from engaging in the galaxy-wide hunt for the 'Fallen' led by their Progenitors. This is reinforced by the fact that the Cobaltum Angelus have never been seen to flee the battlefield for little reason, as their progenitors have done so many times.
Guardian Angels Raven Guard Elysion A solitary Chapter, the Guardian Angels are closely tied to the Ordo Xenos and played a heavy role in M36. They are based on the isolated frontier world of Elysion, located within the Halo Zone of the Segmentum Pacificus.
Shadow Phantoms Unknown Wahrheit The Shadow Phantoms are a Dark Founding Chapter, whose origins are unknown, though there is reason to believe that they are descendants of the mysterious chapter, the Zero Legion. Once they were known as the Shadow Knights, but after the near destruction of the chapter, they re-change their names and ways. The Chapter is also known to offer their services to Inquisitor Alexander Zackery, and have been well respected by the various Imperial Guard Regiments they have worked alongside with.
Skull Templars Unknown King's Reach A mysterious Chapter whose origins are shrouded in myth and rumour, the Skull Templars have gained a reputation as devout worshippers of the Emperor and as skilled swordsmen, never lacking in faith or fury.
Sons of Becol
Pict-File Unavailable
Iron Hands Albay A Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands, and like their forebears, they too hate weakness of the flesh and of morality. However, unlike their Progenitors and fellow Successor Chapters, they worship the Emperor as a god incarnate.
Spider Knights Raven Guard (Speculated) Arachni VI A mysterious and aloof Chapter, the Spider Knights are believed to possess numbers above standard Codex-regulated numbers. They are known to operate independently from the Imperium, specialising in covert operations and surgical strikes to eliminate enemy cells as subtly as possible.
Stonehides Unknown Arghor A relatively little-known loyalist Chapter of unknown lineage, the Stonehides act as arbiters in the Damocles Gulf, handling minor Chaos and xenos threats.
Twilight Shadows Raven Guard Scáth The Twilight Shadows are loyalist Successor Chapter created from the lineage of Corvus Corax. Created during the mysterious 13th Founding, the so-called 'Dark Founding', this Chapter is like many other Raven Guard successors, in that they are masters of stealth and lightning attacks. This sets them at odds with many other more brazen Chapters such as the Black Templars.

14th Founding (ca. M36)

The 14th Founding occurred sometime between 975-991.M35, but the exact date is unknown.

Below is a list of confirmed 14th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Corvus Umbra
Pict-File Unavailable
Raven Guard Susor A small Successor Chapter of Raven Guard lineage, the Corvus Umbra are horrendously under-strength, barely fielding three companies after the many wars and treasons that have befallen their ranks. Currently led by Chapter Master Insus, the Corvus Umbra lead a thankless existence.
Equalizers Ultramarines Equius Prime A dour and pragmatic Chapter of Ultramarines' lineage, the Equalizers were created to reclaim the long lost Leijon Sector which had long been plagued by xenos. This Chapter is dedicated to the protection of Imperial lives against the ravages of the xenos and traitors.
Tempered Souls Unknown (Imperial Fists' Suspected) Necro The Tempered Souls are a bellicose Chapter that has been conquering and conquesting in the name of the Imperium since their inception. Formerly a fleet-based Chapter, circumstances forced them to find a Chapter home world. They now sally forth and strike out to take the fight to the enemies of Mankind in the name of the Emperor.

15th Founding (ca. 975-991.M35)

The 15th Founding occurred sometime between 975-991.M35, but the exact date is unknown.

Below is a list of confirmed 15th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Amethyst Knights Unknown Novera The Amethyst Knights are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the 15th Founding to assist in the Dark Marches Crusade of M36. The Ameythst Knights helped bring over 30 worlds into imperial comliance until the death of their Grand Marshal forced them to pull back. Despite a large majority having been lost in the millennia following the Crusade, the Amethyst Knights have continued to battle the constant threats facing the Dark Marches.
Unknown (Imperial Fists Allegedly) Lux Aeterma The Incincerators are a semi-Codex compliant Chapter that has a long history of homage, betrayal, and war, but has stubbornly continued to serve the Imperium and the Emperor.
Marines Baleful Dark Angels Telrath (Perdita due to Exterminatus) A Chapter of dark and shrouded history, they were formerly known as the Angels of Vigilance, a proud and arrogant chapter obsessed with their own superiority. However, after their arrogance nearly became their downfall, the chapter underwent drastic changes to it's structure, livery, and and culture, renaming themselves the Marines Baleful.

16th Founding (ca. 975-991.M35)

The 16th Founding occurred sometime between 975-991.M35, but the exact date is unknown.

Below is a list of confirmed 16th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Castellan Guard Ultramarines Drakkya Close adherents of the Codex Astartes, this Chapter is based on the edge of the Eastern Fringe. Their brotherhood has a long and illustrious history as stalwart protectors of humanity, specializing in all forms of defensive warfare.
Storm Bringers White Scars N/A (Fleet-Based) A proud White Scars' Successor Chapter, the Storm Bringers specialise in void warfare and all forms of space combat. They were created to serve as a buffer force between the outline worlds and the hoards of xenos and Chaos that threaten them, eliminating threats before they have a chance to invade.
White Tigers Unknown Mirza A semi-Codex Astartes compliant Space Marine Chapter, created after the climax of the Nova Terra Interregnum. They were long thought to be one of the 8th Founding chapters alongside the famous Mantis Warriors, but recently, the chapter has confirmed their origins as the 16th Founding. The White Tigers are known for its efforts in areas surrounding the infamous Bassenheim Nebula. They also gloriously took part in several notable campaigns during the Age of Apostasy and later in the Redemption Crusades.

17th Founding (ca. 975-991.M35)

The 17th Founding occurred sometime between 975-991.M35, but the exact date is unknown.

Below is a list of confirmed 17th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Golden Vipers Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) The Golden Vipers are a 17th Founding Successor Chapter of undetermined origin. Originally, they had built their combat doctrine around causing strife and mayhem on xenos-controlled worlds. But following a mission on the outskirts of Imperial territory, they came across a treasure trove of archeotech. They quickly found they had a knack for requisitioning ancient Imperial tech and struck a deal with the Adeptus Mechanicus - in exchange for supplying the Tech-Priests with these lost wonders, in return, they would supply the Chapter with any advanced technology first over other Chapters.
Vermillion Knights Blood Angels Angelius III The Vermillion Knights are a Blood Angels' Successor Chapter that has fought in countless battles in the Emperor's name, specialising in shock tactics and close-quarters melee combat.
Winter Knights
Pict-File Unavailable
Imperial Fists Noskira A determined Chapter that zealously prosecutes their duties, the Winter Knights are fiercely devoted to the Imperium and the Emperor, and are generally more occupied with their own inevitable death than most Chapters of Rogal Dorn. They shun self-flagellation, and instead, fight without anything held back, unworried by their imminent death.

18th Founding (ca. 975-991.M35)

The 18th Founding occurred sometime between 975-991.M35, but the exact date is unknown.

Below is a list of confirmed 18th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Invokers Dark Angels Maladictio A formerly loyalist Dark Angels' Successor Chapter, the Invokers chose their path to become daemon hunters and masters of the arcane, dealing with the Inquisition to a greater degree than most Chapters. But eventually, their obsession with the occult caused them to fall from grace, and they were declared 'Renegade', though they still continue to fight on behalf of the Emperor. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Matadors White Scars Togar Secundus A savage and blood-handed Chapter of White Scars' lineage, they are famed for their sheer drive and relentless demeanour as well as their reckless charges and assaults. More than once their conduct has almost had them declared as 'Renegade', but as of yet, they have managed to avoid this fate.
Red Crusaders Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based)
Northag (Recruitment World)
Created for unknown purposes, the Red Crusaders are a fleet-based Chapter that patrols the galaxy, aiding in whatever conflict they can.

