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Ex-Stormtrooper presently serving as a warrior in the retinue of Lord Inquisitor Malleus Skotus.


Early Life

Lanse's father was a Storm-Trooper of the Ordo Xenos stationed on Davin's Moon. His mother an acolyte Inquisitor of the Davin Cabal making rearing a family quite impossible. Lanse was thus placed in the Schola Progenium on Rigant at birth.

Lanse became an Inquisitorial Storm-Trooper like his father and rapidly made lance-corporal. In 946.M41 he was assigned to a special strike force deployed against a Dark Eldar stronghold on the planet Crescens. Though ultimately successful the mission was catastrophic leaving Lanse the sole survivor, barely, after killing the Eldar Archon with his bare hands.

He was pieced back together by the best chirugeons and heavily if discretely augmented. He is stronger, faster and more resistant than he was as mere flesh and blood - unfortunately they couldn't do anything about his mental state.


Lanse is a death seeker trying to atone for the 'sin' of surviving his brother troopers. Suicidal streak aside he is moody and depressive and doesn't know the meaning of the words 'lighten up'. He is not much fun at parties but is he ever good at tearing heretics apart!


Cadaverous faced with a near constant glower that keeps people at a distance, which is exactly where he wants them. Stands and sits hunched over as if in constant pain. Almost always dressed in faded khaki fatigues.

Abilities and Traits

A cold blooded berserker in a fight he likes to use his hands and augmented strength rather than ranged weapons. He is however an extremely good shot. He has become surprisingly good at infiltration but tends to leave a trail of bodies behind so the enemy always knows someone was there - which can be psychologically useful. Lanse is also a reckless but able driver of ground vehicles. Basically his companions only let him drive under combat conditions.


Lanse much prefers his stealth suit but wears his old storm-trooper carapace armor and helmet when ordered to do so. When firepower is the requirement he carries either a hotshot lasgun or heavy bolter, otherwise his sniper rifle. On infiltration missions he is armed with a shuriken pistol taken from the body of the Archon of Crescens, but as mentioned above much prefers to use his augmented strength and speed to kill bloodily with his bare hands.


Friends and Allies


Lanse is his own worst enemy but he's none to popular with the Eldar either - nor they with him.



"Lemme alone."
—A constant request.