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The Tau Sept of Lark'Ta is a small Sept under the command of Commander Shadowsky that has in recent times significantly expanded the Tau Empire. They are believed to have a admiration of the Farsight Enclaves and hundreds of the Septs warriors have left to join this breakaway group and many in the Sept believe it is only a matter of time before Commander Shadowsky defects with the entirety of his warriors. They are known to Imperial Forces mainly for their use of large numbers of Fire Warriors and a total lack of Kroot Warriors. They are currently engaged in a protacted war with the Ash Scorpions Space Marine Chapter as they seek to expand the Tau Empire


The Lark'Ta Sept is a young and eager Sept that was founded only 50 years before the present. What little Information avaliable to the Imperium stems from fighting against the Ash Scorpions. The first engagement bewtween Imperial forces and the Lark'Ta occured in the Colov System as the Lark'Ta invaded and attempted to bring the world of Colov III into the Empire, the world had already been given the chance to join the greater good but against the opinion of the majority of the population the planetary governor refused and in a great betrayal ordered the diplomats executed, war was now inevitable and soon a major Tau fleet had entered the system. Landing in force the Tau moved quickly to secure strategic points across the planet, almost the entire population wilingly followed the Tau and joined the Empire, isolated pockets of PDF resisted but were defeated by diciplined volleys of pulse fire and hugely powerful railguns which decimated the Leman Russ battle tanks of the Imperial forces. All resistance was crushed by the 4th day and soon the populance were devoted in their belief in the greater good. Unknown to the Tau was that before the final capitulation the planetary governor had fled offworld before escaping into the Warp and out of reach of the Tau who have no knowledge of the Warp. Fleeing further into Imperial  Space he was able to convince Imperial forces that the Tau had attacked without warning and also confirmed that the populance had willingly joined the Tau. Organising an Imperial retribution fleet the planetary governor set off to return to his world, the fleet was soon joined by 4 Companys from the Ash Scorpions who had arrived in response to a previous request for aid and now joind the retribution fleet.

Four months to the day that the Tau invaded the Imperial Fleet broke from the Warp into the Colov system, the Tau forces attempted to converse with the Imperials but decieved by the Governors lies the fleet opened fire on the Tau and battle was soon joined but the Tau fleet was small and was unable to cope with the Imperial warships and were soon defeated and scattered to the edges of the system. The Ash Scorpions as is their way soon brought the battle to the surface and where they were greeted by massive amounts of firepower not just from the Tau but also the human populance but their numbers were just top few to stave off an attack from 400 Astartes and the Tau began surrendering in droves as the Imperials set about the reclamation of their world. Events began to unfold however as the Astartes Captain learned of the Governors lies, believing the war could've been avoided had the Governor shown restraint and unwilling to further involve themselves in the governors plans he and his men left the world to to the Governor and the newly arrived Inquisition.

As for the fate of the world the Inquisition decided that it was beyond redemption, the populance that were now to dedicated to the Greater Good were soon shipped off to prison planets and the surviving Tau forces were executed. The Ash Scorpions that reclaimed the would later go on to play a major part in the escalating war with the Tau. As for the Planetary Governor his world had been reclaimed but he himself was deemed incompatant and sent into exile for his stupidty and arrogance that had cost the Imperium dear. The Lark'Ta sept would also play a significant part in the coming war.



Lark'Ta Sept Colour Scheme

The Sept is known for it's almost total reliance on Fire Warriors and lack of Kroot.  They first set out to expand the Tau Empire and Captured the World of Tofel from the Ork inhabitants. The fighting on the world lasted almost 7 years and cost the Sept thousends of dead and  would almost certain have resulted in defeat were it not for the actions of Shadowsky who in battle after battle was able defeat the Orks and eventually drive them into the mountains where they were mercilesly hunted down by Stealth squads and Vespid mercenary's. As Tau they are extraordinarly gifted at ranged war but differ in that they have no dedicated close-combat troops having no kroot to call upon but they do have Vespid troops that are left over from their attack on Tofel


Their Homeworld of Tofel is located on the outskirts of the Tau Empire and is typical of most Tau worlds consisting of forests, oceans and mountain ranges. The mountains of the western continent has a large Vespid city high in it's peaks and the Tau themselves live in the forests of both continents.

Sept Symbol

Lark'ta sept symbol

Lark'Ta Sept Symbol

The Lark'Ta symbol is a semicircle with an axe head beneath, some Imperials have noticed a close similarity to a mushroom cloud, pehaps the Sept witnessed these devestating weapons in use sometime in their past.

Notable Members

Commander Shadowsky- Shadowsky is a gifted tactician who has used the lack of diversity in his Sept to create an army that embraces it's Shortcomings.

Notable Campaigns

Battle of Tofel(988.M41 to 994.M41)- A Major Battle against the Ork that devestated the Sept and would have destroyed it were it not for the actions of Shadowsky.

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