19th Founding (ca. Mid-M36)

The 19th Founding occurred sometime between 975-991.M35, but the exact date is unknown.

Below is a list of confirmed 19th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Crested Serpents Unknown Vitam A Chapter of unknown linage, the Crested Serpents specialise in ambush tactics and are most deadly in the realm of jungle environments. They are strict adherents of the Codex Astartes, but have a surprisingly lenient attitude towards the use of animals in warfare.
Knights of Sol Black Templars Valium The Knights of Sol are a Successor Chapter of the zealous Black Templars Chapter, a proud heritage they strive to uphold with honor and courage. This Chapter constantly struggles against the forces of the Traitor Legions and Chaos Daemons, and zealously defends their homeworld of Valium from the foul taint of Chaos. They are known for their proud knightly culture and the great importance they give to honour, brotherhood and chivalry, as well as their disregard for combat vehicles and their preference for melee combat, however, their pride often works against them in many cases, especially when they refuse to hide their Chapter's bold heraldry with camouflage.
Pict-File Unavailable
Imperial Fists Multiple vassal worlds in Valaton System An unusual Imperial Fists' Successor Chapter that is looked down upon for their blatant disregard of the Codex Astartes and their unorthodox combat methods. They are, however, known to be fanatically loyal to the Imperium and the Emperor, sometimes to the point of extremism.
Tempest Fists Imperial Fists Sidonius IV A stalwart and honourable Chapter that believes in Mankind's manifest destiny to rule the galaxy, the Tempest Fists are an uncompromising and driven Chapter. They are known for making extensive use of heavy weapons assault tactics and armoured and high-intensity warfare.

20th Founding (ca. 975-991.M35)

The 20th Founding occurred sometime between 975-991.M35, but the exact date is unknown.

Below is a list of confirmed 20th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Emerald Vanguard Blood Angels N/A (Fleet-Based) A fleet-based Chapter, the Emerald Vanguard were created to help bolster a region of space that was plagued by the tyranny of the Dark Eldar. This Chapter is known for their heavy reliance on close-combat tactics, eager to meet the enemy head on.
Iron Scorpions
Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) A proud and honourable Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists, the Iron Scorpions are most famed for their iron wills, fearlessness and vigorous dedication to the God-Emperor. Despite having a dark past riddled by heresy and betrayal, they have proven themselves to one of the finest examples of a Space Marine Chapter.
Iron Wardens Iron Hands Draon Prime A loyalist Successor Chapter of Space Marines drawn from the lineage of the stoic Iron Hands, shortly after their Founding, the chapter went to the aid of an Adeptus Mechanicus research outpost. It was to become a defining engagement in the chapter's history - one which brought them their greatest failure.

21st 'Cursed' Founding (991.M35)

Below is a list of confirmed or suspected 21st Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Abyss Gazers Unknown (Chimeric Gene-Seed, primarily Imperial Fists gene-stock) N/A (Fleet-Based) The Abyss Gazers were founded to police the edges of the Eye of Terror and have only just managed to survive bad luck, mutation, and a section of the Chapter breaking away and turning to Chaos. After nearly twice being declared Excemmunicate Tratoris the chapter is now somewhat closely monitored by the Inquisition, much to their ire.
Bullfrogs Salamanders (Allegedly) Brazili Another alleged Salamanders' Successor Chapter, the Bullfrogs are afflicted by a unique mutation that causes their Betcher's Gland to overproduce toxins that secrete through their skin, creating a film of acidic mucous, and causing these Astates to reek of death and decay. They must wear specially modified power armour to counteract the acidic affects of this mutation.
Caustic Reach Unknown (Presumably Raven Guard, unconfirmed) Tyran This mysterious Chapter operates along the extreme borders of the Eastern Fringe. The Caustic Reach are unusual, as they are somehow able to counteract the high potency of tyranid poisons. However, this has resulted in several of their specialty organs to overreact, producing excessive toxins to secrete uncontrollably via an Astartes' mouth.
Crusade Eternal
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) A formerly loyalist Space Marine Chapter that were created to take the light of the Emperor to the enemies of Mankind. Unfortunately, due to their tainted gene-seed, and the corruption of their intended purpose, they have become a marauding warband that is a plague across the stars. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Dread Echoes Raven Guard Chiroptera Created as they were during the Cursed Founding, like all of the Chapters from this Founding, the Dread Echoes suffered from the Mechanicus' attempts to improve their gene-seed stock. The Chapter's main gene-seed flaw is that it rends it's host completely blind, while increasing their hearing far beyond even the Astartes norm. The Chapter has adapted around these flaws, such as removing any image displays from their armour and equipment in favour of noise-based ones. The marines use echolocation to navigate, and have even developed a method of communication called Echo-Speak, based on noise pitches and differing sounds.
Eternal Legion Unknown (Imperial Fists or Iron Hands, unconfirmed) Bethsaida Prime Supposedly created during the 'Dark' Founding, records indicate they use tactics similar to the Imperial Fists, but also exhibit a technological affinity as seen by the Iron Hands. As to which lineage the Eternal Legion truly belong to, none can say.
Gila Monsters Salamanders (Unconfirmed) Unknown The Gila Monsters are a loyalist Codex-abiding Successor Chapter supposedly created during the 21st 'Cursed' Founding. They claim to have been produced from the gene-seed of the ever humble Salamanders. Enigmatic and mysterious, a significantly substantial amount of their history has been recorded in the strife of M41, there is a surprising lack of their deeds has ever been placed in Imperial Records, making much of their conflict hearsay or mere myth.
Imperial Hounds
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Dongar This Chapter was created with experimental gene-seed of unknown origin that was heavily modified, and may have had more gene-seed organs implanted that were crafted by the Mechanicus' Magos. Their exact linage is unknown, though most sources point to Iron Hands progenitors. They are a fanatically devoted Chapter, their loyalty to the Imperium's people and the Adeptus Mechanicus is absolute.
Manticores Dark Angels N/A (Fleet-Based) The Manticores are a Renegade Chapter, originally part of the 'Cursed' 21st Founding and successors of the Dark Angels. Despite being deemed 'traitors', this is far from the truth. Near the ending of the M40, the Chapter was in pursuit of the infamous Fallen Angel, Cypher, which lead to the Manticores coming into conflict with the Inquisition. Rather than revealing the dark secret of the Fallen, the Manticores took the blame and were thus declared traitors. Now they roam the galaxy, chased by their former comrades, with only their fellow Unforgiven knowing the truth. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Obsidian Blades Raven Guard N/A (Fleet-Based
Crastus Sigma (Formerly)
This Chapter's heritage and gene-seed lineage already leans them towards a more reserved, practical and cunning approach to war, which has only been exacerbated in recent centuries as the Chapter has faced many hardships and near extinctions.
Phoenix Brethren Raven Guard Zode I This Chapter hails from the surviving members of Flame Falcons, whose home world of Lethe was destroyed by the Grey Knights due to their unexpected mutation of their bodies spontaneously bursting into flame. Unharmed by this fire, they were deemed impure and set upon by the Ordo Malleus. Fleeing for their lives they took refuge on the dead world of Zode I. Like the proverbial mythical creature, the phoenix, this Chapter has risen from the ashes of their near destruction.
Quantum Marines Iron Hands Enlightenment Alpha The Quantum Marines were one of the newly created Chapters that were recalled by the Imperium to be disbanded, due to severe genetic idiosyncrasies found within many 'Cursed' Founding Chapters. Like their progenitors, the Quantum Marines have developed a near insatiable fixation on cybernetic improvements and enhancement, which has led them to become more machine than flesh.
Silver Chimeras
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Unknown (Record Sealed by Inquisitorial Bull) Two millennia after their creation, a horrifying curse befell and overwhelmed this Chapter, threatening to destroy them. A genetic mutation caused the skin of their Astartes to seemingly transmogrify into molten metal, which eventually melted, causing weapons to meld with flesh, or killing the unfortunate battle-brother. They were wiped out by the Grey Knights. (Destroyed)
Sons Sanguine Blood Angels Sanggraal A Blood Angels' Successor Chatper that was established on Sanggraal to share with the Night Walkers the duty of supporting the Imperial Navy and Guard forces manning the Hadronian Wall located in the Aliris Sector against encroaching Forces of Chaos.
Swordfish Unknown Atanis IV The Xiphiidae, known more commonly as the Swordfish, are known for their unparalleled skill in subaqueous and void warfare. The Red Wolves, with whom the Swordfish have a strong relationship, refer to them as 'The Waterborn'.

