This article, L'y'lqmzvs'xpp'th'pthahf, is a non-canonical humour article written for entertainment purposes. It is not to be taken seriously, and does not need to follow any storyline in particular.
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L'y'lqmzvs'xpp'th'pthahf (Pronounced: /ðɪs.ɪz.ɑː.fʌ.kiŋ.dʒoʊk/; this-is-a-fuck-ing-joke), plural L'y'lqmzvs'xpp'th'pthahf'themeythyzzyzyzyvysab, is a species of sentient clouds of hot gas.


Organic compostion

The chemical composition of the clouds that make up the anatomy of the L'y'lqmzvs'xpp'th'pthahf'themeythyzzyzyzyvysab is generally identical to that of horse feces, with a few additional organic compounds necessary to sustain life and intelligence. The creatures must maintain their temperature at high levels to both sustain their gaseous form, and to keep their bodily functions operating.


Though incapable of smell, according to reports from various encounters, the species does in fact smell of potent, steaming horse manure.


The L'y'lqmzvs'xpp'th'pthahf'themeythyzzyzyzyvysab communicate through highly convoluted, pseudo-intellectual jargon that slightly resembles low gothic. At first listen, the words they speak may seem incredibly smart, witty, original and intellectually stimulating, but once they are seriously interpreted, truly lack anything of substance.


"If you want to talk to these gasbags in their own language, you'll need to insert this Ventura Pattern Translator. Ha ha, not orally, try again."
Douchard Bagge
"I remember meeting one of those talking gas creatures, I mean all I remember was some trippy song. Also some of it might have got into my rebreather, which was unpleasant in every way possible."