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The world of Lak'Vrey was once a densely populated Hive World located in the northwest sub-sector of Pyssel within the Sephadollion Sector. Since the Lak'Vrey Retaliation - a terrible war in which the Sector went to war with the vile xenos known as the Visceri - it has now been classified as a Dead World, and is utterly devoid of organic life. However, a single rumor in regards to the planet has hinted towards the possibility that there may yet be a Research Station that was built upon its surface. What purpose this facility served or if it even exists is a topic of great debate amongst those who truly believe in the station's existence.


Lak'Vrey Retaliation

Near the end of the 40th Millennium, in the year 953, the people of Lak'Vrey suddenly found themselves under siege. At the mercy of an ancient and deadly race of aliens known as the Visceri - who were thought to have been purged during the Great Crusade - the Imperial forces were caught off guard and unprepared for the utter annihilation of Lak'Vrey's population, as its PDF was decimated in the opening days of the planet's purge.


Once, Lak'vrey was filled to the brim with men and women devout to the Emperor of Mankind. That tide of people was completely purged during the Lak'Vrey Retaliation, where the Visceri carried out a merciless purge of all those who stood in their way. In a matter of weeks, one hundred and eighty-nine billion people were butchered, and the planet's surface was bombarded with with missiles that contained something akin to the Life-eater Virus used by the Imperium during an Exterminatus. Now, several decades later, Lak'Vrey's atmosphere still contains this deadly toxin, and ordinary human beings cannot live upon the surface without extensive reservoirs of oxygen and mechanical equipment.



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