22nd Founding (ca. Early-M37)

This Founding occurred right before the Great Culling (020.M37), sometime in early-M37.

Below is a list of confirmed 22nd Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Golden Rams Crimson Fists Delkhii (Tassila II-4) This relatively obscure Chapter primarily defends the Scillion Sector and its surrounding systems, which is located in the galactic southwest of the Segmentum Tempestus. This has resulted in little glory for the isolated Chapter.
Imperial Sentinels Dark Angels Purgatory (Destroyed) The Imperial Sentinels are known for having close ties with the Inquisition, more specifically the Ordo Hereticus. The Imperial Sentinels focus around defensive tactics, as they wish not to attack until a strong defence is built up.
Iron Sons Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) The Iron Sons are known for being a Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter in terms of combat doctrine and organisation, but are flexible enough to utilise ad-hoc formations or change tactics on the fly, when the situation dictates the need.
Knights of the Falcon Dark Angels Faidor The Knights of the Falcon are a Successor Chapter of the vaunted Dark Angels. A very proud and conceited Chapter, they are nevertheless, faithful to the principles of chivalry and nobility. In battle they prefer close-combat, and due to the small size of their Chapter, they defeat their enemies through cunning tactics and the quality of their Knights. Settled on the Feudal World of Faidor, the Falcon Knights follow this planet's ancient feudal laws, and each knight of the Chapter is elevated to the title of aristocrat, as they clearly follow the Code of Chivalry, but have almost a complete disregard for the Codex Astartes.
Maverick Lords
Pict-File Unavailable
White Scars Tempesuto The Maverick Lords are a Chapter known for their wily ways and reckless bravery on the field of war. Hailing from the churning seas and perilous mountains archipelagos of the Feudal World of Tempesuto, the Maverick Lords are often esoteric in their ways, mirroring the bottomless seas of their homeworld, fickle and inscrutable to outsiders.
Prophetic Forgiven
Unknown (Successors of the formerly loyalist Prophets of Destiny) N/A (Fleet-Based) During the brutal civil war between the Loyalist Prophets of Redemption and their Renegade brothers, the newly renamed Prophetic Forgiven were sent on a 100 year Penance Crusade in order to atone for the crimes that their renegade brothers committed during their Chapter's internal strife. They are reputed as being a Chapter of harsh-minded Astartes who have adopted the same mentality as their Inquisitorial allies.
Swamp Dragons Ultramarines Ghagahtia Hailing from the feral world of Ghagahtia, which is covered in toxic swamps, this Chapter specialises in siegecraft, trench warfare and operating in contaminated or hazardous environments.

23rd 'Sentinel' Founding (ca. M37)

The 23rd Founding, known also as the 'Sentinel Founding', occurred during a period when the Imperium was hurting for some Marine firepower. They had lost a lot of Chapters in the time previous due to the Age of Apostasy, the Cursed 21st Founding and many other tragedies. The Imperium was being pressured by its enemies and they desperately needed a new generation of battle hungry Marines to replenish the deplete ranks of the Astartes and push back the rising tide. Thus the Sentinel Founding occurred. Sentinel Chapters tend to be restless, and possessed of a strong crusaders zeal. The Founding is filled with Crusade Chapters that plunged into the battlefields of the far future almost as soon as they were created, and never stopped fighting.

Below is a list of confirmed 23rd Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Angels of Purity
Pict-File Unavailable
Blood Angels Peritus III A formerly loyalist Blood Angels' Successor Chapter, after centuries of suffering from the ravages of the Black Rage, the Angels of Purity believed themselves to be cursed by the Imperium, that they were in fact the evil of the universe and not, as they were told, the Great Enemy. They were eventually excommunicated by the Imperium after they launched an attack on a Black Templar Fleet, destroying several of their vessels in the process. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Bronze Lions Silver Lions (Ultramarines Descent) N/A (Fleet-Based) Found from the lineage of the formerly loyalist Silver Lions Chapter, the Bronze Lions are an embattled Chapter located in the quarantined Gallican Sector. Despite the fall of their Progenitors, the Bronze Lions continue to perform their duties to the Emperor.
Dusk Raptors Raven Guard Cimmeria A rare Raven Guard Successor Chapter, the Dusk Raptors hail from the lightless world of Cimmeria, they specialize in night-fighting and guerrilla warfare.
Emperor's Sentinels Ultramarines Janus Prime Descended from Ultramarines lineage, this Chapter was originally assigned to defend the Janus Sub-Sector from Ork attacks due to the sector's history of xenos raids. Since their Founding the Chapter has gone on to win many victories in the Emperor's name and have become particularly adept at combating xenos forces.
Imperial Hawks Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) The Imperial Hawks are a 23<rd ('Sentinel') Founding Successor Chapter of the venerable Imperial Fists. They operate in the galactic south-western regions of the Segmentum Obscurus. They mainly cross swords with renegade Imperial Guard regiments, Forces of Chaos from the Eye of Terror and Eldar forces from Craftworlds Il-Kaithe and Ulthwé. This Chapter is also known to frequently assist loyal Imperial Guard forces in the area.
Iron Praetorians Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) A fleet-based Chapter, the Iron Praetorians are known to favour employing heavy weaponry, long-range warfare and shock assault tactics when in combat. The Chapter is known to employ the Land Raider Helios variant more often and is known to have more Land Raider Helios than any other chapters.
Knights of the Forge Salamanders Ashaytus The Knights of the Forge are a proud Successor Chapter of the valiant Salamanders, created during the 23rd 'Sentinel' Founding in M37. They hail from the planet Ashaytus, located in the galactic south of the Ultima Segmentum, to the east of the Nephilim Sector. The chapter is well-trained in siege warfare, as they are tasked with repelling xenos from nearby systems, a valiant task worthy of their knightly heritage. While their traditions may differ from the norm of starts chapters, they hold some values, such as citizens' lives, higher than most - a trait most likely inherited from their progenitors and questing forefathers. These beliefs, however, can sometimes put them at odds with planetary governors, members of the Inquisition and even other chapters. None the less, the knights fight on, for they know that duties will be remembered by the Emperor, and those they protect.
Laughing Skull White Scars Morozhko The Laughing Skulls are a Chapter born from shame, hate and vengeance, and are considered somewhat of an oddity to their peers. In combat, they are perceived as brutal savages, for their unforgiving and merciless approach to warfare. Outside combat, they are humorous and familial Astartes with questionable traditions.
Marines Ardent
Pict-File Unavailable
Iron Champions (Iron Hands Lineage) Jahan Created in the wake of the Third Navarine Crusade, the Marines Ardent specialises in rapid response, crushing threats to the region before they have a chance to grow. The native culture of their homeworld has deeply influenced the chapter although in terms of organisation they are mostly Codex-adherent.
Pict-File Unavailable
Ultramarines Salona Though descended from the vaunted Ultramarines, this Chapter bears little in common with their legendary founders. Often seen as dangerous and unpredictable, the Myrmidons carry the savage culture of their homeworld with pride, forming bands of unruly warriors who flank tempered veterans.
Onyx Knights
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Trax The Onyx Knights are the lone Chapter based within the volatile Malitox Sector. Despite an impressive battle record and an altruistic nature, the reputation of the chapter varies between Imperial organisations. They are popular with the Imperial guard but unpopular with the Inquisition and the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Ordinators Unknown (Classified by Ordo Malleus Directive) Azuran This Chapter is believed to have been founded on orders of the Ordo Malleus, in order to build upon the successful practice of daemonic possession therapy to create a specialized anti-Chaos Astartes Chapter in a besieged corner of the Imperium.
Phantoms Chapter
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown (Rumoured to be Dark Angels, Raven Guard or White Scars) Fleet-Based (Currently) / Kambolas (Destroyed) The Phantoms Chapter are a Space Marine Chapter originally named the Nether Host, and as such are known to be battle-hardened warriors. The Phantoms were named in homage to the destruction of the Nether Marines, especially those murdered at the hands of the Scourge Knights. The Chapter's doctrine are largely based around close-combat, utilising a large number of Assault Marines, Assault Terminators and Dreadnaughts. The Nether Host were nearly destroyed shortly after their founding after the Chief Librarian Sa'vael Ra fell to the corruption of the Chaos God Tzeentch, resulting in a civil war within the chapter that split them into two separate forces - the loyalist Phantoms Chapter who were saved due to the timely aid of the Storm Crusaders, and the Chaos Warband dubbed "Scourge Knights", the latter of which are still lead by the surviving Sa'vael who seeks bitter vengeance against Chapter Master Malevos.
Spears of Delos
SoD Pauldron
Ultramarines Delos The Spears of Delos are a Codex Astartes-compliant Loyalist Space Marines Chapter created during the 23rd 'Sentinel' Founding from the gene-seed of the Ultramarines. They hail from the world of Delos in the Eastern Fringe.
The Purifiers Unknown (Imperial Fists - Suspected) Puris Alpha A highly conservative Space Marine Chapter of unknown origins, the Purifiers believe that every human in the Imperium has the taint of Chaos in them, they also have a tiny amount of redemption, a sliver of purity. The Purifiers seek to nurture this purity of others and destroy those they deem beyond redemption.
Void Wolves Unknown Shroud This Chapter is stationed in the northern part of the Ultima Segmentum, at the very edge of the Emperor's guiding light. There they wage a near constant war against the myriad xenos and traitors that threaten the northern borders of the Imperium.

24rd Founding (ca. M39)

This Founding occurred in M39, when the Age of Waning began.

Below is a list of confirmed 24th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Blood Buzzards
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) A relatively small Chapter rarely able to maintain the 1,000 battle brothers mandated by the Codex Astartes. This is due in part to the fact that they don't have a specific planet or route were they recruit new Battle brothers. Instead they have a system where other chapters will allow them to recruit from their home worlds often in exchange for artifacts of theirs that the Buzzards have recovered in their travels
Scorched Spartoi Imperial Fists Inseriah With the collapse of the Jericho System, the Scorched Spartoi were initially created, along with several other Chapters, to help prepare to defend against the encroaching darkness that had already been well under way since M37. They are a Codex-compliant Chapter that does its best to conform the tenets of the Codex, but often stray from it to conduct their personalised tactics of blitz warfare.
Thunder Lances White Scars Inankata A White Scars Successor Chapter, the Thunder Lances are masters of close quarters combat, lighting fast assaults, space battles, and bloody ambushes. They are well known throughout the Galactic East as savage and bloodthirsty warriors, but benevolent and quick to put civilian populations above all other tactical gains.

25th Founding (ca. M40)

The 25th Founding occurred at an auspicious time, as the Imperium had begun to face more dangers than ever before. Chaos had begun to gain momentum, the Tyranids were smashing into the galaxy, and aliens that would have never dared defy the Imperium before were now brazenly striking out against the Imperium. Having their work cut out for them, these young Chapters were most likely forced to be flexible and less set in their ways in regards to following the tenets of the Codex Astates, unlike their older, more rigorous brethren, who had long since put their trust in their time-tested methods of warfare and adherence to the Codex.

Below is a list of confirmed 25th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Crimson Dragoons Imperial Fists Augustine A resolute and stalwart Chapter, the Crimson Dragoons are highly capable in all forms of ranged weaponry, which can only be matched by their faith in the God-Emperor. Shielded by faith and armed with zeal, they strike down anyone who would dare oppose the Holiness of the one true ruler of Mankind.
Desert Griffons Ultramarines Yeth Originally, this Chapter was created to combat the ever-growing Chaos threat gathering near the Eye of Terror - specifically to combat the Chaos Warband known as the Berserkers of Arnkorn. However, in 878.M41, when Zoragon forces began to be amassed by T'eyucion the Older, they were reassigned near Zoragon-held space. They now fulfill the role previously filled by the now-extinct Bronze Vipers.
Dusk Ravens Raven Guard None (Currently) / Jorvac (Formerly) The Dusk Ravens were originally a loyalist Successor Chapter of Raven Guard lineage, created during the 25th Founding. They are best known for their skills in stealth and recon, as well as their specialty in Infantry-based aerial assaults and ambushes. Due to genetic deficiencies within their gene-seed, over several centuries, the Chapter's numbers rapidly dwindled, and they were considered a doomed Chapter. With the advent of the 13th Black Crusade and the subsequent Ultima Founding in 999.M41, the Chapter was saved by the influx of newly created Primaris Space Marines, though the older members of the Chapter remain divided.
Iron Bulls Ultramarines Toranus III The Iron Bulls are a Loyalist Codex-compliant Successor Chapter of the Ultramarines. A relatively young chapter, they are notable in their determination to document in detail their history, an effort undertaken by their Master Librarian Ikos Yurin, who regards it as his duty to ensure the deeds and sacrifices of his brothers are not forgotten. They maintain their fortress-monastery on the world of Toranus III, a world they reshaped to their own purposes after overthrowing the planets former, corrupt Imperial ruler. They regard anyone who is not faithful to the Emperor as in violation of his will, and as such they maintain an unusually positive relationship with the Inquisition, willingly working with the Ordos Xenos and Hereticus during several campaigns without any hesitation.
March Wardens Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) This Chapter has had a mixed history of terrible downfalls and profound blessings. Their homeworld is Jogorran Prime and their current Chapter Master is Aximond the Unyielding.
Warriors of Fortuity Unknown Felix Mundus This Chapter was created from unknown lineage, their sole purpose, - to add to the defences of the Ultima Segmentum. Most notably the area of many xenos incursions. Their homeworld of Felix Mundus is in the epicenter of various ork infested planets, the Tau empire, and the Alaitoc craftworld. This also places them near the Realm of Ultramar and Tyranid Hive Fleets' paths.
White Paladins Astral Knights Deregeus The White Paladins are a Successor Chapter of the Astral Knights and a one of two splinter groups of the disbanded Divine Paladins. Their gene-seed is cursed by the mysterious Dark Slumber that tempts them into sleep to be plagued by horrifying visions of countless possible futures. To counter these urges the White Paladin focus on discipline and purity above all else, avoiding glory and scrapping much of their history to avoid being remembered.

26th Founding (738.M41)

Before recent events, the 26th Founding of Space Marine Chapters was the most recent one, which occurred in 738.M41. There are only two known Chapters that were Founded at this time -- the Mentors and the Storm Giants.

Below is a list of confirmed 26th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Astral Crusaders
Pict-File Unavailable
Imperial Fists Barboda (The Grindstone) The Astral Crusaders are a loyalist Successor Chapter of the dour Imperial Fists. While their founding was no detriment to the Imperial Fists or any other chapter, it still remains somewhat controversial. Founded as an experimental idea for rapid response there are those detractors who consider this particular Founding as not necessary, though alternative reasons are few and far in between. Originally this led to a level of distrust from other Astartes chapters, concerned that the Astral Crusaders were puppets of some political shadow who wormed their way into obtaining a chapter to do their bidding.
Dream Stalkers Doom Eagles Tindalos The Dream Stalkers are a loyalist Successor Chapter of the Doom Eagles, with close ties to the Adeptus Arbites. While they do share their progenitor's morbid nature, the Dream Stalker Astartes do not accept their eventual death with grim fatalism. Instead, they strive to become nightmares incarnate that relentlessly haunt the existence of those who would dare oppose the Imperium. The Astartes of the Chapter do not adhere closely to the Codex Astartes, however, they do respect and honour the Codex as the work of their Primarch.
Feudal Vindicators
Pict-File Unavailable
Salamanders (Allegedly) Apello A formerly loyalist Space Marine Chapter that was supposedly created from Salamanders' lineage. Upon their creation they were placed under the command of their Chapter-Master Damaeus Kalin who would soon lead them to the great battlefields of Ulferth and onwards towards their eventual revolt against the Imperium.
Night Scorpions Imperial Fists Patheon & Cleon One of several Chapters formed during the 26th Founding to ensure against the threat of xenos incursion in the Reductus Sector alongside the Crimson Fists, Marines Exemplar and the Dark Hunters. They are based upon the twin binary-jungle worlds of Paethon and Cleon.
Nova Paladins Ultramarines Bellatorum This young Chapter is stationed on the Eastern Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum. Their Chapter home world is Bellatorum, which is located in the Darkfall System within the Vidal Sector. The Nova Paladins are a protective and Crusading Chapter, always vigilant for any developing threats, be they xenos, heretic or daemonic.
Nova Wolves Unknown Nexus Primes The Nova Wolves are a Chapter of unknown lineage, developed for the purpose of defending the Imperium from the threat of xenos and heretic incursions alike. They hail from the frozen death world of Nexus Prime.
Omega Knights Unknown Titan Prime A young and eager Chapter of unknown lineage, the Omega Knights were created for the purpose of defending the Imperium from xenos and heretic threats. They are stationed upon the feudal world of Titan Prime, which due to its constant warring, is an ideal recruiting ground for Astartes warriors.
Sinopia Mongooses Unknown Barstar A young Chapter created from unknown lineage, considers its mysterious origins to be a blessing of sorts. They are unburdened by the lingering scars of the Horus Heresy, the implementation of the Codex Astartes and the break-up of the Legiones Astartes. They don't concern themselves with the identity of their Primarch or their Progenitors, instead dedicating themselves to their home system and the Imperium at large.
Steel Wardens Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based)
Thantia (Destroyed)
Created from unknown lineage, the Steel Wardens were initially created to act as a first line of defence against marauding Chaos bandits. But their Chapter home world was destroyed by a Chaos uprising. This Chapter also has the dubious honour of being removed from the active rolls and then surviving to be returned to active service.
Sun Hawks Imperial Fists Saraxia IX (Current)
Hethos (Formerly)
A young and eager Chapter that has only been recently brought back to full-strength, the Sun Hawks have already distinguished themselves in the eyes of the High Lords of Terra despite only a few centuries of service. They are noted for having an aptitude for killing xenos.
Thorn Heralds Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) The Thorn Heralds were created during the 26th Founding from the lineage of the stoic Imperial Fists. This Chapter was initially created as a quick response force to deal with immediate threats. After only a couple of years of uneventful service, the Chapter was nearly annihilated during the Pernicum Campaign. Afterwards, the Chapter underwent profound structure and organization changes, straying from their former strict Codex Astartes following. Now, the Thorn Heralds have gained a reputation as experts in rescue and exfiltration missions.
Whisper Dragons Salamanders (Contested) N/A (Fleet-Based, but technically Twinstar)
Tokharo (Formerly)
The Whisper Dragons are a fleet-based Chapter allegedly created from the resolute lineage of the Salamanders. Following an acutely non-Codex organisation, this Chapter is organised as dictated by their tribal culture, and have a preference for flamer weaponry.

27th Founding ('Ultima Founding', ca. 999.M41)

As the end of M41 draws to a close, Abaddon the Despoiler, Warmaster of Chaos, led his 13th Black Crusade, the largest Chaos incursion from the Eye of Terror since the Horus Heresy. They immediately attacked the fortress world of Cadia, and despite the Imperial defenders valiant defence and after much sacrifice, Cadia has fallen to the Archenemy. Fortunately, a handful of survivors escaped the destruction of Cadia with the help of the Eldar faction known as the Ynnari through the Webway and fled towards the Realm of Ultramar - to resurrect the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman from his deathless slumber!

After successfully resurrecting the Avenging Son, Guilliman immediately set out on his Terran Crusade, to seek and audience with his father, the Emperor of Mankind. After he succeeded in this endevour, he immediately assumed command of the High Lords of Terra, and acting as the Lord Commander of the Imperium, assumed command of all of the Imperium's military forces. As the terrible encroaching darkness descended upon the galaxy, the Primarch enacted his ultimate contingency plan, which had long been put into motion by Guilliman 100 standard centuries past. Utilising the sagacity of the Adeptus Mechanicus, combined with the long forgotten technology from the Dark Age of Technology, a new legion of transhuman warriors had been created beneath the surface of Mars - the Primaris Space Marines.

These gene-crafted warriors are superior to an average Astartes warrior - larger, tougher and arrayed with the finest arms and equipment forged by the Adeptus Mechanicus to date. By order of Roboute Guilliman, a new Founding has taken place, and many newly Founded Chapters were comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines. Launching his Indomitus Crusade, Guilliman gifted thousands of Primaris Space Marines to help alleviate the losses suffered by several existing Chapters.

Below is a list of confirmed 27th Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Arbiter Knights Dark Angels Iuris The Arbiter Knights are a newly founded, loyalist Chapter of Primaris Space Marines. Created from the lineage of the venerable Dark Angels, the Arbiter Knights are a chapter whose sole purpose is to purge early signs of Chaos and xenos corruption. Many other factions, not just the parts of the Imperium, have come to see the actions of the Arbiter Knights as preemptive and of an agenda, which is not helped by the rumored secretive links to the inquisition. Although claiming loyalty to the Emperor of Mankind, their ability to make swift judgment and quick action against their fellow man has made many question that loyalty. Others, however, see it as a necessity to keep the spread of chaos corruption at bay.
Charnel Warhawks Dark Hunters Graveshead (Destroyed) The Charnel Warhawks are a newly founded fleet-based loyalist chapter of Primaris Space Marines. Their specialty is rooting out cults, be them Chaos, Genestealer or some other variant. This has led to close ties with the Ordo Hereticus, who value their ability to protect mankind from itself. Given the urban locale of many cults, the Charnel Warhawks have become brutally efficient at urban warfare.
Crimson Lords
Pict-File Unavailable
Blood Angels Dren-Kai The Crimson Lords are newly founded fleet-based loyalist chapter of Primaris Space Marines. Their specialty for orbital drops and bombardments across entire cities to deploy using a fast-paced assault to crush and overwhelm targets with superior lordship over the battlefield.
Macragge's Guardians
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Ultramarines Unknown The Macragge's Guardians are a loyalist Successor Chapter created from the proud lineage of the vaunted Ultramarines, and are comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines. A young and eager Chapter, they are intent on proving themselves to both their Progenitors and their more venerable cousin Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes that they too, are worthy inheritors as Scions of Guilliman.
Night Griffons Salamanders Alteros Prime The Night Griffons are a loyalist Codex-deviant chapter founded in the wake of the 13th Black Crusade as a part of the Ultima Founding to help bolster the front lines. Assigned the planet of Alteros Prime, in the Alteros system of the Segmentum Obscurus, the Night Griffons were tasked with being amongst the first Primaris Space Marine chapters to maintain a permanent presence within the Segmentum Obscurus to combat the Forces of Chaos. The Night Griffons Astartes are exceptionally resilient and are resolute to a fault but this has already cost the chapter dearly with the chapter currently maintaining a below nominal force of space marines.

Unknown Foundings

The establishment of new Foundings has been occurring for more than ten millennia, since the First Founding of the 20 original Space Marine Legions of the Legiones Astartes. There have been 25 subsequent Foundings of new Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, with the most recent, the 27th Founding, occurring in the year 999.M41. But in all that time, records become lost or history becomes convoluted, an inevitably, the details of some Foundings have become obscured by the long march of time. This results in many Chapters being listed as 'Unknown', as there are no accurate historical records indicating when some Chapters were created or from whose lineage they sprang.

Below is a list of known Unknown Founding chapters:

Parent Chapter
Angels Mortiferous Blood Angels Archais This Chapter was created during an Unknown Founding from the lineage of the heroic Blood Angels. This Chapter is notable for being particularly vainglorious and eager to accumulate accolades in the heat of battle. They do this by donning jump packs in order to get to grips with their foes as quickly as possible. Though off the battlefield, they are said to be soft-spoken, gracious and polite.
Black Raptors Imperial Fists Espada-Delta (Current)
Fleet-Based (Formerly)
This Chapter was created from the stoic Imperial Fists during an unnamed Founding in M33. They were created as part of a prognostication to liberate the Death World of Espada-Delta against Tau Forces. They are a Chapter facing a near extinction after their first battle against the Hive Fleet Arachnid on the War World of Hardok in Ultima Segmentum, reducing their forces to only 400.
Black Seraphs Blood Angels Eden Prime A loyal and noble Chapter of Blood Angels lineage, the Black Seraphs were created during an Unknown Founding sometime in M36. They are known for their deep strike tactics, where they often deploy large amounts of Drop Pods directly behind enemy lines.
Caustic Cherubim Unknown (Blood Angels' Lineage) Valesc The Caustic Cherubim are known Successor Chapter of the valiant Blood Angels. Created during an Unknown Founding, they were created from one of their Progeintor's Successor Chapters, although which one, is unknown. The Caustic Cherubim have gained some renown for their enjoyment of pure destruction and constant conflicts. This is mostly likely due to a hyper-stimulated omophagea organ that causes them to develop a taste for flesh of their foes that goes beyond their fellow Scions of Saguinius. This Chapter is also known for their expertise in battling the Tyranid menace.
Charnel Brethren Flesh Tearers (Blood Angels' Lineage) Sanguinius' Light This brutal and blood-handed Chapter was created from the bellicose Flesh Tearers Chapter during an Unknown Founding. Ancient Imperial records indicate that they might have been a part of the 3rd Founding that took place in 001.M32. This Chapter is slowly dying due to the ravages of the Black Rage, which has reduced their numbers to only 300 Astartes.
Chronal Guardians Unknown Uknown A strange and technologically superior Chapter, the Chronal Guardians' origins have been sealed away under the sigil of the Ordo Chronos. Therefore, it is not known if they were created in the past or the far-flung future. It is believed that they fight against temporal threats to humanity. Their weapons are never above those from the current time line they are in, apart from a few exceptions.
Corvus Legion Raven Guard Coraxium A cunning and strategically brilliant Chapter, the Corvus Legion were created from Raven Guard lineage during an Unknown Founding, but some believe that they might have been created as early as M32. Like their Progenitors, they are both superlative guerilla fighters and patient hunters, which they utilise for infiltration missions deep behind enemy lines.
Crimson Scorpions Royal Scorpions (Blood Angels' Lineage) Calet This Chapter was created during an Unknown Founding from the lineage of the brutal and bloody-handed Royal Scorpions Chapter, although they are not acknowledged by their Progenitors. This is mainly due to the Chapter's unique belief that the machine is stronger than the flesh, and often replace much of their organic bodies with bionics. They believe this has help them stem the tide of their Chapter's twin genetic-curses inherited from their Blood Angels forefathers.
Crimson Thunder Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) This Chapter was created during an Unknown Founding from uncertain lineage. They are known for wearing ancient relic patterns of battle-plate and have a notable preference for shock assault tactics and close-ranged melee combat.
Death Ravens Unknown Unknown The Death Ravens are an infamous and blood-handed Chapter created during an Unknown Founding and from uncertain lineage. Although some Imperial scholars suspect they might have been created as far back as the 3rd Founding in M32. Though they are extremely loyal to the Emperor, their conduct, brutality and genetic flaws has often led to investigations by the Inquisition.
Death Scythes Unknown Sacrata Regionis An obscure and little known Chapter, the Death Scythes were created during an Unknown Founding sometime during M36. Little trace of their Founding remains, but some evidence points that they are perhaps of Iron Hands lineage. They prefer a brutal form of mechanised combat.
Doom Wardens Unknown (Data Expunged) Patmos Secunda (Current)
Fleet-Based (Formerly)
Created during an Unknown Founding and from uncertain lineage, the Doom Wardens are a formerly fleet-bound Crusading Chapter. Most notably, members of the Bellerophon Dynasty of the Ordo Hereticus have always had a presence within the Chapter, but for what reasons, remains unclear.
Draconite Lords Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) This Chapter was founded in early M38 as a Successor Chapter of the Rogue Angels Chapter, but due to an Administratum error, the origins of their gene-seed is unknown as it can only be traced back two Foundings before gaps in the records appear. They were subsequently lost in a Warp Storm in late M39.
Drake Bloods Salamanders (Unconfirmed) Pachiea The Drake Bloods are a newly created, Codex-compliant Chapter. It is said the High Lords of Terra created the chapter to aid the embattled worlds after the destruction of no less than three Space Marine chapters following the disastrous Abruptia Crusade. Rumours abound that the Drake Bloods were created from the gene-seed of the Salamanders Chapter and that they were founded with the aid of their kin. This Chapter is known for their deep respect of the Imperial Guard and all those who fight for the Imperium.
Dust Lords Raven Guard Unknown (Destroyed) The Dust Lords are a Space Marine Chapter created during an Unknown Founding created from Raven Guard lineage. They are simultaneously a renegade chapter of Space Marines and Chaos Space Marine warband. During their time serving the Emperor they were known, much like their parent chapter, for their ambush tactics and proficiency in the use of Jump Packs. Now they have been declared Excommunicate Traitoris by order of the Ordo Hereticus for reasons the Inquisition are not willing to openly disclose. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Emperor's Own Unknown Victrix Imperator This Chapter was created during an Unknown Founding and are of uncertain origin. They were first listed in official Imperial records in early M36. Based on Imperator Victor in Occidentis Auster in Sector Occident Prime, the Emperor's Own primarily concern themselves with the defence of the sector form periodic attacks from Ork WAAAGH!s launched from Calverna, and as such, are not a part of the Hell Warders Chapters.
Emperor's Basilisks Unknown Zalimos (Destroyed) A formerly loyalist Chapter of Unknown Founding and lineage, though some believe they were created during the 13th 'Dark' Founding. While at first the chapter had a rather heroic history, their fate was ultimately sealed within their own flesh and blood, as the chapter was known to be prone to psychic mutations within their ranks. The only known survivors of the now purged chapter are Amanu Ensis and Captain Levigan of the Second Company alongside less than forty of battle-brothers under Levigan's command. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Golden Lions Imperial Fists Terralba Majoris The Golden Lions are a Loyalist Codex-divergent Chapter from an Unknown Founding that have lost almost all of their past history, with only around 500 years worth of records from the point of the Konor Campaign. What was once a proud Codex Chapter has now allowed the two philosophical viewpoints of their Homeworld, Terralba Majoris, to almost split the Chapter.
Grave Bearers Black Templars Gryphonne IV The Grave Bearers are a Successor Chapter of the zealous Black Templars. They derive their name from the ritual practice of engraving the names of their fallen battle-brothers on the inside of their armor. The armor then becomes the grave of their fallen brother. The armour is eventually passed on to the next battle-brother after the initial bearer's death, thus, the new recipient bears the grave of the last owner, which will inevitably he his own. For this reason, the Grave Bearers will go to great lengths to recover a fallen brother's armor.
Gulf Knights
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Kattarn (Current)
Metrus (Formerly)
Created during an Unknown Founding and from uncertain lineage, the Gulf Knights are located in the Kattarn System in the Ultima Segmentum. They are an old Chapter, though one wouldn't know it by looking at them, and have undergone significant changes since their inception many centuries ago. Even in the face of all their tragedies and trials, they maintain a bright and assured manner that some take as naive optimism, and are renowned for their matchless cunning and emphasis on the arts of strategy and tactics.
Imperial Guardians Imperial Fists N/A (Fleet-Based) A rare Successor Chapter of the Crimsons Fists, the Imperial Guardians were created during an Unknown Founding sometime in M37. As a fleet-based Chapter, they are known to move from one theatre of war to the next in order to lend the might of their arms.
Iron Blood Iron Hands (Unconfirmed) Uvias The Iron Blood are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during an Unknown Founding. They are believed to be descended from the lineage of the stoic Iron Hands, one of the few bits of information still available to them about their past, after suffering near crippling defeats that nearly destroyed their Chapter. They are not even certain if they are direct successors or spawned from another Successor Chapter, though evidence points to the latter. At present, the chapter has recently returned to full strength and is eager to prove themselves and erase past shames of defeat. They are commonly called the Iron Blooded.
Knight Wardens Ultramarines Deftran The Knight Wardens were created during an Unknown Founding from unknown lineage. Some records indicate their origins might tract back to early M32, during the 3rd Founding. The Knight Wardens are responsible for the maintenance and garrison of the Warden's Gate, the ancient relic star fortress that oversees the defense of the vitally important worlds of the Mal-tai Sector.
Knights of the Anvil Unknown Unknown The Knights of the Anvil, also know as the Anvilars, were created from unknown lineage during an Unknown Founding. They were first recorded as having taking part in Imperial campaigns in early M34. The Knights of the Anvil are also one of the Hell Warder Chapters and the only one of the five whose presence in Sector Occident Prime predates the first Hell Crusade.
Knights of the Silence Imperial Fists N/A, Fleet-Based The Knights of the Silence are a semi-Codex compliant Successor Chapter created from lineage of the stoic Imperial Fists during an Unknown Founding. A fleet-based Chapter, the Knights of the Silence willing take the fight to the enemies of Mankind, to bring the light of the Emperor to the darkest corners of the galaxy, and purge the apostate, the heretic and the xenos with the righteous fire of their bolters and blades. Together with their Succssor Chapter, the Knights of Erichson, they are as close as actual blood brothers.
Knights of the Watch N/A N/A (Watch Stations established at key points throughout the Imperium.) The Knights of the Watch are not a standard chapter but a fellowship of veteran Astartes who, inspired by the example of Nathaniel Garro, have left their Chapters to follow the path of Errantry, seeking out and destroying the enemies of the Emperor wherever they might be found.
Light Crusaders Unknown Craesir The Light Crusaders are a Loyalist Codex-compliant Space Marine Chapter of Unknown Founding and lineage, known for their religious zeal and hatred towards heretics. They proscribe to their home world's religious practices (an officially sanctioned variants of the Imperial Creed). They have close ties with the Ecclesiarchy and believe the Emperor is the embodiment of the Light itself, and so, is a divine being.
The Lightning White Scars Saka A Chapter of the venerable White Scars, they were possibly created during the 21st ('Cursed') Founding. They make their home upon the world of Saka, located in the Thermopylae Sub-Sector of Sector Occident Prime. The Lightning are one of the five Hell Warders Chapters, tasked with the defence of the Imperium against Chaos incursions from the 'Hellgates' - dual warp storms located in the Segmentum Solar, which are uncomfortably close to Holy Terra.
Mortarchs Serpentia Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) This strange and foreboding Chapter embodies a more horrifying, nightmarish force of power armour-clad spectres. Wearing midnight black and polished bone, they stalk from the darkness and the obscure, their death-rattle cry the only warning the enemy will receive before they are cut down by bolter and blade.
Necropolis Raven Guard Mors Aeterna The Necropolis is a highly unusual, semi-Codex compliant Chapter of Space Marines. Created during an Unknown Founding, they are believed to hail from the lineage of the shadowed Raven Guard Chapter, although they have semi-control of their Betcher's Gland, which may indicate otherwise. They are obsessed with death in all its myriad forms and go so far as to include it in all of their rituals. It is even rumored, correctly, that they are actually killed during their final initiation trials before they become fully-fledged Astartes, and then are expected to either rise once again, or die for their last time.
Night Reavers
Pict-File Unavailable
Unknown Extremis (Consumed by the Warp 741.M41) A slowly dying Chapter, they were created during an Unknown Founding from uncertain lineage. Following the destruction of their home world, only a company's worth of battle-brothers remain. Their current location is unknown, other than they operate around the Ultima Segmentum.
Night Walkers Unknown Morrowdim Though there is no official record of when this Chapter was established, Imperial records indicate that they have been around at least since M32, when they were first recorded as taking part in the Second Black Crusade. The Night Walkers are based on Morrowdim, located in near the Hadronian Wall in the Aliris Sector.
Oathkeepers Ultramarines Proclarush VI The Oathkeepers are a Loyalist Successor Chapter of Ultramarines lineage created during an Unknown Founding, although the link is tenuous at best, as the Chapter features a number of slightly divergent traits. Furthermore, their gene-seed itself shows quite a bit of genetic drift, and is not considered pure by the standards of a Chapter of Guilliman's legacy. Due to their genetic deficiencies, the Oathkeepers lack a Melanchormic organ, similar to that of the Salamanders.
Ronin Unknown Unknown (Suspected to be Fleet-Based) This Chapter's origins are unknown to all but the Chapter command, which has led some to believe them to be a Successor Chapter of the Dark Angels. When inquiries are made, the Ronin name themselves among the Ultramarines' successors, but the Adeptus Mechanicus has been unable to substantiate the truth of the matter.
Royal Scorpions
Royal Scorpions SP-0
Blood Angels Carinus A Chapter descended from the noble lineage of the Blood Angels, the Royal Scorpions were created during an Unknown Founding. They have been tasked with the duty of defending the Kuravan Sector which is a prime target for renegades and mutants.
Sanctors of Lightrim Unknown (Believed to be Dark Angels - Unconfirmed) Unknown (Currently)
Lightrim (Destroyed)
The Sanctors of Lightrim were a formerly loyalist Chapter were created during an Unknown Founding, believed to have occurred sometime in M36. They possessed an unnatural craving for forbidden knowledge. They came to believe only by utilising the power of Chaos would one be able to ever truly defeat it. Eventually, they were declared heretics and their home world was put to both sword and flame. A small contingent managed to flee, and became the renegades known as the Sons of Damnation. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Skull Reapers Iron Hands N/A (Fleet-Based) Created from the lineage of the stoic Iron Hands, this Chapter created during an Unknown Founding, though they are suspected as being a part of the mysterious 21st 'Cursed' Founding. These resilient Astartes are unusually large and robust physical specimens, even among their kind, and they are capable of surviving wounds and physical injuries that would kill even other Space Marines.
Solar Legion
Unknown (Possibly Blood Angels) N/A (Fleet-Based)
Dawn Chrysalis (Formerly)
The Solar legion is a formerly loyalist, classified Chapter of vehement, prideful and rigorously honour-bound Space Marines that are notorious for their questionable loyalty to the Emperor and fluctuating effectiveness in their eternal battle against the threat within, without, and beyond. (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Sons of Enlightenment
SOE shoulderpad
Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) The origins of the Sons of Enlightenment are believed to date post 546.M32 however little else is known. The Sons of Enlightenment suffer from a genetic flaw of the Catalepsean Node preventing them from sleep, the only relief that the members of the chapter receive are the psycho-trances that the chapter Librarians routinely send them into. A deep sleep-like state where visions both truthful and false are often seen. This genetic mutation is also believed to produce some level psychic tendency, with all recruits showing at least minimal levels of psychic activity after implantation. This secretive Chapter has a fanatical pursuit of knowledge, believing that the acquisition of information is the key to defeating all enemies of the Imperium, accordingly, they rely on the ancient doctrine of "know your enemy".
Sons of the Creed Unknown (Believed to be Ultramarines) Ephesus This Codex-compliant Chapter was created from uncertain lineage during an Unknown Founding. They are usually assumed to be among the many Successor Chapters of the Ultramarines due to their astrographical closeness to Ultramar and the many times they have fought beside the Scions of Gulliman.
Star Hunters Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) The Star Hunters are a Renegade Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding and uncertain lineage. They are infamous for their acts of piracy, which involve attacking spacecrafts of various races, as well as worlds and salvaging abandoned facilities, bases, Space Hulks and even battlefields. They also attack the bases of various races, primarily Humans, Orks, Eldar and Tau. Despite that, the chapter has also been known to sometimes engage battle with Chaos Forces, attacking them until there is nothing left.
Star Reapers Unknown Unknown (Presumed to be Fleet-Based) This strange, isolationist Chapter was created during an Unknown Founding from uncertain lineage. Imperial records indicate that they might have been created during the 4th or even the 3rd Founding. This brutal Chapter has a reputation for being experts of lightning fast manoeuvres planned with a detailed complexity unseen in most Space Marine doctrine. Cloaked in a shroud of deliberate mystery and concealment likely created by agents of the Star Reapers themselves.
Steel Sentinels Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) The Steel Sentinels are a Chapter created during an Unknown Founding from uncertain gene-stock, though their tactics and preference for siege warfare is known to draw much of their combat doctrines and strategies from the writings of Rogal Dorn and Rouboute Guilliman. They are a fleet-based Chapter operating primarily on the borders of Segmentum Ultima. A common practice among the Astartes of the Steel Sentinels is the near constant tinkering and reinforcement of their armour.
Stirges Unknown Polyphante A Chapter created during an Unknown Founding and from uncertain origins. The Stirges has some infamy throughout the greater Imperium. Known for their mystic traditions derived from the culture of their homeworld, Polyphate, the Stirges' beliefs revolve around divining the Emperor's will through the interpretation of signs of His will within the physical universe. Unfortunately these beliefs are what make the Stirges both capricious foes and unreliable allies, for so often have they abandoned and circumvented others in pursuit of one of their so-called 'omens'.
The Svolochi Unknown Kenzeldenerii Created during an Unknown Founding, the Svolochi are located on the Hive World of Kenzeldenerii, located in the outer region of the Segmentum Obscurus. They are a chapter known for being equal parts suspicious, mysterious and paranoid as well as have a very difficult relationship with the rest of the Imperium of Man, especially the Inquisition and other Space Marine Chapters.
Terror Knights Ultramarines N/A (Fleet-Based)
Kalarin (Formerly)
The Terror Knights are a Renegade Chapter of Ultramarines Successors born of an Unknown Founding. Having first been sighted during M38, the Terror Knights immediately went down in infamy as Marines of the Chapter descended upon the Paradise World of Alcyonea, gunning down thousands of the world’s inhabitants and washing the otherwise beautiful world in blood. Inquisitorial vessels sent to investigate the world soon after this found that those who had survived the onslaught to be broken, collectively chanting the phrase, "Complacency will be punished." (Excommunicate Traitoris)
Tiger Fangs Unknown Vezora A young Chapter created sometime in M41, the Tiger Fangs were created from unknown gene-stock. They reside on their home of Vezora in Segmentum Ultima. They hold little care for the Codex Astartes, and instead, have come to rely on the old tribes of Vezora as a way to organize the chapter. Despite their unorthodox organisation, they have proven themselves in the few war-zones they have found finding great success against the Orks and Dark Eldar raiders.
Tundranis White Scars Formerly Fleet-Based. The Tundranis Chapter is a now-extinct Loyalist Space Marine Chapter suspected to have been created during the 23rd 'Sentinel' Founding from the lineage of the vaunted White Scars. Their history is stained with blood of their enemies as well as the blood of their own. This Chapter is known to have crusaded to the galactic north-west of the Ultima Segmentum, near the border of the Segmentum Obscurus, hunting xenos on ice planets. Recently, 841.M41, they lost multiple companies in a major battle with vile Orks, who fell to Chaos and hunted down their brothers.
Venators Raven Guard Unknown A rare Successor Chapter of the Raven Guard, the Venators were created during an Unknown Founding. They specialise in urban combat and guerrilla warfare, also possessing an affinity for ranged combat and ambushes. The Chapter is rumored to have their initiates taught by Officio Assassinorum agents, which has caused some distrust due to their insular nature and 'dishonourable' methods.
Void Fangs White Scars N/A (Fleet-Based) The Void Fangs are a grim and deadly successor chapter of the famed White Scars, created during an Unknown Founding. This Chapter was once hailed as valiant and noble defenders of the Imperium, but now their name is spoken only in hushed whispers and fearful mumblings, for they are now feared as deadly hunters of heretics and xenos alike.
War Giants Unknown Unknown (Suspected to be Fleet-Based) The War Giants are a mainly Codex Astartes-compliant Chapter of unknown origin and Founding. They were the third member to join the ruthless collective made up of bellicose Chapters known as 'The Honourless'. A brutal Chapter, they were well known for engaging in preventative war and were well-liked amongst members of the alien-hunting Ordo Xenos.
White Eagles White Scars N/A (Fleet-Based) The White Eagles are a Successor Chapter of the venerable White Scars, created during an Unknown Founding. Like their Progenitors, the White Eagles are also a non-Codex compliant Chapter, due to their fleet-centric doctrine, composed with an inner need to prove oneself present in every knight, resulted in decentralization of the Chapter and its partial divergence from the doctrine laid down in the Codex Astartes.
White Lions Unknown (Imperial Fists - Suspected) Zanzibar The White Lions are a Loyalist Codex Astartes-compliant Adeptus Astartes Chapter founded in M36 and rumoured to be descended from the Imperial Fists. Located in the Ultima Segmentum to the north of the realm of Ultramar, the Chapter has patrolled the area since their inception, ever-watchful for xenos incursions. In more recent years, the White Lions have been heavily involved in the Damocles Gulf Crusade, being assigned to monitor the activities of the Tau Empire, and defend against their southern advances into the Imperium.
Wolf's-Head Marines Unknown Wolf IV (Current)
Hellhome (Formerly)
The Wolf's-Head Marines are a loyalist Chapter created during an Unknown Founding and of uncertain origins, but is generally believed to have been created no later than the 8th Founding. They are known to be a non-Codex compliant Chapter and are one of the most stubbornly secretive of the naturally reticent Adeptus Astartes Chapters and not at all forthcoming about their origins and early history.
Zero Legion Unknown N/A (Fleet-Based) A mysterious Space Marine Chapter of Unknown Founding and uncertain lineage, there is very little information on the Zero Legion, and what little exists, is sealed away in the deepest vaults by the Inquisition. This unusual has shown to possess numerous technologies and weaponry of the early days of the Imperium, thought loss during the Horus Heresy, as well as relic archaeotech from the Dark Age of Technology as well as incredible Warp Technology too. How they came to obtain such powerful and forbidden technology is unknown.